Monster Integration - Chapter 1058 - Vs Camila II

Chapter 1058 - Vs Camila II

Chapter 1058 - Vs Camila II

Her domain is spreading at super fast speed and already surpa.s.sed a hundred meters, which should have been its range since her Const.i.tution is Level 10, but due to it integrating into Inheritance, not only the power of Domain has increased but also its range.

I could see the aqua blue domain coming at me, and in less than a second, it will envelop me if I did not move away from my spot, but I will not move away.

Close combat is the only way I could defeat her, and since she had activated her Domain, there is no reason for me to hold back, so without wasting a second, I released my two Domains together.

A single domain would not be enough to hold her back Domain, which is integrated into Inheritance; even two of my Domains will be barely able to contend against her domain.

As the Blood Red and Grey Domains released from her, a look of surprise appeared on Camila's face. Till now, I haven't shown my Const.i.tution or the Domain that came with it.

The Level 12 Const.i.tution is extremely rare that only one in a Billion would have such a const.i.tution. Even in the whole Champions.h.i.+p, only one other person than me has such a Const.i.tution.

So, it is normal to get shocked seeing my Const.i.tution, but that shock lasted only for a moment before her eyes became firm, and she pushed her Domain toward mine.

Zing Zing Zing…

Her Aqua Blue Domain pushed toward my Blood Grey Domain before the two Domains clashed against each other.

Just after the one clash, the disadvantage of my Domain could be seen, but it is very slight that it did not affect the domain.

Camila is furiously clas.h.i.+ng her Domain against mine trying to destroy, but she was not despite having a slight advantage.

Our domains kept clas.h.i.+ng till they finally started to seep into each other, the clash is still happening, but much on a deeper level, one could clash happening as the Domains began to each other.

We moved closer to each other as our domains seeped more and more and more into each other before finally both domains merged completely, and now both of standing in the three meters of Globe made of Blue, Red, and Grey energies that are clas.h.i.+ng against each other.

I am surrounded by water, the furious waves trying to hit me with all their strength, but Blood Grey winds will come and destroy the waves they could touch me. I am also attacking Camila through the Withering winds, powered by sin energy, but the protection of water around Camila will always protect her.

Seeing the normal attacks are not doing anything to her, I covered myself in the Blood Grey wind and moved toward her with my/ most incredible speed. The clash of Domain taking too many energies from me, I would not sustain it for more than forty-five minutes' current form.

And will last even less when the explosions start, so I should finish off her soon as possible; there is no time to waste in these dilly-dallying attacks, which could not help me observe her fighting style.

Seeing me coming, she also shot toward me with twice the speed than mine. She had stopped holding back and now is fighting with her all. Soon we reached close to each other and swung our weapons in an attack.

Her sword came at me extremely fast, covered in the watery blue energy while my sword's half blades are s.h.i.+ning brightly. My fire ability and Sunfire are now powerful enough to light up little more than half of the enchantment.

The invisible worldly energy is also covering my sword, a sign of my Art.

Even if her attack is stronger faster, it will not reach me directly. My Art is a fuse that could light up everything, and this powerful attack of hers would not be an exception.

As our weapons got closer and closer, our domains started getting thick around us, especially around our bodies, so thick that they looked like cloaks.

This was the preparation for the explosion; this explosion wasn't going to like any other; she had used too much energy in her attack when my Art lighted up; it might seriously injure us and blow up the domain.


Finally, our weapons clashed, and just as they did, a huge Bang rang out, and both of us shot us back like a rocked. The power of the explosion was so great that it shook the Domains and formed hundreds of cracks on it.

But that is not the worst part, the worst part is that we were shot back like a cannonball. While shooting back, I am completely focused on crus.h.i.+ng the terrifying force that came at me and releasing it while also using the covered force to crush more force.

Not only that, but I am also using the energies of Domain to slow my speed, and these things are putting extremely great pressure on me that blood started coming out of my nose.

The explosion was extremely great, more powerful than I had imagined it to be. When I stabilized myself, I was at the edge of the Domain. A little more distance, and I would have moved out of it.

As I stabilized, I looked forward to seeing Camila was in the same position as me; she also stopped at the edge of the domain.

We toward each other at the same time, gathering more power for our attacks than the last time. We do not care about the explosion that will happen and the force it will create; the only thing I have in our mind is winning.

My Armor had lit up completely, this time I have used such an amount of converted energy I had never used, it completely overcharged the runes of my Runic Armor.

If it had been a normal battle, I would not do that, but in a high pressure, high stake battle, I've outperformed myself and harnessed the power from Armor, which I did not think it possessed at the time of its creation.