Monster Integration - Chapter 101 Sandstorm II

Chapter 101 Sandstorm II

I shouted sandstorm with top of my lungs, people heard and looked at me but when saw I am looking at the sky, they followed my gaze.

Color had drained out of their faces as they understood the sandstorm is coming.

Sandstorm is really dangerous, even the smallest one can threaten Lieutenant grade evolver if he caught the middle of it.

Suddenly all the people started to use their full power fighting the Sand Scorpion as there is still time to left sandstorm to arrive and people don't danger of scorpion lurking when they were facing sandstorm.

I also started to fight after drinking the potion, it didn't take long to all scorpion to finished, as Corporal grade evolvers had killed two Corporal grade monsters.

All four Corporal grade evolvers had become free and with them helping killing Specialist grade monsters, the fight finished in a couple of minutes and by the time fights finished, sandstorm had become visible and winds had become even stronger.

"The tent in your backpack would be better!" I said to rhea when we find a suitable spot to activate the tent.

"Your right." She said the Grey colored box and pressed the b.u.t.ton on top of it.

We had founded five camps in Neil and Andrew stuff, while we use it had good defense capability and it also has some basic necessity like bed and cupboard and other but the one Rhea had had strongest defense but is very plain inside.

the main reason for choosing this camp over its original that it is perfect in unfavorable weather condition as it has grip drill function.

Four drills inside the tent burrow into the earth for better grip and stability, we will able to survive inside it as long as sandstorm is not overly powerful.

The only flow it had that one have to use four Corporal grade monster core to fully power it to its apex but this is not a problem for as we already had quite a few Corporal level monster cores.

Other people have also their tent and started to enter their camp seeing the storm is very near.

"Umhh would you mind if I and my brother took shelter in your tent?" I heard from my behind, I looked back to see it is the cute girl in purple before with the older boy, who is also wearing a purple suit like her.

It same boy who was fighting two corporal level monster at once with Mid-level Corporal level power.

"Sure!" I said after seeing Rhea isn't oppose to the idea.

The interior of the tent as expected is plain, with all grey without any extra component, the only saving grace is that the floor is quite soft and good sleep.

We took off our backpacks and sat, as both brother sisters sat, I couldn't help but notice that both of their backpacks are temporary, the once I brought to keep extra monster parts when hunting in the Miasta first.

They both noticed my gaze but disnt say and I didn't inquire too not to be true intrusive.

I got quite shocked earlier when I saw that all the equipment that girl and boy are wearing is Knight grade, similar to that of Jim and his girlfriend is wearing.

She had tried very hard to cover it but she revealed when she perform killing shot at the sand scorpion, she has manipulated it last moment and I luckily noticed from the corner of my eyes when defending against Sand Scorpions tail.

And looking her and her brothers are the same branded with ThunderG.o.ds Sigil, I can definitely a.s.sume that her brother equipment is both knight grade.

Look like Knight grade equipment aren't that rare as I imagined, just that they are only available to the Organisation's elite.

And seeing their equipment, I can definitely say the boy hadn't completely used his power when fighting against Scorpions especially that cute girl brother.

I can hear strong winds are colliding against the tent as we sat awkwardly staring at each other silently.

It is very awkward to stay silent in the camp only listening to the strong wind as the storm approaches us.

Like girl, the boy also had strawberry blond hair and blue eyes but he looked handsome instead of cute like his sister.

"I am Jill and this is my brother, William, that you for giving us shelter." Said cute jill, with her speaking the awkward atmosphere diffuse between us.

''Its nothing!" Replied rhea with a smile, ''I don't mind me asking, why aren't stayed in your teammates?" Rhea asked.

I am also really curious about this, why aren't they stayed with the rest of their teammates.

"They aren't our teammates, we just met them at desert three days ago!" she said.

"As for not staying in their camp, there is girl names Rita they're who is really obnoxious that I got tired of it and your tent is best to cope with the storm than theirs!" Jill answered.

Well, that explained a lot, I wouldn't want to be with obnoxious people who I just met a few days ago, I am just about to ask her another question when the wind collided against the tent.

''Dhub! Dhub!….." Strong wind collided against the tent that it started shaking, the storm is closing on us.

Jill even summoned her minister and hugged it tightly after experiencing shaking.

Soon more strong winds started colliding against our tent as it started shaking more force full, it feels like the whole camp will be swept by the winds.

The Storm Has Arrived Finally!