Monster Integration - Chapter 1027 - Challenging The Guild I

Chapter 1027 - Challenging The Guild I

Chapter 1027 - Challenging The Guild I

''In the Afternoon!'' I muttered as I read the mail from the guild. The Guild acted very fast that they decided to finish off everything by tomorrow.

The mail is as I had expected; they have my faults through the mission report and said I know there is going to be heavy punishment as I returned from the ruin, so I decided to leave the Guild to run from the punishment.

It is quite standard; they have used their exact words many times on people who were leaving the guild. Tomorrow there will be a challenge from the Guild. I will fight a maximum of three fights and win them all to leave the Guild.

After reading the mail fully, I closed the window with a smile on my face, I've waited for this moment for too long, and now I am going to finally do it.

As for the challenge, I am not worried. I knew the standard power of the Guildmasters from Ellen and knew with my current strength; defeating them would not be a problem for me.

The problem could only come when something like Ellen came up to challenge me, but the Guildmaster of Warzone 13 Raging Thunder Guild is not someone like Ellen.

If the professor is right, which I am sure she is, The Guildmaster is fairly strong; he is someone who has accepted the Level 2 inheritance of Sky Saber, which is one of the Peak Inheritances of the world.

But since I had already fought someone who had Level 3 Peak Inheritance on a daily basis and defeated her almost every time, I have no fear of someone with Level 2 Inheritance; even if he had an Art, I do not fear him.

I thought about the letter for a while before I cleared my mind and drank the two drops of the Soul Tempering Essence before I started practicing three methods.

Since a week ago, I had increased the doses of the Soul Tempering Essense to expedite the practice of the Secret Method.

It had been more than two weeks since I had started drinking two drops of Soul Tempering Essense on a regular basis, but till now, I was not able to make any advancement in it.

It is very difficult to make quick advancement in the Secrete Method like method, in the secrete method; one just has to keep trying consistently; only then one would be able to make progress in it.

I practiced the three methods for nearly two hours before I fell down. Like every day, I rested for a while before I got up and sat cross-legged for one hour to comprehend the Art.

When the hour pa.s.sed, I got up, showered, and fell into sleep as soon as my head touched the pillow.

I woke up early in the morning, freshened quickly before drinking two drops of Soul Tempering Essence before practicing two methods for one an hour before going to shower.

"Have you received a reply from the Guild?" Elina asked, "Yes, they called in the afternoon for the challenge." I replied, hearing that her expression couldn't help but change.

"Those f.u.c.kers are really shameless." Elina cursed.

"Seeing what they have done to you, it would be they who should apologize instead of creating a fake punishment for face mistake to give you a challenge." Elina crushed.

"Here is all the info of all the Guildmaster and Vice Guildmasters you might face, though there no one powerful enough to challenge you,"

"You should really take a look at how someone might create unexpected surprises," Elina said as she sent the doc.u.ment to my holowatch.

I thanked her for the intel, but I did not read it immediately; I ate breakfast with her and the professor before I went to my room and started to study the information she had provided.

There are not many people on the list, just eleven. Ten are Vice Guildmaster while one is Guildmaster. As I looked at the list of Vice Guild Masters, I noticed Vice Guildmaster Reya's name is missing, which is not surprising.

Before going into the Ruin, I've heard that she is returned to the Central Continent to accept the Inheritance.

I finished reading and a.n.a.lyzing all the info about the Eleven people within an hour.

There seemed to be nothing unexpected about them, but I still took note of their strengths and weaknesses, so I would be prepared if anything unexpected happened.

Since there is a Challenge in the Afternoon, we have decided not to spar today, so I have a few hours to catch. So, I again drank the two drops of Soul Tempering Essense and closed my eyes to comprehend the Art.

I could practice the Secret Method in the background without taking an inch of focus from comprehending.

I used to have a little problem before, especially when I started taking two drops of Soul Tempering Essence, but after a few days of practice, I fell into my old way.


I stayed in a practice room for hours, sometimes sitting, sometimes getting up and practicing with my sword; if not for the alarm I had set before I started comprehension, I wouldn't know it is time to leave.

I stopped my practice after hearing the alarm and went to the bathroom to freshen up. After that, I changed into fresh clothes, wore armor, and everything before walking out of the room.

"You have finally come out; I've been waiting for you for ten minutes," Elina said as I came out of my room. She also seemed completely ready with her black suit.

"You are coming with me?" I knew Elina would be there during the challenge but did not expect her to come with me as it might create implications for her in the future.

"Of course, I am coming. I am your friend; I am coming to support you," she said, hearing that I couldn't help but feel grateful.

Two weeks ago, we were just people who had a transaction, an unfair transaction at that, but now we have become good friends.