Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 889 – Finally Freed After Twelve years

Chapter 889 – Finally Freed After Twelve years

Finally Freed After Twelve years

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Jiang Chen’s words exploded in their ears like a ballistic missile. He purposely raised his voice using the Great Soul Derivation technique. Doing so, every word entered their ears and into their hearts like sharp blades, especially for Gu Xuantian.

All the elders present were senior experts. Gu Lan was a junior, a child to them. They were the people who saw her grew up. It was impossible to say there were no attachment between them and Gu Lan.

The one who was shaken up the most was Gu Xuantian. He was totally petrified. In the twelve years that Gu Lan had been imprisoned, there wasn’t a single day that he thought of reconsidering the mistake that his sister had made. He just followed the rules of the family and sentenced her biological sister to imprisonment.

‘Gu Xuantian, did you ever feel guilty about what you did to your sister, Gu Lan, all these years?’

This sentence of Jiang Chen lingered beside his ears. Did he really have no guilt? No, it was just like what Jiang Chen had said. Every time he saw Gu Lan’s haggard face, his heart would ache. So, he reduced the frequency of his visit.

Not only did he feel guilty for imprisoning her, but he also attempted to release her sister many times, but he needed her to admit her mistakes. If Gu Lan said ‘I was wrong’, these three words, he would grant her freedom, she was his sister after all. However, her sister did not admit anything over these past twelve years.

All along, he didn’t understand why was it so hard to say those words. It was just now that he finally understood the reason why Gu Lan refused to say those words. It was because she didn’t do anything wrong. The fault lied within himself and the rules of the Gu Family.

Why is it that humans are called humans? This is because humans have emotions and feelings. Gu Lan was a person who would never forget people’s kindness. She even pledged herself to marry Wu Tianyang, her true lover. Gu Xuantian, the patriarch, on the other hand had separated the both of them and imprisoned Gu Lan, which didn’t make any sense at all.


Wu Ningzhu couldn’t stand it anymore. She fell to the ground with a puff and cried loudly. Over the past twelve years, she had never forgotten her mother’s face, she would remember it for the rest of her life. At that time, she was merely a ten-year-old kid but she could still remember her mother’s features.

Every word of Jiang Chen was like a blade, landing on her body. She couldn’t imagine how her mother survived through all these years.

Jiang Chen knelt down to embrace Wu Ningzhu’s shoulders. His heart ached, seeing her becoming like this. She was a very persistent woman, he had never seen her drop a single tear. She was many times stronger than other men, but only Jiang Chen knew how much bitterness she endured in her life. Jiang Chen was the one who expressed all the bitterness that had been suffocating her for the past twelve years, like a large opened pipe that flowed until the tank was empty.

“Ning Er.”

Wu Ningzhu cried bitterly. It had broken down the emotional barrier in Gu Xuantian’s heart, causing tears to well up in his eyes. No matter how tenacious or how dignified a person is, he or she would play many roles in life. Gu Xuantian was the highly respected patriarch of the Gu Family, but he was also a brother and an uncle. Regardless of how high he stood in the hierarchy, they were his family. Only he could understand what the term family meant to him. He had lost his son, so he understood very well the importance of family.

“Could it be that I was wrong?”

Gu Xuantian shook his head. He looked like a man who just aged for another forty years. It was undeniable that Jiang Chen’s words were very disrespectful but he didn’t hate Jiang Chen for that. Instead, he was grateful that Jiang Chen said this to him. Because of these words, he was awoken. Suddenly, he felt that despite all the experiences that he had in his life, his wisdom was worse than a young man.

“That’s right. You were wrong, terribly wrong. During the twelve years that Gu Lan was imprisoned, you had been blaming yourself for that. You love your sister very much but you had made her suffer twelve years of imprisonment. That’s why you blame yourself. You have a high and mighty position in the Gu Family and because of that, you think that whatever decision you made is the right decision. You thought that despite Gu Lan being your sister, she still had to admit her mistake in order to be freed while she was missing her family for twelve years. She wasn’t able to watch her daughter grow up and be with her husband all these years. She didn’t even have the chance to see the two of them. Wu Tianyang, on the other hand, had suffered as well, he blamed himself for being a useless man who couldn’t even protect his woman, but he had to persist in life because of his daughter. So, how could Wu Ningzhu not see the painful expressions on her father’s face? She had seen how depressed her father was over these past twelve years. She knew her mother was still alive but she wasn’t able to meet her.”

Jiang Chen continued, “So, this is what happened these past twelve years. You have blamed yourself throughout these years, Gu Lan had been missing them for twelve years, Wu Tianyang had suffered, and Wu Ningzhu had been living bitterly for twelve years. If you are a man, end these twelve years of mistakes and suffering. I hope that you will personally release Gu Lan from the prison instead of exchanging Wu Ningzhu’s happiness for her freedom. If that really happened, Wu Ningzhu won’t be happy. She will stay bitter for the rest of her life and Gu Lan won’t forgive you even if you released her.”

“Stop it. Don’t say anymore!”

Gu Xuantian bellowed. His eyes were red. Clearly, Jiang Chen’s words were like a mirror that had shone all his repressed feelings and had shattered his emotional barrier.

In fact, Gu Xuantian wanted to release Gu Lan all along but she wouldn’t admit her mistake. So, he needed to find an excuse to release her. Marrying Wu Ningzhu to the youngest genius of the Gu Family was the best excuse that he could use. It was true that he had been feeling guilty and blamed himself these past few years. Otherwise, he wouldn’t spend so much effort in nurturing Wu Ningzhu.

However, he didn’t think that marrying Wu Ningzhu to Gu Liufeng would bring her unhappiness.

“I want to say it even if you won’t allow. You have already hurt Gu Lan. Do you still want to hurt her daughter? You said that Gu Liufeng is the number one genius of the Gu Family, but I am not even putting him in my eyes. If he can’t accept it, I will make him accept it through battle.”

“Ai! Patriarch, whether Gu Lan is wrong or right in the past, you have already imprisoned her for twelve years. In my opinion, this punishment is more than enough.”

“That’s right, Patriarch. Although Jiang Chen is being disrespectful today, he is a man with love and sacredness. It is rare to see a man who is willing to go such lengths in order to be with his lover. If Ning Er marries him, I don’t think that it will be an insult to the bloodline of the Gu Family.”

“Patriarch, it’s already been twelve years. I think, it’s time to wrap this up.”


The other Great Saints countenance changed because of Jiang Chen’s words. They were the seniors of the Gu Family and had blood relation with Gu Lan. They had grown very fond of her in the past. In their opinion, disregarding what she had done in the past, being imprisoned for twelve years was already enough to end this all. They should return the freedom of Gu Lan.

The author of DMWG : “These two chapters were full of emotions. Old Su (the author) was lying on the keyboard crying bitterly. I too had a sister but she had left us four years ago in one night. That was an extremely cold night that could freeze our body in seconds. Over the four years, I was reluctant to think of her because it would bring back all the bitter memories. I hated myself for not giving her enough love and kindness. I never thought that I would relive this memory again in my novel. There are too many fighting and killing scenes in my novel, so I have used another way to write the plot for Gu Family. I hope all of you brothers and sisters cherish your family members. Pa.s.s every day of your life with them in happiness.”

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