Monster Integration - Chapter 1047 - Win!

Chapter 1047 - Win!

Chapter 1047 - Win!

With the Rule of Sun advancing, the power of my Armor increased instantly, and I attacked him to counter his coming attack.

He looked quite a little surprised as seeing me react this fast as he had expected I would need quite some time to deal with his first attack; by that time, he would be able to finish me off with the second attack.

The plan was simple but effective and would have worked on the other who had Level 3 Inheritance power seeing his powerful Art, but unfortunately, it is me who came across.

Even if my Armor isn't able to digest all the energy, I could easily release the crushed energy. So, as long as the attack is not too overpowered, that could crush my Armor in a single attack.


Seeing two of his attacks failed, slight anger appeared on his face, and he started to launch attacks furiously, his attacks were extremely fast and powerful, and I had to give my all to respond to them.

It's a good thing I have the swallowing Rule; if not for it, It would have been quite difficult for me to respond to such a degree, such quickly. The converted energy is a lifesaver in the combat; it is due to it, I am having no problem fighting against such a powerful opponent.

"You are good, a lot more powerful than the intel states." He said suddenly while fighting, "Thank You for your praise." I said, replied with a smile while trying to deal with the feints he wanted to carry.

To normal people, it may look like we are just wildly swinging our weapons, but an expert would be able to see each of our moves are precisely calculated.

Combat is not simply swinging of weapons; it is a highly technical field where one has to perform countless calculations within microseconds, there countless faints, deceptions, and direct moves, one has to identify all of them before responding.

All the people who were able to come to this level have gone through thousands of fights, and many of them were life and death battles. These instances make one an expert fighter.

Not to forget, they are also trained by the powerhouses of their organizations, which furnished their combat style even further. One has to be very careful when dealing with such opponents.


We were just fighting when suddenly, the power of its attack increased again, but this time, unlike before, there was no indication. The runes on its body remained the same, so is the Sun Phantom behind him.

If one always looks for these signs when fighting, then one would be a big idiot; these runes and phantoms created by the power of the arts are just visual effects. If one had enough control over one's abilities, he could manipulate these visual effects at will.

Albert did the same; he just turned off the visual effect of its Arts and Inheritance and attacked with his full strength. This time is he is using it all his strength, not holding even an ounce of strength back.


He started to attack even more furiously with full strength, the strength of his attacks was so great that swallowing formation of my incomplete armor could not swallow it all, I had released some of its energy.

He is getting angrier and angrier with the inability to defeat me despite using all his strength; if there had been any other person in his place, that person would have gotten angry as well.

I fought against him for another minute before he decided to end it, as he had nothing much to offer.

I would have liked to fight longer against him, as this will only be an interesting fight in which I will have the luxury to do so as other remaining members of my group are weakling.

When I reach the Top 10, it will be me that is the end of the rope, trying my all to survive against my opponent.

This time when our weapons clashed, I took back my sword as usual before swinging it back as I usually do, but this speed of my sword is far greater than before. He put his Saber into the defensive posture to defend.

But to his surprise, my huge sword strangely slipped into gaps of his defense before he could do anything and stood by its neck with his saber just a centimeter away from his neck.

A slight surprise appeared on his eyes, seeing the sword on his neck before a look of disappointment flashed on his eyes as he realized he had lost the battle.

"Winner Micheal Zaar," the referee said second after I placed the sword on my opponent.

Cheer Cheer Cheer...

"Good Fight," I said to my opponent before walking out of the arena amidst huge cheer. This is the greatest cheer I have gotten until now.

Well, this is the first fight of mine, which has lasted for more than a second, so receiving cheers is obvious.

"That was a great fight." "Somewhere in the fight, I had thought you would lose it," William said as he took my seat in the partic.i.p.ant area. "Don't worry; I would not lose till I reach Top 10," I replied.

"Well, you will reach the Top 10 before getting beaten by my sister there." William joked as he patted my shoulder.

This joke may be turned out to be true; with my current strength, I don't think I am Jill's match.

"Josephine, this battle was quite surprising. I can't wait for the Battle where this little guy will show his full Runic Armor." Madam Sienna said there was no sadness or disappointment that could be seen on her face despite seeing a member of her organization losing.

"Don't worry, Madam Sienna, you will not be disappointed when he shows his full Armor," she replied.

Since everyone had already guessed Micheal had full body Runic Armor, there is no need to scorn the intelligence of people here; she might well admit it openly admit it.