Monster Integration - Chapter 102 Sandstorm III

Chapter 102 Sandstorm III

"Dhung! Dhung!...." the storm arrives as very strong winds started to collide with our tent.

I felt very scared about hearing the noise and intense shaking, I feel like our tent would sweep in the storm and we all will be crushed inside it.

''Chew chew!" I don't when I called Ashlyn outside and hugged her fiercely that she started to complain.

I am not the only one scared, all us are scared as Rhea had called DeeDee outside and is now hugging her and the boy William also called his monster.

He hasn't had called his monster when fighting against the Sand Scorpions earlier and looking at the monster, I can understand why after seeing his monster.

When William had summoned his monster, the air in the tent had cooled down for the moment.

It is Boa, specifically an Ice-type boa, it is about a two-meter-long snow-white body with the icicle design all over its body.

The monster looked both dangerous and elegant at the same time.

I only saw four monsters of big organizations elites but each and every monster is unique with a very powerful ability.

Jill's stag has extreme speed and it still a baby, Williams Frost Boa gives off the very dangerous feeling, Jim's girlfriends Lightning Cat also give of the same feeling as Jim's girlfriend's cat.

Only Jim's little snake seems mediocre but I am sure that little snake defiantly has some special ability or Jim wouldn't have bonded with it.

There is no point in comparing them to Ashlyn but newly mutated DeeDee also little pale compared to these four monsters.

Hearing the wind, I am sure to have entered the storm as sounds are getting louder and louder but our camp is still holding on albeit shakingly.

''So, jill when do enter this realm, do you know anything about the rescue team that is waiting by the scind forest?" I asked to lighten up the mood.

As I asked a question, I notice William had angrily glared at jill and her expression turned little guilty.

"We had arrived at this realm nine days ago!" she said.

''I had asked William to take me to the Green Hills, we were just going take a look and return." She said, her face had become beat red and I can hear the guilt in her voice.

"So we didn't bring anything when we went to Green hills except our weapons but as we were walking toward the Green hill, suddenly s.p.a.ce layer stuck and we entered this realm, directly in the wasteland!."

I really feel pity for her, she may have forced her brother to come Green hills with her without bringing any surviving gear and unluckily they entered this realm before entering green hills and top of that they arrived at this scorching wasteland and not in any other part of this realm.

I can't imagine how hard their days have been without any surviving gear, thank G.o.d they are intelligent enough to bring their weapons or surviving in this wasteland would have become very difficult for them.

''The winds are becoming more stronger, the center of the storm will be upon us in two hours!" Said rhea as she opened, fuel box of the tent was only two Corporal grade monster core is placed while the other two places are empty.

Rhea just about to add two more monster cores in empty s.p.a.ces when she heard a voice behind her.

''Let me! You had been gracious enough to take us in your tent, we should at least contribute this much!" Said William as he placed two Corporal level Core on the two remaining empty places.

''We should finish eating before the center of the storm arrive on us!" Rhea said.

William and Jill became awkward hearing food, I can guess from their expression that they don't have any presence food on them and their temporary backpacks probably have some monster parts that they were going to cook in the evening.

Smiling rhea and I took out enough packet of preserved food that is enough for four humans and monster to eat.

I had already some packaged monster meat in my backpack and after killing Neil and Andrew, we also found tens for packets in their tent.

They have enough to fill the bellies of ten people for four days, we have half our monster meat and packaged in s.p.a.ce pouches while half in our backs.p.a.ce so no could suspicious of us.

"We have to make do with this as we cant cook food in a tent!" I joked as I distributed the meat packets to everyone.

Everyone opened their packaged meat and started to eat.

I got a little surprised seeing Ashlyn not throwing tantrums seeing food as she silently eating it but if one looked her carefully, they will find the look of distaste on her face as she ate it.

She is eating this packet food because she knew if she didn't eat it, she will have to sleep hungry and that is unacceptable to her.

She is a glutton, she loves food as much as she loves her life but she can only compromise in front of the circ.u.mstances.

Soon everyone finished eating food and waited for the storm to pa.s.s, Jill had even started to watch a movie with the monster to forget about the storm outside.

Seeing her do that, me, Rhea and her brother started the movie on our holowatches to keep out mind out of storm outside.

''Grrrrrrrrrr!" ''Tear!" As storms center reached our camp, winds had become so strong that it kept shaking nonstop.

A tear started to form on the camp surface and one tear got big enough that sand and wind started to come inside the camp.

Seeing this our heart stopped if this keeps going on, the storm will tear the tent apart and our circ.u.mstances wouldn't be much better than the tent.

Rhea quickly patched the tear with cloth and glue she got from G.o.d know where but its no use as more and more tears keep forming on the tent.

"Brother, I am sorry! Because of me, you have to die in this camp!" Jill said and started crying.

''No one's going to die, the storm will pa.s.s soon." Said William as he hugged his sister fiercely.

The more and more tear kept forming on the tent and sand and dust kept comings through these small holes, at one point even I believe the tent would collapse and all we would be swept into the storm and die.

New tears kept forming as storm rage outside, the tents condition became so worse that it comes near collapse.

I quickly took out a new tent from my backpack and activated it, I don't want to be in an old tent when it shredded to pieces.

"Get in!" I said as we quickly entered the new tent and sat hugging our monsters.

My prediction was right, after some time, we hear the tearing sound from outside, although our old tent is barely maintaining its stability.

But we can hear a tearing sound now and then.

As time pa.s.sed on I felt wind slowing down and tearing of our old camp also stopped after that.

We waited for another two before wind slowed down enough to be safe to go outside, still, we waited half before deciding to go outside.

"We are alive!" said William with a heavy sigh, we all nodded at that, we came out alive.