Monster Integration - Chapter 1021 - Fighting Elina I

Chapter 1021 - Fighting Elina I

Chapter 1021 - Fighting Elina I

I woke up early morning, just as I did, I drank the drop of Soul Tempering Essence before I got up to freshened, ate the fruit which I had found in Ruin before walking into the training room.

There I removed my clothes and started to practice three methods; I practiced them for one and a half hours before I fell tiredly on the Floor. A few seconds after that, I got up and walked into the shower.

Fifteen minutes later, I came out of the shower and wore clothes before I walked out of my room.

"You came at the right time of breakfast." Professor Josephine said as she was unpacking the breakfast. She looked at me and about to look away when her gaze fell on Ashlyn.

"Is your monster Silver Spark Sparrow?" she asked as she looked at Ashlyn, "Yes, she is mutated Silver Spark Sparrow," I replied.

Silver Spark Sparrows are the most common birds incontinent with next to nothing combat abilities; very few people decided to make them their monsters, so I could understand her surprise seeing Ashlyn.

"She looked very special." Professor Josephine said after some time, "She is." I said as I petted her lovingly before sitting beside elina. Professor was kind enough to prepare the plate for Ashlyn on the table.

If she had been asking to eat like normal monsters on the floor, I would have had a huge headache dealing with the tantrum she would be thrown at me.

"Now that breakfast is finished, let's go to the Arena." "I want to see the power of your Grade 12 Special Const.i.tution." Said Professor Josephine and next second, her blue energy covered all of us.

When the light appeared in front of my eyes, I found myself in front of a huge Arena.

This Arena is even bigger than the one where I had fought Rachel's ex-boyfriend. Looking at the size of the Arena, I knew we were in the Arena of Adventure Paradise.

"Micheal, my niece had fused Level 3 Inheritance, which is one best Inheritance in the whole Continent and also she had fully comprehended 1st Level of her Art." Professor Josephine informed me, and I have to say, I am quite surprised.

I am very aware there are ten levels of Inheritance, and she fusing with Level 3 in Adamantine is a huge feat; if nothing goes wrong. During the time of her breakthrough, she will potentially fuse with Level 7 Inheritance at the least.

Till now, all the Grimm Monsters I've fought, only fused with the Level 1 inheritances.

So, one can imagine the disparity of power they will have with Elina, not to forget she has even comprehended the 1st Level of the Art.

"Micheal, if you beat my niece, then reaching Top 5, even Top 3 in the champions.h.i.+p would not be a problem for you," she said. I could see a faint laugh in Elina's eyes as she could not believe it was possible.

I may have an envy-worthy Const.i.tution, but without proper inheritance, it will not be able to show its power.

If I had level 3 inheritance, which is suitable for my Const.i.tution, then a minute would more than enough defeat Elina but unfortunately, I did not have that, so I will have to use my all against her; only then will I have a slight chance of defeating her.

"Now, go fight." "You both don't have to hold back while fighting, I've added my energy inside both of you, it will stop any fatal attack from killing you." Professor Josephine said as they sent us toward Arena.

"You should use you all front the beginning; otherwise, you will not be able to last even a minute against me," Elina said as she appeared ten meters distance from each other.

There is no scorn in her voice, just the fact. I smiled at her before, I took out my Totem Artifact, and at the same time, Wolf Lord's Armor spread across my body till it fully covered it.

I am using my Totem Artifact from the beginning; she is not any simple opponent whom I could fight by using the cutter, I have to use my Totem Artifact against her.

As I took out my Totem Artifact, she also has taken out her Totem Artifact; it is a pitch-black short spear with the meter-long leaf blade that looks like it is wholly made of the Volcanic Stones.

"Let's Begin!"

She said, and we both moved toward each other with extreme speed. I am quite surprised by her speed, as my speed is gained by the usage of my Armor and Featherlight method, but she seems like she is not using anything.

I am not the only one that was surprised by the speed; she too seemed surprised seeing my speed, like she had not expected I would have such speed.


Our weapons clashed with the resounding sound, and I had thought she would keep our weapons locked, but no, she did not. She retracted her spear and attacked me with even greater speed.

Seeing her doing that, I also whipped back my sword before clas.h.i.+ng against her spear.


Her movements are extremely fast as she launches attack after attack at me; if it had been my previous opponents in my place, they would have been cut by sharp leaf blades ten-time already.

Of all people I've fought, she is the fastest of them all. Till now, most people I've fought I've been the fastest, but in this fight, there would be likely such a case.


We clashed for a few minutes before suddenly she disappeared and appeared behind me and attacked. Her speed is swift; her movements are impeccable that I had barely able to find any flaws in them.

Such an attack is a perfect killer, and if it had any other in my place, they would not have been able to counter such an attack, but unfortunately, she is facing me who has very powerful senses.

I had been tracking her movements without missing, as she is using a similar strategy as I use against my opponents. Once I concurred my speed is spreader than my opponents, I attack them like a Ghost from every angle.


So, when she disappeared in front of me, I had been tracking her movements and moved my sword according to it, so it is no surprise that I was able to counter it, which seemed to surprise her slightly before a sneaky smile appeared on her face.


From the next moment, she had become a ghost, attacking me from every angle, every angle possible.

To deal with her, I had to use more and more power of the featherlight and also of the Killing Rule.

She is a really great opponent; the best I've ever had except for Ellen or even better than Ellen as Ellen had never used her true powers to fight me.

I am really having fun fighting her; till now, no one has challenged me to speed as she has. Seeing her movements, I came to know a lot of flaws when I used the speed, and I started to better myself as I fought against her.