Monster Integration - Chapter 1043 - Top 100 II

Chapter 1043 - Top 100 II

Chapter 1043 - Top 100 II

He looked shocked, seeing my blade by its neck as it had never expected something like this would happen.

His is not weak; he is even slightly stronger than that Guildmaster of Raging Thunder whom I had fought a few days ago, but that time to defeat him in the single move, I had to use the power of my Runic Armor and boost from my Totem Artifact, but now I had defeated using the just my Mystic Method.

It's all thanks to the professor.

Daily practice with her had opened a completely new door for me. I was able to finesse my combat style at an unbelievable degree and also learned the better way to utilize my sensory Rule.

In our first session of training, Professor had told me that my way of using the sensory rule is too crude and should find a way. She did not tell me despite me asking her.

She is a big believer in finding one path for oneself, so she just fought with me daily while breaking my bones and saying my mistakes out loud. It has helped me very much. If not for that, I would have had to use my Runic Armor for such swift victory.

"Micheal Zaar winner." The referee shouted, hearing that I nodded at the referee and my opponent before getting out of the Arena amidst mild cheer from the audience, which came a second after the referee's announcement.

"Very swift speed, I have to be very careful of your speed if we come face to face," Rhea said, and I returned to my spot.

"You do not need to fear my sword, your defense is enough to bear it," I said as I really don't think the cutter is capable of cutting through her Diamond defense.

The third day pa.s.sed by, and like me, all my friends had finished their battle in a single move. Unlike me and Rhea, who had used some or our Methods or inheritance to defeat our opponent in the single move, Jill and Ellen did not use any of that.

Both of them had finished off all their opponents in a similar fas.h.i.+on; they would casually appear next to their opponent and place their sword on their neck without using even a shred of their ability.

This itself speaks of the strength they possess, of all the people fighting, there may be less than ten people who could force them to reveal their abilities.

The third day pa.s.sed, and the fourth day of Top 1000 thousand has come; on the fourth day, I had fought against the last eleven people of my group, including two of the three strong people I had noted in the group.

I defeated them in a single move like I had defeated the others and became one of the few people in twenty groups who had won all the battles. Since I won all the matches in my group, it is without question, I have become one of five people in my group to advance in the Top 100.

Ellen, Jill, and Rhea, all three of them, we're able to advance into the Top 100 without losing even a single match.

Not only them but William also able to reach the Top hundred, but unlike smooth said that his sister performed, his journey was a little rough.

He had to fight a couple of difficult battles and even lose one, still with a solid win of forty-nine battles; he was able to sail into the Top 100.

"You did well today," Professor said as we appeared in the Garden of the Mansion, "But future matches won't be that easy," Professor said as her mood turned a little serious.

"Those old codgers from Supremes had put their eyes on this Champions.h.i.+p and added some good seeds in the Champions.h.i.+p," Professor said, and I am not surprised.

In the past four days, I've observed each and every fight and noticed and found a lot of people a lot stronger than their info said. Many of them did not show their power, but in the Top 100, they will show it.

"Here is revised intel on those hundred, though it is not complete, it will still be able to tell you something about your opponents," Professor said as she sent the new list on my holowatch.

"Next two days will be very important, try to get into the Top 10," Professor said before she walked into the mansion while I took lounge chairs and opened the list of my opponent and discussed it with Elina.

Elina has quite in-depth knowledge of Arts that these people from Tyrant and organization have comprehended.

Even though the professor has already given me a list of the Arts these organizations have, it is still good to take advice from someone more familiar with them.

I discussed the 99 people on the list with Elina and found that there are a total of nineteen people I have to be careful of.

These people all have accepted or have strength equal to Level 3 bearer and also comprehended the Art, which they could use quite greatly.

Nearly all of them had accepted the Inheritance at least four months before and got completely used to its power. They have also trained with the powerhouses of Supreme organizations, so all these nineteen people possess the strength equal and greater than Elina.

This is the only Intel we were able to gather from them; the professor had already mentioned that many people are hiding their power, and I would get a great surprise while fighting them.

If I come across one of these Nineteen people, then I would have to give my all fighting them and to be honest, I couldn't wait to fight them with all my power. I have trained for days and have not been able to find the worthy opponent.

Eline is good, but since I had fought her so many times, she does not create as much excitement as she used to.

I just want to fight my heart out; even if I lose after that, I would not be disappointed; though I would love to win, I would still be satisfied if I could fight my hearts out.