Monster Integration - Chapter 1026 - Back To Warzone 13

Chapter 1026 - Back To Warzone 13

Chapter 1026 - Back To Warzone 13

Time pa.s.sed in Warzone 2, every day after breakfast, I would spar with Elina, and after that, I would modify my Armor with Professor Josephine while having the rest of the day myself.

For the rest of the day, I would train in my three methods and comprehend the Art, and I made quite progress in both.

I've gone through the 3rd Grand Cleansing (13th Level), created the eleven seals of Supreme Combat Exercise, and reached the Peak Level of General Stage.

As for my Eldritch Art, I am steadily progressing in it, and there are some changes that I might be able to comprehend the 1st Chapter of it during the Continental Champions.h.i.+p.

Every day, I would always have two things to look forward to, 1st is my spar with Elina, and the other are modifications of my Runic Armor, which had just finished yesterday.

Despite fighting with her more than ten times, Elina remained a challenging opponent. I've fought her more than ten times and except one time, which was our second spar then ended in a draw, while in all the other time I had beaten her.

But still, at every fight, she remained challenging; she is a very flexible fighter and was able to know the specialty of my killing Rule in just two fights and would always change her combat style many times during the fight that I would have to find the different ways to beat her.

As such, twelve days had pa.s.sed, it has been twelve days since I had been in Warzone 02, and today is the thirteenth day where I will be returning to Warzone 13.

There is some unfinished business I have to finish in Warzone 13, I've waited months to do that, and now I will do it, and no one will be able to stop me with the current strength I've had, not even a Guild Leader.

I am currently sitting in a living room with Elina, waiting for her aunt, who had left a few hours ago. Professor Josephine had been leaving the everyday afternoon for some business.

In the morning, she said, she would be finished with her important business, and she would take me to Warzone 13.

"Let's go." I heard, only to see Professor Josephine appear in front of me, and before I could say anything, the aqua blue energy of hers wrapped me, Ashlyn, and Elina before everything turned blank in front of me.

When everything cleared, I found myself in the penthouse above the clouds; the city below still could be seen from gaps in the cloud. Seeing the city, I know we have arrived in Warzone 13.

Normally through the Airs.h.i.+p, it takes days to reach one Warzone to another, but with Professor Josephine, it only took mere seconds.

It is very clear that we have traveled through the s.p.a.ce sea, only though that way we could cross such a large distance in seconds.

After making sure I arrived at the Warzone, I had opened the Guild's Page and started to make the procedure of leaving.

"You should think out your decision to leave the Guild very carefully, the Guild is not only useful in battlefronts of this continent but also just as important in the Central Continent."

"The Adventurers Paradise would not give you half of the benefits as Guild would." Professor Josephine said.

I had already told her about my decision to leave the Guild a week ago, and she had told me to think about it very carefully as it matters a lot in one's future development.

"I had made my decision," I said as I initiated the process to leave the Guild. The Guild had wronged me to the extreme, the guild had the power to protect me, even if there was the immense pressure of outside, they had a way to resist it, but they did not.

They have let the others oppressed me over and over again, denied me opportunities that I had earned by risking my life hundreds of times.

Even if there are immense benefits and life-changing opportunities offered by the Guild, I will not stay in Guild.

I have my self-respect, and I would not let it be crushed under the feet of oppressors; if there are no opportunities in the future, I will make them myself.

If I learned anything in the past year that life is full of unexpected surprises, and as long one worked hard, there would always be opportunities.

It took me nearly an hour to fill all the doc.u.mentation of my resignation from the Guild before I hit the submit.

Normally, it would take a week or more to process such doc.u.ments if it were done by a normal person or those who do not have the backing of powerful organizations, but since I have the backing of the powerful organization now, I will receive a reply by midnight.

I am very sure that reply would not be a simple acceptance of my resignation; they will use everything they have to keep in the guild, especially when the new Guildmaster of Raging Thunder is from Blood Cloud.

The Guild had a change of Guildmaster about a month ago when I was in the Ruin, and the new Guildmaster is a member of Blood Cloud.

From the rules, I've read they could make an excuse of mistake in my stay in the Guild and issue a challenge of the fight, so unless I won the fight, I would not only have to stay in the Guild but also accept the penalty which would also be heavy seeing my animosity with the Blood Cloud.

I am ready for any challenge they throw at me, and this challenge would be my first step toward my revenge against them.

Two hours after I sent the letter, we went to the city's best restaurant to dine where Professor Josephine and Elina grumbled again with food, but unlike the 1st time we went out to eat, she did not drink the wine I had given her.

We have been out dining five times, but she only drank that wine only the 1st time, all the time she grumbled but drank dirt wines which to me were the best wines I've ever drunk.

After dinner, we returned to the penthouse and I was about to start my usual practice session when I had finally received a reply from the guild.