Monster Integration - Chapter 1059 - Vs Camila III

Chapter 1059 - Vs Camila III

Chapter 1059 - Vs Camila III


Another loud bang rang out and pushed back, back faster than the last time, and a ma.s.sive explosion came out; seeing it, the color drained on my face as I concentrated every ounce of soul energy I have on my Armor.


The explosion of multicolor energies. .h.i.t me, and I felt as if a meteor slammed into me. The force was so immense that I knew my Armor would collapse and it would be over for me if I did not do anything at this very moment.

So, without thinking, I applied the bold idea that I had when I was shooting back earlier.

That split moment, I changed runic formations on my Armor; I nearly changed all the small runic formations that provide me speed and strength and replaced them with the crus.h.i.+ng and converting formations.

With my energy control, it took me a split second, and as that happened, the immense force that came at me diverted to all the crus.h.i.+ng formations.

Puh Puh Puh...

Still, it was not the perfect execution, and some of the energy leaked inside my body, which tore through, making me puke blood while back like a rocket.

As I was shooting back, the three overlapping domains that were covering us popped up like balloons.

In front of a huge shockwave of the explosion, the triple domains did not offer much resistance; when a shocking wave crashed into them, they blasted away.


When I finally controlled myself and landed on the ground, I found myself nearly on the edge of a huge Arena.

I wiped the blood from my mouth with my sleeves and looked forward to Camila, who is also standing near the edge of the Arena with a bloodied face and gaze that held a slight hint of fear for the explosion that had happened.

The fear lasted for a moment before it got replaced by resolve as she moved toward me. I sped toward her with the speed that was no lesser than her.

Gaining such speed is nearly impossible with my Runic Armor if I followed the standard design I had created but now I am not following the standard design as standard design could not give me the strength to win this battle.

So, for more power, I used a risky strategy. I replaced all the crus.h.i.+ng, converting, and stretching formations with the speed formation and used my energy and covered energy to power it.

It is extremely risky, as not a single mistake could occur when I do this. A slight mistake, and I will lose the battle, but it is the only option I have. So, no matter how risky it is, I will use it to win.

A second later, I crossed the hundred meters distance and reached her; that moment, I against the whole speed formations to strength formations and attacked.

Camila looked shocked by the strength of my attack. If my speed had been surprising, then my strength was shocking to her, but the shock did not stop her from attacking; it again deepened her resolve as her weapon started to glow with more power as it came at me.


Our weapons clashed again, creating an even more fearsome explosion than before, but unlike last time, this time, I was very much prepared for it. A moment our weapons clashed, I again changed the Runic Formations on my Armor.

As the shockwave crashed into me, I flung away like a cannonball while vomiting blood, but I did not care anything about that; I am completely focused on crus.h.i.+ng and converting the ma.s.sive amount of energy that came at me.


By the time I stabilized myself, I was at the edge of the Arena, one more step back, and I would have lost the battle.

I steeled my gaze and saw the distance between the arena before shooting toward her. I did not waste any time this time; I did not want to give time to Camilla to get used to it.


Another explosion rang out, making my body riddled with more injuries and taking the edge of the Arena again, but that did not stop me. As my condition stabilized, I attacked Camila again.

She is in a bad condition like me; every attack is a challenge itself. It is pus.h.i.+ng ourselves to dig more power that is present inside us. We are on the limit of our power, but somehow, each attack stronger than the last.

Both of us are very much injured, but when she launches the next attack, we will mostly be healed. If It had been anyone else aside from Camila, I would have finished that person with serious injuries.

As even potions would take time to adjust, and by that time, we already performed a bunch of attacks, but my luck is so bad that Camila had Water Elemental Const.i.tution, which had the best healing powers, so her injury would mostly be healed by the time of the next attack.

The battle would end soon, every attack of our stronger than previous, which is making it extremely difficult for us to stay on the Arena; after every attack, we are barely able to stop by the edge of the Arena.

This is my strategy to win; I am going to blast her out of Arena. I am getting better and better replacing the runes that it only took me a moment to replace the whole formation on my body.

And in past times, I had been intentionally stopping myself at the edge of the Arena; I don't if Camila is doing the same, even if she is doing the same, it did not matter, I will win if I only took more of my time.


I landed on the edge of the Arena, just as I did, I changed the runic formation and charged toward Camilla like a rocket. This time, I had not only replaced formation with speed formations but also added a few more speed formations in a few empty s.p.a.ces on my body.

It is a very risky thing to do as it made my Runic Armor little, that is the reason why I had left those s.p.a.ces empty, but this time, I had no choice but to use them.

I sped across the Arena like a rocket with the audience watching without making any noise, could not even see me properly. Only those powerful Admantines or Lords and above were able to track my movements.

Soon, I reached Camila and clanged my speed runes into the power runes and attacked. The power of my attack had broken the chart again and surprised her, but which made her against power-up attack even more.


As our weapons clashed and the explosion raged as if the heavens broke, the explosion was very powerful and came at me like an earthshaking tsunami; even with my speed, I was barely able to finish changing runes before the explosion hit me.

Crack Crack Crack… Puh Puh Puh…

The power of the explosion was never like before; as it hit me, it started to break the bones of my body, which had never happened before and shot me back like an uncontrolled rocket.

Seeing my speed of shooting back, I had a scare because I understand that there are very high chances that I would be shot of Arena despite my preparations.

I could not let that happen, so I changed the runic formations again, this time I targeted converting formations, I replaced them with the crus.h.i.+ng ones that are already working.

Without the converting formation, I would not have the energy for the next attack, but I did not care about that; the only thing I care about is stopping myself from shooting out of the Arena.

I don't lose the battle, and only when I will remain to fight will I have the chance to win, so I focused myself on everything on the crus.h.i.+ng formation.

Every moment I would crush the energy and release it from a specific point; that way, I will not release the energy but also reduce speed, and that is the thing I want.


Finally, I stopped, I stopped at the edge where only my toes were touching the arena, a centimeter more, and I would have lost.


I had just heaved a sigh of relief when I heard the soft bang; when I looked toward the sound, I saw Camila cras.h.i.+ng into s.h.i.+elds which separated Arena and the audience.

'I Won!'

I thought ecstatically as I saw her falling down from the s.h.i.+eld. The audience cheered and I walked out of Arena with a tired smile.