Monster Integration - Chapter 1029 - Home Run II

Chapter 1029 - Home Run II

Chapter 1029 - Home Run II

It is a cute looking girl who looked to be a year younger than me. If I am not wrong, her name is Lenore Morris, and she is from the most powerful Supreme Grade Organisation Hawthorns Sea.

Of all the members, only she had little confusing info. It is not clear at what level of Inheritance she had accepted, but since she had accepted the Vice Guildmaster position, she considered to have accepted level 1 Inheritance, but now I think that might not be true.

The Guildmaster only gave a little angry look; he did not even dared to look directly into her eyes. After giving her a look, he said something to deacons who were standing behind him before he looked at me.

Even from a distance, I could feel his burning gaze, which just wants to incinerate me.

He really seems to hate me very much; it is an extreme embarra.s.sment for him that I was able to defeat the person he sent, the person from the same organization as him got defeated in a single attack in a most wretched fas.h.i.+on.

Feeling his intense gaze, I smiled before I looked at Melanie, who was woken up by the two deacons and now drinking a healing potion to heal her injuries.

My attack on her was not that dangerous; I used the back of the sword and full physical strength to flung her like a ball.

The injuries she received were not much serious; the reason she had fallen unconscious was because of the intense physical shock she had received, it caused her brain to turn off as a safety measure.

The potion healed all injuries within a second, and she quickly appeared in the previous place among the Vice Guildmasters before she started looking at me murderously.

The Guildmaster looked at me for a second before he moved her gaze at cute Lenore, who looked at him with a mock; she did not hide expression; others could clearly see she was mocking him through her expressions.

He opened his mouth to say something angrily but stopped halfway. Seeing that Lenore arched her brows while still looking at him mockingly, which made his eyes blade even more, but he did not do anything, other than moving his eyes away.

"Since you have defeated the Vice Guildmaster, You will receive the challenge from the Guildmaster." Said the Guildmaster when he suddenly appeared ten meters in front me.

He is a handsome young man with Platinum Blonde hair and piercing grey eyes; if he did not have a murderous aura from him. I am sure many girls in the audience would cheer for him.

"Defeat me, and Guild will let you go without any complaint." He said, and he took out his totem Artifact, which is a b.l.o.o.d.y Saber.

He looked at me madly, feeling his gaze, I just smiled at him, which made him even madder.

"The Battle will start in Three Second!" Lenore said in a soft voice that rang out across the Arena.

"Three, Two,"

The audience started to countdown with hungry eyes. Their eyes are hungry for the show.

The earlier battle had only lasted for a single move, but it had blown the mind of everyone watching, and now they are hungry for an even greater show.


As the one rang out, b.l.o.o.d.y runes appeared on the body of the Guildmaster, which had a very threatening aura. The aura he is releasing dangerous enough that it made everyone in the audience, including some Vice Guildmaster, shudder.

As his aura reached the peak, he came to me. He looked like a b.l.o.o.d.y reaper as it came at me, as blood aura had thinly surrounded him and saber, this aura is not of his inheritance but his Art.

He practices the Art named Blood Devour, from what I've read, it is a very dangerous Art that even I would have run away if he were to use it in its full potential but unfortunately he could not.

With the power its Art showing me right now, handling him would not be a problem.

I stayed on my spot like last time, but unlike last there, there were no violet lines spreading through my body; instead, there was a silvery gauntlet appearing on my hands.

These silvery things which had appeared in my hand are not gauntlet; they are my Armor. I had summoned Runic Armor on my hands to deal with the Guildmaster.

The Guildmaster appeared in front of me and swung his saber at me, the speed the saber is great, far greater than what the hammer of Melanie was able to reach, but despite that, there was no tension on my face.

Like I did with Melanie, I let the Saber of the Guildmaster come halfway close to me before I reacted.

The Runic Gloves I am wearing lit up slightly, and just as they did, my sword moved. It moved like a rocket, at one moment it was stationary the next moment, it broke the barrier of the sound.

A look of terror appeared on the face of the Guild Master as he saw my sword coming, and at that exact moment, the b.l.o.o.d.y smoke that covered him became solid and formed the s.h.i.+eld around his body.

Not only that, but he had also moved his Saber defensively, he speed and reaction were way faster than Melanie, but that is not going to save him.

The silvery gloves I am wearing s.h.i.+ne even brighter, and the speed of my sword instantly increased by three times, which deepened the horror on the Guildmaster face even more as now, even he is not able to see the sword clearly.



Next moment my sword crashed across the b.l.o.o.d.y s.h.i.+eld, which cracked like an eggsh.e.l.l before the back of it hit the Guildmanster squarely on the chest and sent him flying.


He flew up even faster than Melanie did and crashed across the wall behind the audience, barely missing the people by hair breath who were watching standing.


As the Guildmaster fell down, Lorane shouted homerun again, and this time, her voice was even louder than before.