Monster Integration - Chapter 1016 - Riverfield Academy

Chapter 1016 - Riverfield Academy

Chapter 1016 - Riverfield Academy

"Well, I am quite curious about you ending up in the s.p.a.ce Sea, care to tell me about it?" She asked that I had briefly explained what happened.

I finished within a minute, and hearing that look of contemplation appeared on her.

"Homing Beacons are well tested, and they don't Malfunction the way you described." She said, looking at me intently.

She is smart enough to understand what has happened with the little information I've provided.

I smiled lightly under her intense gaze but did not say anything, my personal feuds are mine to deal with, and it's not others who could help seeing how powerful they are.

"There is usually small friction across all top organizations, but they don't usually go for the kill unless necessary," she said, totally misinterpreting my silence.

"Seeing how talented you are with the Grade 12 Const.i.tution, a special one at that killing you would be like declaring war on each other," she said as she looked at me; seeing her misunderstanding growing, I opened my mouth to explain to her when she spoke again.

As for her knowing my const.i.tution, I am not surprised. When she had rescued me, she had added her energy inside me, so it is not surprising she knew about my Const.i.tution.

"Tell me your name and what organization you belong to; I will call your seniors to fetch you." She said.

"Ma'am, you have completely misunderstood; I am unaffiliated." "You can check it, my name is Micheal Zaar," I said hastily when I found her gaze becoming a little hard as if she could not believe what I said and looked at me intently.

"Aunt, he is telling the truth, last time I had met him, he had not joined any organization, and also he is native," she said, to which I nodded.

"Your name is Micheal Zaar, right?" she asked; I nodded. Seeing me nod, she tapped a few b.u.t.tons on her holowatch, and the next moment, all my info appeared on the screen.

As she read it, she had various expressions that appeared on her face before suddenly becoming very hard.

"What heinous crime did you have committed that you got Grade 2, Criminal Tag," she asked angrily as she blasted her aura at me; she must have seen the tag on my record to react like this.

'Powerful!' This is the only word I had in my mind; the aura is very powerful that it made me want to kneel down; I have to fight with my all crush the urge to kneel to this aura.

"I committed no crime," I said through the greeted teeth, hearing that her eyes became even harder, and I thought I would blast by an even more powerful aura as I could feel this is far from her limit.

But to my surprise, she just gave me a look before she furiously started typing on her holowatch before suddenly her eyes had softened before they began to blazing against.

"F.u.c.k.i.n.g Sky Saber!" she said with greeted teeth before she turned to me, "I apologize with the earlier outburst; ever since I had met you, I've been misunderstanding a lot." She apologized.

"It's okay, anyone would see that tag would react the same way.:" I said with a mirthless laugh.

"So how do you get on the nerves with those detestable fellows from Sky Saber." She asked.

"My girlfriend received an Apex Inheritance, and they took her," I explained, hearing that look of understanding appear on her face.

"So, your girlfriend is one of five people who received that Apex inheritance eight months ago?" she asked and I nodded.

She opened her mouth as if she wanted to say something but closed it while shaking her before she again looked at me.

"Do you have any interest in joining the organization? We have some vacancies opened in ours?" she asked that I couldn't help but smile.

"I heard Sky Saber is very petty, and your organization doesn't seem to be a Supreme Organisation," I said.

I had applied to many organizations, including Supreme Level ones, but all my applications got rejected while some people who were worse than me got selected in some organizations I had applied to.

Normally one least gets a computer-generated return mail when they got rejected, but 99% did not even do that.

In the past few months, I've done quite a research on the Supreme Organisations and knew how terrifyingly powerful they are.

Only Supreme Organisation content against Supreme Organisation, those below it simple ants to them.

And from what I've heard, the Sky Saber is one most powerful Supreme Level Organisation that even other Supreme Level Organisation dare to mess with them on some issues.

So I would be quite surprised if their Organisation, which I am sure, not the Supreme Grade Organisation dares to admit me.

"You don't have to worry about Sky Saber, though our organization is a lot weaker than the Sky Saber, we did not fear it," she said, "And the tag?" I asked this as an important question.

"It will be removed in a second," she said as she tapped a few b.u.t.tons, "It had been removed," she said, and she showed me my info, where everything is clean, not a single criminal complaint could be seein on my record.

"You don't have to feel pressured if you need time, you can take it a day, and even if you are to reject us, there will be no hard feelings," she said with a smile, under the smile, her mature enchanting face have become even enchanting that I was lost in for a moment.

"There is no need, I will join your organization," I said. Like I had said, there is no need to join the battle; even if there were no life-saving grace, I would have joined it.

"Welcome to the Riverfield Academy." She said with a smile.

Keira had told me how she had seen me Raven and how she had asked for higher-ups to accept me, but that time, they had not accepted me as they wanted to get the bad side of the Sky Saber despite them being Supreme Level Organisation.

Though Keira had a.s.sured me that this time her organization would definitely accept me, hearing what she had said, my faith in Supreme Organisations has completely broken.

With my current qualification, any Supreme Organization would accept me; I have no interest in joining them.

Though with lower-level organization, I would get fewer opportunities and resources, as long as I worked hard, I will be able to make up for it.

And it's not like the organization I had joined is too weak; seeing how she had shown scorn instead of fear against powerful Supreme Level organization Sky Saber and how she was easily able to clear away my record with a few clicks, I know my new organizations aren't as weak as I thought it to be.

So, I did not have to worry about anything; as long as I kept working hard, there would be a day when I would be able to crush those two like ants.