Monster Integration - Chapter 100 Sandstorm!

Chapter 100 Sandstorm!

Strong hot wind had instantly dried all the sweat I had on. my body, the wind had risen this past hour.

It would have been very nice if the wind had been a little cool, the hot wind of the desert feel lacerating on the skin.

I tried to stand with the help of my sword but failed due to weakness, I am drained both in mana and physically that I don't want to lift a finger

Still, I move my hand toward my pocket and remove two potion bottle, one is mana potion while other is vitality potion.

Vitality potion will help me remove my physical weakness. opening the bottle I drink one potion and another and wait for them to take the effect.

Slowly weakness of my body recede and my mana also starts to enter the refinement engine.

Five minutes later, I had enough energy to remove my sword from the eye of the Sand Scorpion.

When I look around people are still fighting the monster and I got quite pleased seeing, I am the only one Specialist grade evolver that had killed the monster first.

Looking at Corporal grade evolver fighting, I can tell that they will kill last remaining two corporal level monster in a minute or two as they were fighting two against one.

After Corporal grade monsters are dead, it wouldn't take too much time to kill the rest of the specialist grade monsters.

I noticed that after I drink the vitality potion, sometime later two seals of supreme combat exercise had absorbed the remaining vitality potion into them and looking at seals, In less than five minutes, I can use the skill again.

The reason I wait for twenty-five minutes for using skill so that vitality can charge again in the seals, as Nine Raging Tides skill, both needs Vitality and mana to operate.

The winds had become more ferocious than before but seeing we have experienced this type of wind many times, I didn't take it, heart.

After ten minutes, I became good enough to fight again, after seeing all the fights, I decided to help a girl in a purple.

''Need help!" I said as defended against the blow of Sand Scorpion that girl is fighting.

''Yes, I will be grateful!" She said giving me a smile, I never had taken a good look at her.

Now that I looked at her, she is quite cute. She is about my age with strawberry blond hair and blue eyes.

She still has baby fat on her cheeks and when she smiled a dimpled form on her cheeks which made her look very cute.

I got quite surprised when I saw the fist holding thunderbolt sigil on her suit, it means she is from Thunder G.o.d's Arena.

As I am fighting the Sand Scorpion with the girl, I notice extreme emotions from Ashlyn saying the big danger is coming.

'what danger?' I asked her telepathically but she didn't answer just that danger is big.

No matter how smart she is, she still has the intelligence of the toddler. Some things she can't convey even if she wants to.

"Chirp chirp chirp!….." she kept chirping loudly that people started noticing.

'What happened to that little bird?' 'is that silver birdie went mad?' They said seeing loudly.

"What happened?" I heard Rhea asking loudly as she is a little far away and wind it little strong.

''She said the big danger is coming?" I shouted, rhea nodded and suddenly her attacks and speed become even faster, looks she was holding back something.

"Do you want to kill Sand Scorpion quickly?" I asked purple hair girl, I myself would have killed this monster in my time but after hearing Ashlyn warning, I decided to help the girl killing this monster.

She had been fighting this monster for quite a while but didn't even manage to seriously injure it.

Looking at her attacks, she is definitely more powerful than me despite both us being at the same level, if she had the little battle experience she would have finished this sand.

"ok then!"

"Tell your monster to hand its pincer and I will handle its stinger (tail), all you have to do is activate your skill and pierce the eye of the monster using all your strength!" I said.

''And remember, I can hold off that tail for six seconds!" I stated.

''Bitsy, hold off Scorpions tail pincer for few seconds will you!" Said girl lovingly to her stag monster.

Her monster neighed in affirmation and looking excited.

''Ready then?" I asked, their girl in purple nodded with a serious nod.

''First Tide!" I shouted as I activated the power of first and jumped on the scorpions back as stag monster is holding back its pincer.

''Second tide!" I activate the power of the second tide as I was stinger is coming toward me.

''Bang!" I defended against it but suddenly it taunts back and mover towards its I know that girl arrives near its head.

''Ahhhhh!" I screamed loudly and attacked the tail of a scorpion, to obstruct it from attacking the girl.

''Clang!!" I felt a large amount of traveling to my arm as I obstructed tail.

"Stars in twilight!" I heard behind my back and I know that girl is using her skill but the tail is also coming toward her again.

Power of skill is gone, I have to defend against with my own power, I thought and readied my s.h.i.+eld to defend against it.

''Puchi!!!" I heart and scorpion slumped on the ground but tail still coming and I have obstructed it.

"Bang!" my s.h.i.+eld closed against the dead scorpion tail and next moment, I flew away from it back and crashed on the ground while having some fractured bones and blood in my mouth.

A but when I standing up from the ground, I saw a faint cloud of dust at very far away but it is slowly coming u toward me.

If one doesn't look carefully, one would not notice it from this far away, my gaze just lucky to spot, I immediately made a connection with it, heavy wind and Ashlyn's warning.

"Sandstorm!" I should top of my lungs with extreme fear in my voice.