Monster Integration - Chapter 1045 - Albert Conner II

Chapter 1045 - Albert Conner II

Chapter 1045 - Albert Conner II

"Josephine, what do you think about this Battle?" A beautiful middle-aged lady wearing the insignia of Blood Sun on her chest asked. "Micheal will win, Madam Sianna," Josephine said with a voice br.i.m.m.i.n.g with confidence.

Hearing a soft smile come across a middle-aged lady's face, "Why do you say so? From what I had gathered, he had not accepted the inheritance yet." Madam Sienna said in the same soft voice.

"Inheritances are not everything, Madam Sianna, there are many things which could give power equal to inheritances," Josephine said with a smile.

"And what it be Art, Bloodline, Const.i.tution? you have made me quite curious, Josephine." Madam Sianna asked in a soft voice, "You will know soon, madam Sianna." Josephine replied with a smile as she saw Micheal reaching the Arena.


I nodded at Albert as I reached the arena, and he nodded back. Albert was a tall young man with shoulder-length black hair, which made him look quite rogue and made people cheer for him, especially women.

He looked to be a year older than me and was dressed completely white and had a white Saber by his waist, which is clearly his Totem Artifact. The only color his body other than white is the Blood Red color Blood Sun's badge he is wearing by his chest.

"Both of you ready?" The Referee asked both of us, nodded in unison.

"Fight!" He shouted.

Just as we heard his affirmation, the weapons released from their sheaths and powers started to activate.

The Red blood runes began appearing on his body as he activated his inheritance while Silver Gauntlets and Shoes appeared on my hands and feet.

The Gloves and Shoes are not pure simple; they have three different color lines on them, which are formed by the merging of the Rule power. The silvery line connects both Silver Gauntlets and Shoes.

As it completely appeared on my body, I summoned out my Totem Artifact. This opponent is very powerful, and since I am not using my full body Runic Armor against him, I got to use my Totem Artifact for the boost.

He got a little surprised by the appearance of the gauntlets and sword, but that did not stop him. As our powers got activated, our speed increased, and we appeared next to each other as we teleported and attacked.


His saber clashed against my sword and created the deafening shouts and huge sparks, but that's all. All the inheritance energy he had sent toward me had been digested and converted already.

Clang Clang Clang…

Seeing no one getting an advantage over the clash, we both took back our weapons and attacked with greater power and speed. I took full advantage of the converted energy and attacked him with it.

Our attacks started to clash against one another, with each attack having greater power than before, but despite that, no one was able to take advantage of the fight. We were efficiently able to neutralize the attack of each other.

Since the fight started, a faint red haze covered my eyes. It is nearly invisible; only those who looked at my eyes closely will be an able faint blood-red haze in my eyes. This blood-red is of the killing Rule, I concentrate the power of the Killing Rule in my visual senses.

I am not only concentrating on the Killing Rule on my Visual senses but also on Auditory Senses, Sense Of Smell, Sense of Touch, and Soul Sense; it is very different from the circulation Killing Rule through my body and soul before.

Here I am selectively concentrating on my sense rather than my whole body. It is a difficult and painful process. To do what I am doing, one needs expert energy control and the capability to bear a s.h.i.+t load of pain from sensory overload.

With me concentrating my killing rule on specific senses, the data I am getting is huge that when I tried it the first time, I had fainted on the ground; the sensory overload was too much for me to bear.

But with pa.s.sing days, I got better and better at controlling and processing the data my senses sent me, and now it only gave me a major headache, which I could bear without much problem.

This concentration of the Killing Rule on senses has brought me many benefits; now, I could calculate the power and speed of the opponent attack more precisely and also predict them better, which helps me react against them better.

As I looked at my opponent, I saw every movement his body made, the breath he took, and the energy fluctuation he had released; it tells me everything I want to know about his upcoming attack.

When I gathered enough data about him, I would be able to predict the attack before he launched the attack. The pure sensory rule did not have any offensive power but what they offer is much greater than any offensive Rule of the same stage.

My Rule of Archaic Killing is one of the best Sensory Rule that is out there; there is probably no better sensory rule than this.

Clang Clang Clang…

Suddenly blood Red Runes on the body of Albert brightly and his power rose explosively; his attacks have become faster and stronger by five times; if it had been any other person in my place, they would not have been able to react this fast as I am right now.

When he had increased his power, all I had to do is activate the few runic formation and power of my increased automatically so that I could easily respond to his attack, especially after I started to swallow and convert his energy.

Before changes advised by the professor, it would have been difficult to swallow this amount of energy in such form; I would have needed to summon the full answer if I wanted to swallow and convey such a huge amount of energy.

But with changes made, my Armor's swallowing power has been increased way greater than before.