Monster Integration - Chapter 1046 - Intermediate Grade Sun Rule

Chapter 1046 - Intermediate Grade Sun Rule

Chapter 1046 - Intermediate Grade Sun Rule

Five Minutes Earlier

"That is a Runic Armor right?" Madam Sienna asked when she saw runic armor appear on the body of Micheal. Though she could not see the runes, she could still see it as the Runic Armor.

"Yes," Josephine answered without hiding or invading, where everyone is a powerhouse and experienced to see through the truth. "There must be over five hundred runes used in the making of that Armor?" Madam Sienna asked.

"A little over six hundred," Josephine answered with a smile, hearing surprise could help flash into her eyes, not only hers but others too flashed in surprised as they could see the runic armor is not only using fire ability but also four kinds of Rule power and all these Rule powers and Level 1 Rule power at that with three of them being at Intermediate Grade.

"Is he just showing off or is he capable of controlling them all?" Madam Sienna asked that Josephine had remained silent as there is no need to answer that question; it is right in front of them as Micheal is fighting with.

The fight continued, and in between, the people's eyes would flash in surprise now, and then, seeing how Micheal effortlessly operated the Armor, they had got especially surprised when Micheal had increased the power of his attack five times when Albert increased his power.

"I had not expected this boy would really create Runic Armor a year ago." said another voice. When this voice speaks out, everyone looks at it.

"Lady Vivian, have you known about Micheal creating the Runic Armor?" Josephine asked in a surprise,

"No, I did not. I had never expected he would create something like this." "A year ago, when he sparred with my student, he had an average ability, and I had casually commented to him to create Runic Armor after he got badly beaten by my student," she replied before she turned back toward Josephine.

"This is not a full Runic Armor of it, right? He had created a full-body Runic Armor consisting of over a thousand runes, right?" Lady Vivian asked, looking directly into the eyes of Josephine.

While Josephine remained expressionless to lady Vivains questions, those who were hearing the conversation had got deeply surprised as controlling something that is comprised of over a thousand runes creates completely different implications.

As that the level of control one needs simply beyond the Knight stage, controlling more than a thousand runes while fighting is a near-impossible feat that even they did not see anyone coming close to performing even in the central continent.

Even those who were the best of the best of their generation were simply incapable of doing what Lady Vivian suggested.

"Hahaha..." seeing no answer from Josephine, lady Vivian couldn't help but let out a soft laugh.

"I had missed out on the great seed; I would have accepted him, Crystal, when my student told me to," she said with a little sigh of regret before turning into the battle where change had occurred.


Our weapons clashed again, but this instead of attacking again, we both took a step back and looked at each other before intense pressure started radiating from him as the runes on his brightly.

Now only the blood-red runes s.h.i.+ning brightly, but his saber also started to release powerful fluctuations as the faint shadow of the Sun appeared behind him, and he appeared next to me as if he teleported.

Everything had happened at extremely fast speed; one moment we both took a step back, and the next moment he had gone all-out attacking me; it is very swift, that a normal person with Level 3 would not have been able to react with such power but attack.

But I am not an average person; I had been ready since he summoned all his power and came at me.

"One Sun Annihilation!"

He shouted as he attacked and the faint sun behind him started to s.h.i.+ne brightly; that moment, I felt like I had been transported to the surface of the Sun; it felt extremely hot.

It is not just a feeling but a real attack; if it had been normal Adamantine in my place, he would have been burned to ashes, h.e.l.l I would have also been quite injured if not for me wearing the Armor, and it is not a real attack.

It's just the field created by the attack, the real attack in its Saber, which is coming at me. The Art's, one can't really underestimate them, especially the ones that came from the Supreme Organisation.

It's a good thing that in the Knight Stage, he can't show the full power of this move, from what Elina had told me and what I had read from the Info. This Art is extremely powerful that it would change the topography of the place when it is used by the powerful expert.

His saber came at me bearing the terrifying amount of heat, and while my sword went toward it, bearing a huge amount of strength. Seeing him attacking without holding back, I did not hold back either; I pushed my soul energy and activated all the power runes of my Runic Power.


Our weapons clashed; just as they clashed, I saw extremely thick Inheritance energy coming with s.h.i.+ning yellow energy that looked like melted sunlight. As they were about to touch my skin, the energy got sucked into my Armor; as it did, the Armor shook lightly.

If it had been before me using the Healing Rule to make it more tensile, I would have been worried by such shaking, as it would have meant my armor is close to breaking up, but now there is no fear.

The Healing Rule made it quite flexible that I could bear much more load, so I am not worried; instead, I am focused on that terrifying melted sunlight energy which would have sent me to death if not for the protection of Armor.

The energy of Art is extremely hot but what attracted me is the power Rule of the Sun that is hidden inside, the Rule of the Sun aspect he comprehended is weaker than mine and still at the same level as me, at peak basic stage.

As I focused on that Rule power, something had clicked inside me, and the next moment, I found the power of the Sun Rule increasing exponentially; it is clear that my Rule of Sun is advancing to the intermediate change.

Inside my source, the change is happening; the Sun, which is Half Silver and Half Red, is growing by the moment. I could even see the change of it outside as red lines started to spread on my Armor.

These red lines are distinctively different from the Blood Red Lines of the Killing Rule.

As they spread, my Armor became more beautiful and powerful; there are not only red lines but silver lines too that are spreading, but they are not visible due to my armor already being silver already.

I had been very close to reaching Intermediate Grade in my Sun Rule but did not expect; my comprehension would be the one that will take it to Intermediate Grade.

With my Rule of Sun reaching the Intermediate Grade, all my Rules are now at the Intermediate Grade, which had created the perfect harmony between my Rule powers, which was not present before.

This harmony had made my Armor, even more, stronger than it already was before.