Monster Integration - Chapter 1017 - New Holowatch

Chapter 1017 - New Holowatch

Chapter 1017 - New Holowatch

"F.u.c.k, some small-time organization tried to cross me," he shouted as he looked at the notification on his holowatch.

He had made a full proof plan to kill that b.a.s.t.a.r.d and was hoping to receive the news of his death, but what he received is a notification of his name cut out from the list.

"Are you sure it is not some other Supreme Organisation?" "Only someone from another Supreme Organisation or people belonging to that place could override your access." said his friend in a soft voice.

"No, it is someone from Emperor Level Organisation, and the worst thing is I could not add that b.a.s.t.a.r.d's name again in the list, even with pseudo authority that teacher had given me." He said while gritting his face in anger.

"Are you sure the pseudo authority isn't overriding that small Emperor Level Organisation?" she asked in confusion before opening her holowatch and trying. Still, a minute later, she got the same result as her friend,

��See." He said seeing her friend also being failed, "There is only one option left now, teacher."

"Let's ask him, we will ask him to put that b.a.s.t.a.r.d into the even greater list," she said, hearing that her friend's soar expression turned into a smile, and they both walked toward their teacher's suite.

With their teacher authority, adding that b.a.s.t.a.r.d into an even bigger list, making him an even bigger criminal would not be a problem, as for him being a member of Emperor Level organization it didn't mean anything to their teacher.

Their teacher is powerful enough to crush the whole Emperor Level organization in a cinch, so thinking he couldn't override the authority of a small-time organization would be a great disrespect to him.

Soon they reached the suit of their teacher, where a handsome middle-aged man is reading a very old looking book.

"Teacher, we need your help?" Both of them said in unison; their teacher did not look up from the book he is reading, so they waited respectfully till their teacher finished.

"What did you both need my help with?" their teacher asked after ten minutes as he finally put his book down. They immediately started to tell their teacher everything without hiding anything.

"Interesting, let me see which Emperor level Organisation which authority you aren't able to override my pseudo authority?" their teacher asked with interest. Hearing that, he immediately sent the name of the Organisation to his teacher.

"So, it is the Riverfield Academy." Their teacher softly clicked a few b.u.t.tons on his holowatch before turning toward them.

"Forget about him from now on, they won't look at what we have done till now, and we will not seek any trouble with him now that he has joined them." their teacher with a very serious tone, they have rarely heard their teacher speak in such tone in past.

"Teacher, he is related to Rachel, we have to finish him off, and it is just a small-time Emperor Level organization?" He asked, clearly feeling wrong that they are admitting defeat against the small-time organization.

"If we kill him, we will have to deal with a lot more s.h.i.+t than we have to deal with after killing other Supremes members." Their teacher said with a sigh and seeing that sigh, he knows his teacher's decision is final, but he doesn't want to back down, especially when he thought of Rachel.

"Herman, don't do anything crazy if you kill him, then you will have not one but two Supremes for your Blood,"

"Not to forget that crazy madwoman will also come for you since she is the one who has been accepted into the organization." Their teacher spoke again, but this time, there is a hint of warning in it, which warned him of grave consequences if he did not heed his warning.


Buzz Buzz Buzz…

My holowatch started to buzz as I had activated, my old holowatch had reduced to fine particles; this is a new one that ma'am gave me.

It is bright red and comes with all kinds of functions that I had never thought a holowatch could have.

Not to forget it is very strong that even those above the Knight Stage could not scratch it, but it would still turn into small particles if it were in the place of my hold holowatch in s.p.a.ce Sea.

"You rest and freshened up, we will have dinner together at 8 AM," Ma'am said as she motioned me toward my room, I said thank you before I walked toward my room.

I am really tired; those few minutes in the s.p.a.ce Sea had tired me out greatly; I just want to sleep till tomorrow, but I can't; there are many things to do.

The first thing I did was to shower; though there was no blood on my body as the s.p.a.ce particles completely cleaned it, I still wanted to take a shower to feel fresh and clean.

After I had finished with the shower, I started to reply to the friends who were checking on each other to see whether everyone came back alive from the Ruin or not.

Fortunately, all my friends returned in one piece, including Jill, Ellen, Kayla, and everyone.

I am happy to see that as I know how dangerous the Ruin was, it is not easy to survive inside, I myself had barely skipped the death a few times, and the latest was just an hour ago.

After I finished replying with all the messages, I called my parents and felt extremely happy that there was no criminal tag on the screen this time; I could now talk to them without any guilt.

In just one and a half months, my sister had grown even bigger, even cuter. I couldn't wait to meet in three weeks.

The Continental Champions.h.i.+p starts in three weeks, and I am going to partic.i.p.ate in it. My parents and sister are also coming to watch me, and I am feeling very happy about it as it has been nearly a year since I saw them in person.