Monster Integration - Chapter 1057 - Vs Camila I

Chapter 1057 - Vs Camila I

Chapter 1057 - Vs Camila I

As we heard the fight, the explosive auras shot from us as we moved toward each other.

Camila had beautiful watery runes spreading all over her body while my body started to get covered in Silver Armor as my sword appeared on my hands and started to glow bright red.

The runes have fully covered her body as she activated her Inheritance to the full power of Level 4, she had not used the power of const.i.tution yet, but worldly energies are spinning around her; it is clear that she activated her art, and it is powerful.

My expression became serious as I sensed the Art; art is inheritance Art, which means it is from inheritance's collection and using its energy to power, which makes it very powerful.

Normally people don't comprehend the Inheritancetance Art, at least not before they could level up from the Knight Stage. As not only do they have great expenditures, but they are also very hard to comprehend than the Regular Arts.

Soon I reached closer and swung my sword; she also turned her weapon at me, bearing great momentum.


An explosion created, and we shot back like a cannonball; in this clash, she was not the only one who had used her Art. I had used it too, but unlike the time I had used it, Simon, she had an idea about how Arts works.

She had been prepared; my art released the energy to make an explosion; it stopped at the tip of her sword.

Seeing no way to move forward, the energy of my Art lightened up the energy that had to stop it from moving forward, and an explosion was created.

The explosion was so powerful that it shook my Armor; if it had been someone with level 3 power, he would have directly gotten very seriously injured.

I stabilized in the air and saw Camila also controlling her momentum at the same time and now looking at me. Her expressions have become even soberer after the attack.

We looked at each other for a moment before we shot toward each other; normally, we preferred to fight on the ground, as 99% had been fought.

The reason is that it is easy to build momentum and flexible movement as she could not control the worldly energies to fly on her own, which gave us less flexibility, but now we are fighting in the air.

All the attacks from now on are going to have the explosion as long as they kept countering them directly.

In the ground, the pressure of the explosion is great. The shockwave had the obstruction of the ground, but on the air, the shockwave could move everywhere, putting up less pressure on us.


Another explosion rang out as ou weapons and learning lesson from the last attack, I immediately moved back right after the explosion, but my Armor is still rattled by it.

The power of the explosion could not be underestimated, especially when this attack had far more power than the last explosion. Even Camila, who had her head unprotected in the 1st explosion, had to cover her head immediately, but some of her hair still got singed.


Explosion after explosion started to ring out in their air, creating the beautiful display of the Silver and Blue. The audience had been completely mesmerized by such displays that they were cheering at every explosion, getting bigger and bigger with every attack.

There are very few attacks that could create such an explosion; it is the first time the audience is seeing such big and sound explosions in the Arena since the champions.h.i.+p started.

While the audience is enjoying it, I am quite stressed. After every attack, I had to completely focus on my Armor as it absorbed the powerful force of explosions that came at me.

Though I tried to get a move back as soon as our weapons clashed, there was still a huge force I got hit by, and I attacked with more and more power, the power of the explosion became greater.

I had to focus everything on the Armor to manage the force coming to me like a wrecking ball. It is a good thing that through the constant battle, I had become even more proficient in handling the Armor.

My Runic Armor is like mecha; it is powerful but could become even more powerful if the one that is piloting it. My Runic Armor is flexible that way, and the more I use it, the better it becomes.

Though it may rattle whenever the force of explosions crashed into it, it is actually fine or maybe not. It always on the cusp of cras.h.i.+ng under such huge force, but now I have become quite efficient in handling.

The force of the explosion is great that my Armor could not convert it all; I had to absorb all the force and crash into my Armor and crush it before releasing more than half while converting it to the limit.

In such pressure, I realized and devised a few tricks of handling such force, which made my handling of Armor even more efficient.


A huge sound rang across the whole Arena; we both were trying to launch the attack on each other's bodies. It is the only way we could defeat each other, but how can it be easy?

We both are the experienced fighters that have fought thousands of battles to finished our combat style; it is not easy to attack our bodies. Even with the help of the powerful Rule killing Rule, I find very few openings in her combat style.

And those openings that are visible are easily defendable, which makes attacking her body too.


We continue fighting for fifteen minutes when suddenly, I sense something, and the next moment, I see a blue energy dome filled with runes spreading out of her at extremely fast speed.


Camila had finally used her domain; I am not one bit surprised seeing her using Domain. She had a Level 10 Elemental Const.i.tution; she could use that.

But that is not worrying me; what worried me was the fearful energy that was emitting from her; she had finally integrated her Const.i.tution with her Inheritance, which made her power rise explosively.