Monster Integration - Chapter 1032 - Bones Breaking

Chapter 1032 - Bones Breaking

Chapter 1032 - Bones Breaking

Elina and I entered our rooms while professor Josephine went with the two people; she had to discuss some business with those people where we have no business.

My room is very, very luxurious; it could not be called a room as it is a Grand Suite, the best one I've ever been to. So after checking the room, I simply laid on the world's softest bed.

In a week, the Champions.h.i.+p would start, and it began to pressure me a little; the opponents are going to be very powerful, so powerful that my current strength would not be enough to win against all of them.

This pressure is very exciting; only in such pressure, I will improve more, till now I have improved the most when I am under huge pressure and since it's been my dream since I was child to win such compet.i.tion, then pressure could be said to be very high on me.

I was just thinking about practice and what change I need to make in my training regime in order to be more efficient when I fell asleep.

The sleep came quite suddenly; one moment I was busy with my thoughts, and then another, I was sleeping. I had slept through the whole morning and some afternoon as I woke up at 2 PM.

After a few hours of sleep, I felt good. These days all I am doing is training, every waking moment I am training, even earlier when I was laying on the bed, I was practicing Secret Method.

With all this training, I am only training about six hours of sleep, which is really small compared to exerting my mind and body every day. So, earlier, when I had just relaxed a little, my body had completely turned off.

I have to get a little more sleep than I am getting right now; training is important, but so is sleep. With good physical and mental health, I would not be able to get 100% from my training.

Knock Knock!

I laid on the bed for a while before I went to the bathroom and freshened up and started to eat some snacks with Ashlyn as I was feeling slightly hungry. I had finished eating when I heard the knock on my door.


Hearing I walked to the door and opened it, only to see it was Ellen, she looked quite tired and had red marks all over her body which were slowly disappearing. These red marks are the signs of the injuries she had healed within a few minutes.

"What happened to you?" I asked, worriedly; she must have suffered quite a lot of injuries seeing she have red marks all over her body. "The same will happen to you," she said without answering my question.

"Let's go, aunty is calling you," she said and asked me to follow; when she said it, there was a weird smile lit across her face, a smile that wants to revel in others' misfortune.

I did not get a good feeling about what was about to happen, but I have no choice to follow her since Professor Josephine is calling.

"You must have a good sleep, right? Have a fresh body and mind?" she asked suddenly, "Yes." I said with hesitation as the bad feeling I am getting intense by the second.

"Good, I hope it will help you in the next hour," she said mysteriously, and soon, we reached in front of a huge door which Elina and pushed open, revealing a small arena inside it.

'Yes, this mansion had an arena.' I said to myself as I entered inside, I saw professor Josephine inside wearing the same suit earlier and now is looking at the weapons rack, which was filled with the practice weapons.

"Woken up, sleepyhead." She said as she saw enter inside with Elina, hearing her voice, I unknowingly shuddered, and that feeling inside me got even more intense than it is now bubbling inside me.

"Till now, you have been training with Elina, from today I will train you," she said before she picked up two-meter white staff from the rack.

"Compet.i.tion is going to be quite difficult; I can't let you fall behind too much in it." "It will be a shame for our Organisation if you weren't even able to get into the Top 5," she said and entered the arena.

"Ok, let's fight; show me everything you have got," she said as she entered the arena with the two-meter long white staff. Hearing her expression, my expressions turned for the worse, and I understood why Elina had so many injuries.

"Don't worry, I will seal my powers to your level," she said with an enchanting smile that feels like that of the devil.

Even if she used the power equal to that of average adamantine, it would be very difficult for me to win against her.

She is at the level where I could only dream of reaching; from there, the perspective of one changed completely.

The battle experience she has is far far superior to mine and not to forget the senses she has at the current level, even if she suppressed them to my level, she would still be able to utilize them better than mine.

Still, I couldn't help but find myself getting excited about fighting her. A fighting powerhouse like her would bring me unimaginable benefits to me; their benefits would be far above what I get from fighting against her.

Taking a deep breath, I walked toward the center of the Arena, whole walking a silver; a thick silver paint started to spread through my body till it covered every inch of my body from the neck down before solidifying.

As it solidifies the lines of Red, Green, and Grey started to spread over the Armor, making a simple Armor a work of Art.

This is my Runic Armor, which I had improved with the help of the professor. We have made many minor changes inside, which had doubled its power. The changes were not only strength wise but also appearance-wise.

Earlier, the Armor had a thin look, but now it had a thick look, now looked like a solid piece of Armor, very few able to identify it as the ability Armor.

As the Armor donned in my body, I took out my Sword. Against the professor, I am holding nothing back; holding even a little bit would be disrespectful to her and me.

"Good, you are using all your strength; it will be fun," she said, and next moment, she appeared in front of me and swung her staff at me; her stiff is like a snake, which is striking my most evident weakness.

Seeing her the staff coming toward my most fatal weakness, I powered up all the runes of my armor and swung my sword toward it. I am using the full power of Armor.

I did not want to, but I have to. If I want to stop this snakelike staff from striking my weakness, then I will have to use the full power of my sword.

My sword tore through the air as it moved toward the white staff of the professor, and in less than a moment, it approached it and about stopped it from going further when the staff did an impossible movement.

Like a snake, it changed its course when it was about to clash against my sword and came toward my thighs.


Crack Crack Crack

The staff struck on my left thigh heavily and broke several bones of it. It took all my willpower for myself not to scream loudly as I could.

"You have to focus, use that Level 1 sensory rule of yours properly." "You can't be sure that your enemy won't try to do anything w.i.l.l.y when your weapons are about to clash."

"And also don't leave your thigh too open, though it helps you reduce it other openings; it makes the thigh opening bigger, and the smart enemy will use it to its advantage," she advised before launching another painful attack at me.