Monster Integration - Chapter 103 Reaching Destination!

Chapter 103 Reaching Destination!

''We are alive!" William shouted with emotion loudly, I can understand his sentiment.

The Sandstrom was really dangerous and there was a high chance that we could have died we our handnt been able to hold on.

We get out to camp one by one, only to notice we were buried in the sand as large amount camp entering inside through the tear of the old camp.

It's going to be h.e.l.l to get out of this and I am thinking of different kind ways to get out when I heard rhea's voice.

''Deedee dig the tunnel for us to get out!" Rhea asked DeeDee to open a tunnel to the up.

How can I forget, DeeDee is an earth elemental monster, it is effortless for her to dig the tunnel.

Deedee started to dig the tunnel as we waited in our old camp for the safety, the tunnel could collapse and we all could get buried in it, it better be safe and waits in the camp till tunnel is fully dug.

''The tunnel is fully dug, let's get out of here!" Said rhea as we were waiting in the camp, DeeDee must have told her telepathically.

There is not saving our original tent as it already was torn in many places but out second tent is still fine without any scratches, so, I can take it back with me.

The tunnel dug by DeeDee is little narrow, so we had to walk on our four to get up.

When we reached the surface, we greeted with clear starlit sky with the soft light of the moon.

I again activated my camp, seeing it is barely midnight when the storm had arrived it, the sky had gone dark yet.

We didn't do much, I quickly activated the camp and slept as all of us were really tired mentally.

Before sleeping, I did ask Ashlyn to keep a watch.

She seems fine mentally, not shaken a bit just little grumpy about food and tight hug that I gave her when a storm is us.

"Chew chew chew!" "Good morning to you too Ashlyn!" I said as I have woken by Ashlyn chirp and beak on my face.

When I look around, all three of them still sleep.

The sky had brightened a little but there still dark but it will fully brighten in half an hour.

"Chew chew!" Ashlyn flew on top of the tent and started chirping at me about food, at night I promised her extra food in her plate if she kept a night watch.

''I did not forget Ashlyn but first, let me freshen up!" I said as I started to freaked up.

I quietly removed the cooking material and utensil from Rhea and my bag.

We had already packed a large amount of Corporal Grade monster meat in our backpacks and storages before entering the wasteland, thinking we would not find any monster to hunt here.

We were wrong, we did find many monster in wasteland but their meat could not compare to monsters we hunted in the valley.

I took out all the ingredients and utensil and started to cook while reminding Ashlyn to keep an eye out for monsters.

It feels good to cook outside with no one to disturb and cool morning breeze on the body.

I always felt calm whenever I cook alone and quietly.

As I am cooking, I heard the sound behind me, only to know its jill, I got quite surprised seeing her, I thought it will be rhea or William and she will be last to wake up but I was wrong.

''Good morning!" She greeted, ''good morning." I greeted back, she came closer to me at watched me cook.

''You woke up early?" I sated to make a conversation, "what can say, I am an early riser!" she said shyly.

I can see her mouth is watering, nine days without good food do that to people.

"Do you need any help!" she asked, standing near me. ''No need! You should freshen up, food will be ready in fifteen minutes." I said.

She nodded and left to freshen up while keep stealing glances at the food.

In fifteen minutes both rhea and William woke up and food also ready by the time they have done freshen up.

"Chew chew!" Ashlyn didn't forget to remind me to fill her plate extra when I am serving the food and started to eat with her little before I finish serving all of us.

''It feels good to eat delicious food after so much roasted meat!" Jill said as she ate, her brother also complimented while eating.

We quickly finished eating, after eating jill and her brother offered to clean dishes and I didn't reject it.

"Their Chances of surviving is slim!" said Rhea as we searched for the tent of the other team.

We have already searched for them an hour around the place where they had set up a camp but we did not see any sign of them.

Rhea had even asked DeeDee to search under the sand to if they buried inside but the result was futile as she also did not find anything.

Agreeing that we will not find a sign of them we decide to resume our journey toward the scind forest.

''We should be able to reach there at two days, three maximum," William said as he studied the map.

We agree with his estimate, we will reach their either tomorrow evening or morning at day after tomorrow.

As we journeyed toward scind format we came across many monsters and one time we even encountered two peak level sandworm monsters, I thought were dead but in that time William William showed his true abilities and killed two peak Corporal level monster within half an hour.

He used three different types of skills one after another as he killed both monsters single-handedly.

I also fought with many monsters and as a result, I was able to reach the 20th cycle of exercise, just four more cycles away from creating the third seal.

Not only my performance was good, but jill also got quite a better-fighting monster as whenever we occurred a lone specialist monster, William would let jill to fight it, so she could gain experience in fighting the monsters.

''Finally!" Jill said as she saw the outline of the scind forest from a tall sand dune.

I am also surprised, what surprised me forest but people, even from the distance, I can see their silhouettes.

There must be more than two thousand must be gathered there, many are patrolling around the camp, we have even spotted the patrol in the sky as some people riding their bird monsters.

Seeing such large gathering of people from the distance, we all broke into a run toward the camp as fast as we could in our excitement.