Monster Integration - Chapter 1044 - Albert Conner I

Chapter 1044 - Albert Conner I

Chapter 1044 - Albert Conner I

"Best of luck for today's matches," Elina said as we reached above the venue of the compet.i.tion. "Thank You," I said and descended down while Elina and the professor went up.

Soon I landed in the partic.i.p.ant's area, which is on the north side instead of east, and it had only twenty-five seats instead of the two-fifty. The chair is very luxurious, and if I want, I could extend them and create a resting pod.

I sat on the chair and looked around to see only half of the people had arrived, there were still twenty minutes before the champions.h.i.+p resumed. So, I opened the screen of my holowatch and read.

There are miscellaneous things about my opponents, like different things they have used in battle, the info about their fighting style, etc. Though it is miscellaneous, it is very immaculate; whoever is written, it must have done quite great research.

"Micheal." I heard a familiar voice, only to Willam descending on the seat beside me. "Willam," I said with a smile.

"How is your preparation for the matches?" I asked him as I closed the window of my holowatch. "I was lucky enough to get into the Top 100." " Going further ahead will be quite difficult for me," he said.

Hearing that, all I could do is smile as he is right; with the current strength he possesses, he could only come this far; going forward will be quite difficult for him. With the current power he has, he could win one or two matches, at max three, winning matches will be extremely difficult for him.

We talked for a few minutes before stopping as the Champions.h.i.+p resumed; the host had come flying to the center arena and attracted the attention of all the audience.

"I welcome you all again on the 12th day of the Continental Champions.h.i.+p," she said, and the audience cheered. "Today the Top 100 will fight the same way they have fought for the past four days,"

"The Top hundred people will be divided into ten groups of ten, and these ten people will fight every person of his, and her group and the one who will win the most matches, will move to Top 10."

She announced the rules, which are the same as previously; the only difference is that in each group, only one person will be able to move forward for the Top 10.

The rules are quite pressuring as to forward, one will have to win nearly all matches, losing a match could make a loose chance to enter the Top 10, which most people want to enter.

"Now, let's organize the group and start matches." Said the host, and on the huge screen projection of 100 people started to spin before they separated into the groups, and when I saw the people of my group, I couldn't quite believe my eyes.

"You lucky dog Micheal, eight people of your group are utterly weak that even I have the confidence to defeat them." " You just have to defeat that one person, and you will be qualified to enter Top 10," Willam said as she patted/ hit me on my jealousy.

I also couldn't quite believe my eyes by what I saw; the eight people in my group are weak; they are one of the weakest people in the Top hundred that I could defeat in a single move without using my Runic Armor.

There is only one person against which I will have to use my Runic Armor; as long as I won against him, it would be smooth sailing in the Top 10. To be honest, I am utterly shocked by seeing the members of my group.

As the group divided, ten arenas appeared on, and the screen showed the names of the people who were going to fight in their respective groups.

"Best of luck," I said to William as he got up to fight; he was selected first to fight in the group.

William went to fight, and a few minutes later, it was my number, and like my previous fights, I had finished the fight in a single move while William was still fighting with all his opponents.

Williams's fight lasted a little more than an hour, and when he came back, he was tired, but there was a smile on his face. He had won the battle, albeit barely, still winning.

Time pa.s.sed by, and one to two hours, I would call to fight. All my opponents were too weak, and the only one who is strong is in my group; I did not get to fight against him.

As for William, his luck was good at the first battle, but he lost the second and third battle before finally winning the fourth one by luck, still; it was enough to put a smile on his face as he did not expect he would be able to win more than one fight in his group.

My other friends are also doing quite fine; Williams' sister Jill won all four fights she had fought in the single move, Ellen also did the same. Only Rhea had to fight for half an hour to win one fight.

Of all the fights she had fought, she did not use her famed Diamond Defense, till now there hadn't been anyone which is really regrettable; I wanted to see if its good as before.

I was just thinking those thoughts when suddenly my name appeared on the projection, and this my opponent is Albert Conner, seeing that my eyes couldn't help but light up as it is finally time to fight some strong opponents.

"Good Luck!" William said; I nodded and walked forward. The names of my opponent are Alber Conner, and he is a member of Blood Sun. He had accepted the Level 3 Inheritance of the Blood Sun and comprehended the Art known as Nine Sun Art.

His battle power is higher than normal Level 3 Inheritance bearer as he had defeated two of Level 3 inheritance bearers together. All this made him the only person in my group that is worth fighting against.