Monster Integration - Chapter 1020 - Ancient Wine II

Chapter 1020 - Ancient Wine II

Chapter 1020 - Ancient Wine II

"Why is it precious you say, hmm there are many reasons for it," said Professor Josephine as she put the Gla.s.s down.

"The first reason is that when it was crafted, the precious materials used to make it and crafter of the wine who is an expert in his field." She said.

'Not every wine could be aged, and not every aged wine is precious.' I added in my mind, it was the text I've read somewhere a few years ago.

"The materials, the craftsmans.h.i.+p, and the place of storing everything is important; This wine is a perfect example of that."

"After aging a thousand years, this wine started to go through mana fermentation where the mana and medicinal energy break and merge again by sucking up more and more energy from the environment."

"It had gone through this process naturally in every thousand years, which made this wine more and more powerful until it reached its current stage."

"Now, it is powerful enough that even Emperors have to be careful when drinking this wine, only powerful Tyrants will be able to drink it without facing any consequence."

Hearing that Elina and I both fell silent, I have unestimated this wine quite much. Tyrants are peak powerhouses of this world, and seeing only they could drink this wine without facing the Consequence, it itself spoke to the value of the wine.

After the talk, we fell silent again and continued to eat. Professor Josephine; also did not complain about the food anymore; she silently ate while taking tiny sips of wine now and then.

Soon we finished dinner and walked out of the restaurant, but not before I asked them to pack one meal for me.

Ashlyn is giving me an indication that she will sober up soon, and that time, she will be hungry, so I might as well have food prepared for her.

We walked out of the restaurant, and again, I found aqua blue energy covering myself, and second later, I appeared in the familiar living room with Professor Josephine and Elina.

"Micheal, you rest today well. Tomorrow, you will spar with Elina." Professor Josephine said before she walked to her room, saying good night while Elina and I looked at each other before we went to our respective rooms.

After entering my room, the first thing I did was step into the attached practice room and remove my clothes before I walked to the center of the room, and drank a drop of Soul Tempering Soul Essence and I started practicing the three methods.

I've already expected Continental Champions.h.i.+p to be harder, and the words of the Professor confirmed it. I knew that even with my current abilities, including my trump card Runic Armor, it would be hard for me to win the compet.i.tion.

So, I have to work hard and increase my strength; only then will I have a chance to win the compet.i.tion. With that thought, I started to practice the three methods.

I have a clear target in mind; I have to make a breakthrough in Secrete Method and go through another two Grand Cleansing; though it will not be able to help me win the compet.i.tion, it will give me an edge.

Two things will help me win the compet.i.tion, one is my Art, and the other is my Runic Armor. If I can comprehend the 1st Chapter of the Eldritch Art, my power will rise explosively.

As for the Runic Armor, I just have to find a way to accommodate my Mystic Methods in it. If I can do that, then I don't want anyone able to be my match in Knight Stage.

The Runic Armor I've created is a work of Art; it lets me make full use of every bit of my abilities. If I can use the Mystic Energies in it, I will become quite invincible in Knight Stage.

It is not just my conjecture but the truth; however, despite my trying, I did not find a way to merge my Mystic Energies into my Armor. The resistance from their bases is too great that these mystic energies would not mold in any other rune.

Tomorrow after spar, I'll ask the professor if she has any way I could do that; I am sure if there is a way, she will surely tell me.


I practiced for more than an hour before I fell down tiredly on the floor; I lay on the floor for a few seconds before I finally had the energy to get up.

This time, instead of going to shower directly to wash off all the sweat, I sat cross-legged and closed my eyes. I am going to comprehend Art for a while before I take a shower and sleep.

Two hours pa.s.sed as I comprehended the Art; while comprehending, many times, I would get up and use my sword before sitting down and comprehending.

To others, this way may seem like a waste of time, and comprehension needs an extremely focused mind, and I would get up every ten-fifteen minutes and practice my sword, thus breaking my concentration.

But I do not think I break my concentration when I get up; even when I am using my sword, I remain extremely focused on the profundities of the Art; my concentration would never break away.

After two hours, I finally got up and walked to the shower to clean away all the dried sweat that had acc.u.mulated on my body.

Chew Chew…

I had just worn my clothes and was about to get up on the bed to sleep when suddenly Ashlyn came out of me, and she seemed different, no change had occurred in her, but somehow she seemed different.

Any other time, I would not have thought of anything about this, but now, after hearing the explanation from the Professor, I am clearly giving this my mind.

Ashlyn had sucked away nearly all the Alcoholic Smoke in the Wine Cellar. Though that smoke was not effective as wine, still, the sheer amount she sucked away is mind blogging.

"Have you leveled up or gained something from the smoke that you sucked?" I asked her, "Chew Chew Chew…" she answered, and hearing her answer, I really wanted to bang my head against the wall.

'Why I even ask her these questions when I know I am going to receive the same answer nearly every time.' I asked myself.

Her answer to my question is nearly the same as many times; she did not know what had happened; she just knows that after inhaling all the smoke, she felt really good that she wanted to last that forever.

'b.l.o.o.d.y Drunkard.' I couldn't help but say in my mind when I heard her answer, she had drunk for more than a day and she wanted to be drunk again.

"Chew Chew Chew…"

I was in my thoughts when Ashlyn chirped again, and this she asked for food, she had specifically asked me to cook for her.

"Here, eat it." I said as I handed her meal box, "Che" seeing the meal box, she looked at me and let out a chirp, but that chirp stopped before it completed as she looked at the box intently.

She looked at it second before she expertly opened the box with her tiny talons and started to eat without even saying thank you.

Seeing that I couldn't help but smile and walk toward the bed to sleep, tomorrow I will fight against Elina, and if my senses are right, then she will be the strongest opponent I will face till now, which is making me very excited.