Monster Integration - Chapter 1030 - Farewell

Chapter 1030 - Farewell

Chapter 1030 - Farewell

No one talked even after Loraine shouted home Run; the whole Arena was silent as they looked at the bloodied body of the Guildmaster, which had just fallen down from the wall.

This was totally unexpected to them; they have never expected something like that would happen.

It is one thing that happens to the Vice Guildmaster, but Guildmaster is on a completely different spectrum.

Guildmaster was considered untouchable, and only Guild Leaders of the other S Cla.s.s Guild could touch the Guildmaster, but now who have no post in the guild and were wrongly accused, had thrown the Guildmaster like a wrecking ball.

The speed Guildmaster had crashed across the wall was even greater than the Vice Guildmaster Melanie, and his condition is even worse than hers.

This time I've really used a large force; I wanted to make a statement before I leave; to those who had been oppressed by the Guild, that no matter how much they have been oppressed, they could rise and take their revenge the way they want.

A moment after the Guildmaster fell down, the Vice Guildmaster Melanie disappeared from her place and appeared beside the Guildmaster and fed him the potions.

With her help, it only took him a few seconds to regain consciousness; he was a little disoriented at first, but when he remembered what had just happened, his eyes blazed like fury, and his Inheritance activated.


The Guildmaster roared as he looked at me, his handsome face had been broken and his beautiful platinum hair slouched with blood, and with furious expressions on his face, he looked quite scary.

"Careful Guildmaster earlier was a challenge, but if you attack me now, it will be an act of aggression, and I would not be as merciful if you attack," I said gently when I saw him ready to pounce at me in madness and anger.

I wanted to beat the s.h.i.+t out of him, but it would not be wise; what I had done now is quite excessive, but it would be understandable actions seeing what they have put me through, but if I beat him up again, then it would be truly excessive.

Hearing me, he stopped in his tracks and looked at me with eyes filled with rage, but he did not take a step forward.

He continued looking at me for seconds before he closed his eyes; as he did, Inheritance, he activated, has disappeared, so is his powerful aura.

"Guildmaster, I've won two challenges, do you have anyone for the 3rd challenge," I asked when he appeared on his seat.

Hearing my question, he looked at the Lorain who was looking at him with a mocking smile, seeing that he sighed and looked at me.

"There is no need for more challenge, you have defeated me and Vice and Guildmaster." "The Guild has accepted your resignation; you are free to go." He said an utterly calm voice; there not a single bit of fury in his voice.

I have to say he is quite a good actor; seeing his prestige is decreasing among the Guildmembers, he quickly changed his tone and became a calm Guild Master who can accept defeat when it is needed to.

"Thank You Guildmaster," I said as I left with Elina through the door under the gazes of thousands of people.

I did not leave hurriedly; I walked slow watching every corridor, every hall on the way.

Whether I wanted to accept it or not, the Raging Thunder Guild had a big influence on me, and if it was not for joining this Guild, I don't know where I would be now.

Finally, I walked out of the guild and looked back at Castle, even if all it represents oppression for me, I am going to miss it. Though this place had oppressed me heavily, it also gave me the motivation to progress and also gave me some very good friends.

So, I am going to miss it very much, but I am still happy I am leaving; from today, the connection between Raging Thunder Guild and me has severed for forever, this is farewell.

"You have put quite a show there." " I did not expect you to make a Home Run out of Vice Guildmaster and Guildmaster," Elina said as we flew toward the penthouse.

"It was just a sudden idea." "Originally I planned to beat them till they admit defeat but soon thought finis.h.i.+ng them as quickly as possible would be better." I said.

"Still, it was quite a show." "If I ever have to make an example out of someone in the future, I will surely use your method. It is quite a people's charmer." she teased, to that all I could is smile.

Soon we reached the Penthouse and entered inside through a big gla.s.s gate which separated from the penthouse gate.

"Are you ready for the Champions.h.i.+p?" Elina asked suddenly when we entered inside the penthouse; it was a sudden question that caught me by surprise, and I had to think for a while for an answer.

"I am ready, but I would have liked If I had some more time," I answered truthfully; currently, my strength is immense, but it is far enough for me to win the compet.i.tion.

At most, it will take me to the Top 5, but that is all. There are very strong people partic.i.p.ating in the compet.i.tion; they are stronger than me and trained with the expert.

If I want to break them up, I will need something extra. I hope I will comprehend the 1st chapter of Art as soon as possible so that my chances of winning would increase further.

"Oh, Micheal, it's a good thing you have returned." I heard when I looked; I saw a professor Josephine coming toward us.

Today she is wearing her usual black suit, but this time, there seems to be no s.h.i.+rt, just a blazer which shows off her cleavage.

I have to use all my willpower not to look at it directly, "Do you need me for something, professor?" I asked, trying to make as normal as possible in front of those temptations.

"Yes, I was wondering, do you need any Mystic Method, seeing you have only four of them?" the professor asked, hearing that I am quite surprised and about to reject seeing I already have all the mystic methods I need, but I stopped short on second thoughts.

"Yes, I need them. I would be grateful if you have some good Strength Type and Defense Type Methods." I said.

Currently, I only practice three Mystic Methods, and with my Grade 12 const.i.tution, I could practice more than ten, but there is no need to do that; practicing more would be a waste of time and resources.

"I've got them," she said before she tapped a few b.u.t.tons on the holowatch, "I've sent you the list, this is the collection of Mystic Method that Adventures paradise had."

"Select them, and they will send you the method book and resources within an hour," she said.

I was just wondering how a powerful powerhouse like her would have a Knight Level Mystic Method when she gave me access to all Mystic Methods that Adventures Paradise has.

"Here, take this. It will save you a lot of time practicing the Mystic Method," she said, black square black box, which looked like an abode.

I was about to ask her how it worked, but she disappeared before I could and had to turn to Elina for instructions.