Monster Integration - Chapter 1025 - Improving Armor

Chapter 1025 - Improving Armor

Chapter 1025 - Improving Armor

"I lost!"

Elina said with a sigh before a soft smile appeared on her face, "I've never expected to lose, but the battle was so fulfilling that I am not feeling sad for losing." she said.

I couldn't help but nod with her; If I had lost the battle, I would have been a little disappointed but not sad; the battle was too good to feel sad about it.

"Marvelous, the battle was really amazing." Professor Josephine said as she appeared beside us. "And you, Micheal, is more amazing than I had thought." She said as she looked at Armor of mine, which is still on my body.

"Such a marvelous Armor of Runic formations." She said in the tone of amazement.

"To control tens of formations made of thousands of Runes is no simple matter;" "It requires a terrifying amount of control that till now, I did not think any Knight Stage would possess." She said as she carefully looked at every rune on my body.

Under her intense gaze, I couldn't help but flush red; though I know the gaze isn't directed at me, it still made me feel quite embarra.s.sed to be under such an intense gaze.

"Is this Armor you have designed yourself or have you found it somewhere else?" she asked as she continued looking at my Armor, "I've designed it Myself," I answered, still feeling quite uncomfortable under her gaze.

"I've thought so, your design indigenous, nothing I've seen before." "The formation lets you harness the full power of your Fire Ability and Grade 2 Rule powers, which made your Armor even more powerful and flexible," she said as she finally moved her eyes off the Armor.

Seeing that, I took a soft sigh of relief and discarded the Armor; it was really uncomfortable to be under such an intense gaze.

"Micheal, are you really controlling a Runic Armor made of thousands of Runes?" she asked in a voice filled with amazement.

She had clearly heard the conversation and still could not believe that during the fight, Micheal was not only fighting her but was also controlling the runic Armor, which consisted of thousands of Runes.

It would be different if he was controlling such complex armor while not doing anything, but he was fighting, which itself requires intense focus, so one could imagine why I am having such a hard time fighting wrapping my head around it.

"It's all Control, my dear niece; you should get some tips from Micheal about controlling the energy; it will help you a lot." Professor Josephine said to Elina before she turned back to me.

"Micheal, your formation is good, but it can be made even better. Do you want to listen to what I say?" She asked, to which I nodded.

Others' ego might get hurt if someone interferes in their precious creation, even if that interference could make it better.

I am not one of those people, I would accept any help that would help me make my creation better, and when such help is offered by someone like Professor Josephine, I would be more than happy to do that.

"I would love to," I said, "Let's go then, it is the right place to tinker with your Armor," Professor said, and her aqua blue energy covered me, Ashlyn and Elina, and next moment we found ourselves in the Training Hall.

This training hall is way larger than mine; it is likely that of Professor Josephines. "Now, let's start," "Micheal, would you be kind enough to reveal your Runic Armor in its true form." Prof. Josephine said.

I nodded, and soon runes started to come out of me and started to form into small formation before a large formation enveloped them all, and it became complete Runic Armor.

"Wow." I heard Elina say as she saw Runic formation appearing on my body. The earlier version was coated in the fire pain, so Elina could not see it, but now it is open; she could see it in its full glory.

"The concept of formation is brilliant, especially with your Rule powers, but there is still s.p.a.ce for some modification." "With some small modification and fixing of its flaws, the power of your Armor will rise exponentially," she said.

Hearing that I couldn't help but feel excited, I would feel really great if the power of Armor could be enhanced by 20%.

I feel like I am already at the end of my creativity. Unless I add Mystic Energy in Armor, there would be no tremendous rise in power.

With the professor's help, a new perspective would be added, and who knows, I might get some new ideas about my Armor.

Professor looked at the Armor carefully for a few moments before she started to tell me about the flaws and modifications she wants to make in my Armor, and I have to say I am very impressed by them.

The process of modifying the Armor is really long; I don't know how many times my Armor has collapsed, and even time it; goes down, I would summon it again, and we would continue with the process.

The process is fun but tiring and lengthy, but I am more than happy to go through it. The knowledge of runes that the professor has is immense. Even I who had received the knowledge crystal paled in front of it.

She also opened the new doorways for me which I hadn't known they existed before, with them I was able to see the potential of my Armor and first time, able to imagine it beyond the knight stage.

If I want to do that, I will have to do a complete overhaul of the Armor, but that is the thing of the future; there is no use thinking about it right now.

"It is enough for today; we will continue modification tomorrow." Professor Josephine said four hours later.

"Ok," I said tiredly. I am feeling really tired right now; the constant collapse and summon of Armor had zapped nearly all the energy I had.

"I have some business in this Warzone for some time, as soon it is finished, we will head to Warzone 13 before leaving Cometh City," Professor Said before she teleported me to my room.

We are not in Warzone 13, but in Warzone 2, I have to go to Warzone 13 to finish some unfinished business before we leave for the Cometh City where Continental Champions.h.i.+p is being held.