Monster Integration - Chapter 1019 - Ancient Wine I

Chapter 1019 - Ancient Wine I

Chapter 1019 - Ancient Wine I

Soon the waiter came bringing our food, which smelled very delicious, at least to me, and when he opened the wine bottle to pour us the drink, the smell of the wine was so great that I could not control myself from taking a sip.

After taking a sip from the best wine I've ever drunk, I took a bite off food, and I have to say, it is amazing. The most delicious food I've ever eaten, the chef is really talented to cook something like this.

I hope Ashlyn would have been here, she would have absolutely loved the food from here, but regretfully, she is still in a drunken state and would need some time before she could finally come out of it.

"What a bad wine, it tasted like dirty water." My thoughts were interrupted by the complaint of the Professor; she really did not seem to like the wine that much, also the food too.

"I've found some undamaged Wine bottles in the Ruin; I don't know whether the wine inside it is drinkable or not," I said after some time seeing how she is cursing the wine after taking a sip of it every time.

She seemed a little surprised by my sudden offer, and an enchanting smile lit across her face.

"Let me see; If it is drinkable, then, I am sure it will be way better than the dirty water I am drinking right now." She said and while looking at the wine bottle beside her; hearing that, I took out a wine bottle and gave it to her.

Unlike before, the bottle is completely clean; there is not a speck of dust that could be seen on it.

Profession Josephine took the bottle from my hand and looked at it carefully for a few seconds before her expression changed suddenly. She covered the bottle with Aqua Blue energy of hers and used her hand to pull the cork of the bottle slowly.


A popping sound rang out as the cork released from the bottle, and just as it did, and even more drastic change appeared on the face of Prof. Josephine. At the same time, the aqua blue energy hers became dense and spread tightly around the bottle, not wanting to let even the slightest smell of it.

Looking at the expression of the professor, I couldn't help but curse in my mind as I thought the wine was not drinkable, but soon, that thought changed as the expression on the professor's face changed again and became that of yearning.

It is the look I am very familiar with. It is the same look that Ashlyn has when she wants to eat something very desperately and would not listen to even if I said so.

Professor looked at the wine with yearning before a crystalline wine gla.s.s appeared in her hand suddenly.

This wine gla.s.s seemed very precious; its dense transparent formation could be seen on it, but formation does not affect the crystalline visibility of the gla.s.s.

As the Gla.s.s appeared in her, Prof. Josephine expertly poured the wine in the Gla.s.s. The wine is dark red as I had expected, and it is a little denser than the normal wines.

Prof. Josephine filled the Gla.s.s one third before putting the bottle beside her and taking the gla.s.s to her lips. The dark red liquid touching red lips felt disturbingly arousing that I looked away after taking a look.

She had put the gla.s.s down after one sip and closed her eyes; when I looked at her face, I had to look away again immediately, her face had become flushed red, and the expression on her face looked like she was enjoying the greatest pleasure known to man.

This sight felt too amorous, and I am not the only one who felt that Elina also felt that, which is why she also looked away with flushed cheeks but not before glaring at her aunt and muttering 'Shameless' under her breath.

Professor Josephine kept her eyes closed a few minutes before she opened it, and her eyes were glazed, which again aroused the forbidden thoughts in me and made me wonder if this woman had cared for others' feelings to put such display.

"Marvelous, this wine is a work of art." She muttered as she looked at the wine bottle. "The crafter of this wine must be a genius in its field, and with it being aged over five thousand years, it had really become a precious treasure," she said with a sigh.

"Can I drink it, aunty?" Elina said suddenly while looking at the wine gla.s.s, "Hahaha!" hearing her niece's question, Professor Josephine let out a chimelike laugh, which felt very comfortable to hear.

To me, it felt like sweet laugher that I want to continue hearing but to Elina, on the other hand, it felt like mock. It angered her and she stared at her aunt angrily. "It's not like I don't want to let you drink, my dear Ellie; it's just that you can't drink it."

"The simple whiff of it would be enough to explore you, to drink it you will have to reach your mother's level before you would be able to drink a sip or two of this wine," Professor said, hearing that look of extreme shock appear on her face.

"One needs to be Emperor Stage just to drink few sips of this wine?" she asked in shock.

"Yes, even peak Emperors like your mother would be able to drink only a few sips of it most." She replied before taking another sip and closing her eyes to enjoy it.

I again looked away from the arousing sight and continued on eating but it tasted less delicious compared to the feast sitting opposite of me.

"How many bottles of this wine do you have?" I heard, "Five." I replied. I had expected this question, so I replied without any hesitation. "Can you give me another two?" she asked, to which I nodded and took out another two bottles and gave her without any hesitation.

"These wine bottles are very precious, more precious than you can imagine," Professor said as she looked at me.

"I will not take these bottles for free; after entering the academy, I will provide you something of equal value; it will be very helpful in your future practice." Professor Josephine promised, to which I nodded with a smile.

I do not regret it giving her three wine bottles, in front of the life-saving favor she did to me; these wine bottles are nothing, and it's not like I don't have anymore; I still have more of them in my storage.

As for her promise, I felt it is real, and I am feeling quite excited about what she will give me, as by her words it is very clear that this wine is very precious.

Thinking of precious, if a bottle which was on the shelves is this precious, then how precious would be the wine which was under the crystal case.

That Wine name is Enlightenment and it was stored in a very precious crystal case; it must be more precious than the wines on the shelves.

Or maybe not, it might not be that precious, unlike this wine, the one in the box might become spoiled and poisonous. I am not sure, but I will not take out that wine until I become capable of drinking it.

"Aunty, why is this wine so precious?" Ellen, who had been silent all this while, busy in her own thoughts, suddenly asked the question.