Monster Integration - Chapter 1031 - Cometh City

Chapter 1031 - Cometh City

Chapter 1031 - Cometh City

Two days pa.s.sed in Warzone, in the two days, the only thing I did other than training was Spar with Elina two times, which also could be said to be training.

There is one other thing I did these past two days, and that is practice my Mystic Method.

Of the more than ten thousand Mystic Methods in Adventures Paradise collection, I chose three.

I was going to choose the two, but I found one mystic method very attractive that I could not help but take.

Three three Mystic Methods I chose are of three different types, 1st is Strength Type Mystic Method, 2nd is Defense Type Mystic Method, both of which I wanted, and the last Offense Type Mystic Method.

I do not have an Offense type Method; the Domain Of Withering Sand is a special Domain Type method, though it could be used offensively; it is better to be used as Domain, so I chose it offensive method.

To practice all three methods took me an unbelievable short time; I practiced all three methods completely within Four hours. The device that Professor Josephine had handed to me worked like magic.

In it, I have placed the Method book and resources into different sections, and voila, an hour later, the whole method is being finished.

The only downside of that device is that it is d.a.m.n painful; the quicker one wants, the higher the pain one will have to experience.

Today we are going to Cometh City, the biggest city in the Continent where Continental Champions.h.i.+p is held every decade. The Continental Champions.h.i.+p is a week away, but we are still going early.

The team of my Organisation had already reached there and already started searching for good seeds.

It is not only my Organizations; there are many other organizations that are searching for the good seeds, including Nine Supreme Organisations.

Though they are Supreme, they also need good seeds; the central continent may produce the maximum number of prodigies, but other small continents also produce them, and they want to recruit those.

I am quite excited, not only for the Continental Champions.h.i.+p but also for my parents and friends I will meet. It had been nearly a year since I last saw my parents and sinter, and now I couldn't wait.

They have boarded the airs.h.i.+p for the Cometh city two days ago and will reach the three days, but Jill and her brother, which I hadn't seen for more than a year, will reach their tomorrow.

Ellen told her she and her teacher would come to the city the day championsh.i.p.s start, so I could only meet her during the compet.i.tion.

"Ready for the Champions.h.i.+p?" Professor asked as she came out of her room; both of us nodded.

"Let's go to Cometh City then," she said, and her aqua blue energy enveloped us; everything turned dark, and when everything became clear again, we were in front of a huge mansion.

The Mansion is not only big but also beautiful; it has a big garden and a pool that one just wants to take a dip inside.

As we had just appeared in front of the mansion when I found two men in their mid-thirties appeared in front of us, I did not even sense them when they suddenly appeared in front of me.

I looked two men mid-thirties, trying to sense the feeling they were giving me and was quite surprised to find these give a similar feel like those two I want to kill, the only difference that these two had less intensity in feeling I am getting from these two while those two from Saber give the feeling which is quite intense.

It is clear that these two are on a similar stage as those two from Sky Saber, but they had a huge difference in strength, those two from the Sky Saber will easily be able to finish these two.

"Ma'am." They said as they bowed respectfully to Professor Josephine, "How is the preparation going?" she asked them.

"Everything is going well, ma'am, we have already identified the seeds and track their progress in the compet.i.tion." The blond man on the left replied.

"Keep working hard, we have to get some seeds before the others do," she said and walked toward the mansion.

Elina had told me about the process of recruitment in their Organisation, and there is only one word to describe it 'Complicated.'

The recruitment process is very complicated, as they have not only looked at the history of the person, but they also check the rate of progress, nature, talent, and everything.

And top of that, they could not recruit anyone who wanted to join them; there are rules about who they can recruit.

Nearly 95% Organisation in the world is connected to the Nine Supreme Organisation, the organization I joined is very unique as it connected two Supreme Organisation, it is only one in the whole world which is formally connected to two Supreme Organisation.

They have to recruit the people who are connected to the Supreme Organisation they are connected to. It is only for people who joined some kind of organization on the Continent, which nearly everyone does.

There are very few people like me who remain unaffiliated and progress this much.

The recruitment criteria I mentioned apply to normal people; if there were someone like me with the Grade 12 Const.i.tution, they would recruit me without batting an eye; h.e.l.l even supreme grade organization would fight for a person who had such potential as me.

There are exceptions in the recruitment process, but they are very rare, but they did happen.

Elina had told me that three years ago, four Supreme Grade Organisations had fought to recruit a boy who had awakened a powerful bloodline. The fighting was not some low-level members of the Supremes but their upper echelons.

I hope something like that happens during the compet.i.tion; I really want to see the fight of super powerhouses.