Monster Integration - Chapter 1060 - Abyssal Star I

Chapter 1060 - Abyssal Star I

Chapter 1060 - Abyssal Star I

What had just happened? I could not believe the result of the battle that was in front of me. Though I had the confidence in Micheal; I did not expect him to win this battle.

I had sensed the battle power of this girl and read her intel and it would be a near-impossible fight for Micheal to win.

Even with his exceptional Art, it would not have been possible for him to win. The girl was too strong and seeing the limit of Micheal's Armor which I myself helped him modify, it would not be possible for him to bear the power of the girl with it.

But he had done it, shocking everyone who was sitting. All of them are shocked, even Lady Vivian, not by his win. It did not mean much to these people; the platform is too low.

The reason they are shocked is his energy control; if the control he showed in the previous battle was surprising, then control over his energy in this battle is downright shocking.

It is not easy to shock people, especially from the nine platforms. They have reached the peak of the world. In their long life, what they haven't seen? There are very few things that could shock them, especially Lady Vivian, who has less than ten challengers in the whole world.

Changing over five hundred in multiple times in a few seconds is no simple feat that not even lords and dukes could perform; only exceptional among them have such fine energy control.

As for the knights, no one had such control; it is nearly impossible to get such fine control when one is at the Knight stage.

Seeing the s.h.i.+ning eyes of these people, I want to curse at them being shameless. The artifact I've given Micheal was enough to hide the exact design of runes from their eyes, but halfway in the battle, when the battle got exciting, these b.a.s.t.a.r.ds started to use special methods to see Micheal's runes.

I am very sure these b.a.s.t.a.r.ds were deeper to the energy pathway; it is not hard for them to every cell of the Knight Stage with their special method.

"Josephine, Hawthorns Sea will offer its Inheritance to this child." Sir Damon said, breaking her from her thoughts. It took her a moment to notice what he meant, and happiness couldn't help but bloom in her heart.

Her niece beside her had an expression of shock on her face; gaining full inheritance of Hawthorns Sea is not simple, despite her father and Grandfather being top-level people Hawthorns Sea, she will have to go through the extremely difficult tests to gain the full inheritance. At the same time, they offered Micheal just seeing his little battle.

"The Wisdom Tower is willing to offer their full Inheritance to this boy." said one of Irritating voice which I loathe hearing it but I did not get angry like last time; I just nodded at him.

"Thank You for your offers; I will let Micheal know about them," I said. It is not much surprising both supremes are willing to offer their complete inheritances, with the exception of energy control, which was never seen, and Grade 12 Special Const.i.tution; Micheal completely deserves and has the power to get the full inheritance of Supremes.

Others had multiple emotions when they heard the offers of two Supremes, but they did not speak. It is a personal matter of Riverfield Academy; they have no right to interfere, no matter what they feel inside.

The whole hall remained silent before the change occurred; the rowdy cheers had finally slowed down as the Host called the last partic.i.p.ants of the Top 5; the two girls Micheal friends with.

If people here looking forward to any battle, then it would be this one. The Ellen girl is not only a student of Lady Vivian and had been personally taught by her for more years but also possesses Apex Bloodline, which any powerhouse would salivate.

I still remember the news of Lady Vivian fighting four powerhouses from Mistson, including their leader for this Student. Well, anyone in her place would have done the same for such a seed that rarely comes millennia.

The other girl named Jillian is quite mysterious; she is sending off the quite powerful energy which is no less intense than Lady Vivian student but no one here thinks she had Apex Inheritance or Bloodline.

Such power could be gained back in a continent; they have Knights who possess similar power, But they are still looking at her with hope; if she possesses something special, that these people will fight like wild dogs without care for their image.

The two girls entered the arena, and the Host/Referee gave them permission to fight. Unlike other fights, these two girls did not summon out all their power at once.

While Lady Vivian's student fought with her physical strength, Jillian just summoned a dark misty fire around her and started to fight.

This dark misty mist is a very peculiar, rarely seen type of energy. The Abyssal Energy, there are very few Abyssal Type Inheritances in the continents, our Academy and Hawthorns Sea possess the most powerful Abyssal type Inheritance.

Very few people in the whole world are compatible with the Abyssal Inheritance. Little Ellie had been rooting for it too. She had already accepted Level 3 base Inheritance of Hawthorns Sea, and after pa.s.sing the tests, she will try for the Abyssal Inheritance.

I wish she did get that Inheritance; I've heard the glory 23rd Head of Hawthorn Sea, who was the 2nd person in three thousand years to get that Inheritance.

She was a terror, no one was her match, including those of Apex Inheritances, that inheritance created by their founder Ramona Hawthorn based on her Apex Abyssal Inheritance.

This is why all these people are looking at this fight like hungry wolves; if this girl showed slight specialness, they would take our weapons and fight, even Lady Vivian will not hesitate to join the fray.