Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 888 – What Mistakes Had Gu Lan Made?

Chapter 888 – What Mistakes Had Gu Lan Made?

What Mistakes Had Gu Lan Made?

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The Great Saints had changed their opinions of Jiang Chen dramatically. Firstly, they didn’t hate Jiang Chen even before he showed them these items, he didn’t make the Gu Family suffer any losses be it in cultivators or reputation. Instead, he had helped an elder of their family breakthrough his cultivation bottleneck and brought Wu Ningzhu to Divine Continent.

Secondly, his previous performances in battles and actions were truly astounding. They had been longing for the status quo of the eight families to change. Coincidentally, a rare genius like him emerged and created a mess in the Pure Land.

Thirdly, it didn’t really matter to the elders who Wu Ningzhu would marry. What concerned them the most was the future of the Gu Family, and it just so happened that Jiang Chen was a young genius that had given them a very good impression.

The atmosphere in the inner palace turned heavy when s.h.i.+ Han’s head was presented. Everyone could feel that Gu Xuantian’s emotion has drastically changed. No matter how firm and tenacious a man is, he wouldn’t be able to maintain his composure if he saw the murderer of his son.


Gu Xuantian didn’t move but a shapeless wave of energy rushed out of his body and pulverized s.h.i.+ Han’s head including the stone spear. It seemed like those two things were never there.

“Jiang Chen, I owe you a favor but I can’t agree to your terms.”

Gu Xuantian returned to his seat and said.


Wu Ningzhu’s expression changed.

Gu Xuantian raised his hand. “Ning Er, you don’t have to say anything about it. I have already decided to marry you to Gu Liufeng. Liufeng is the number one genius of our family, a talent trained by the higher ups of our family. And, don’t you forget about your mother. She will be freed when you marry Liufeng.”

“I don’t want to marry Gu Liufeng. I am already engaged to Jiang Chen. If it wasn’t because of your interruption, we would’ve been husband and wife now.”

Wu Ningzhu reb.u.t.ted. Although Gu Liufeng was the number one genius of their family, he certainly couldn’t replace Jiang Chen in her heart.

“Ning Er, I have already made a solemn promise that cannot be broken. Besides, you should also consider your mother. Do you still remember your purpose of coming here all the way from the Southern Continent? It’s to find your mother and take her away right? So, you have to marry a member of the Gu Family in order to compensate the mistakes that your mother had made. If you insist to marry Jiang Chen, your mother would be kept in prison.” Gu Xuantian said.

As the patriarch of the family, he couldn’t change the things that he had already promised. Otherwise, it would negatively affect his dignity. If Wu Ningzhu married Jiang Chen, what would Gu Liufeng think? Jiang Chen was an outsider after all.

“Haha! Gu Xuantian, what you just said is very funny and doesn’t make sense at all.”

Jiang Chen suddenly laughed and called out the name of the patriarch outrageously.


Gu Mu caught his breath, staggered and almost sat on the ground. What he feared the most had come. He feared Jiang Chen’s hot temper because once Jiang Chen got angry, he would no longer care who was in front of him. This was the inner palace of the Gu Family, a dignified and sacred place, no one would dare to behave here atrociously and disrespect the patriarch.

The previous harmonious atmosphere changed immediately.

“This is outrageous!”

A Great Saint elder bellowed, a powerful Qi rushed out of his body. Although they admired Jiang Chen very much, if he would be rude here, they wouldn’t allow it.

Wu Ningzhu seemed nervous. Her hand grabbed Jiang Chen’s arm tightly, fearing that he would do something out of the line.

“I would like to hear your explanation why you insulted me.”

Gu Xuantian squinted his eyes at Jiang Chen. It was impossible to say that he was not angry when a junior disrespected him.

“I will share it with you then. You said that you owe me a favor for bringing s.h.i.+ Han’s head and his natal weapon here. I won’t ask you to repay me the favor but I will need to ask you a few questions.”

Jiang Chen’s tone was composed. He was totally unaffected by those raging Great Saints.

“Go ahead.” Gu Xuantian replied.

He would like to know what would Jiang Chen ask, an outsider like him would not usually be allowed to interfere in family matters.

“I would like to know what mistakes did Gu Lan committed for you to imprison her for so many years?”

Jiang Chen asked.

“Gu Lan is a sacred girl of the Gu Family but she privately went to the Southern Continent and started a relations.h.i.+p with the lowly Wu Tianyang. Isn’t this a great mistake? Do you have any idea how it affected the reputation of our Gu Family?”

Gu Xuantian said in a flat tone.

After hearing that her father was called a lowly person, her facial expression revealed fury. Her father, Wu Tianyang, has an irreplaceable place in her heart.

“Humph! Gu Xuantian, so you think that saying these words won’t affect the reputation of your Gu Family? I think you are just a typical shameless person.”

Jiang Chen berated loudly.

“Kid, you are courting death!”

A Great Saint raged and was about to strike Jiang Chen if he wasn’t stopped by Gu Xuantian.

“Jiang Chen, you better give me a solid reason for this. You are the very first person who called me shameless. Despite the favor that I owed you, this comment alone could cost you your life.”

Gu Xuantian’s tone turned cold.

Gu Mu, who was watching at the side, was frightened. He was begging for Jiang Chen’s ancestor to help him.

“I, Jiang Chen, can kill s.h.i.+ Han while I am still a Seventh Grade Minor Saint. Even if you send a First Grade Great Saint, I will have no problem killing him. Tell me, have your family, ever cultivated or nurtured someone as talented and as strong as me? Have your family produce a Seventh Grade Minor Saint like me who can kill a Great Saint? If you all think that I am just boasting about myself, you can try sending a First Grade Great Saint to fight me.”

Jiang Chen said loudly.

Everyone, including Gu Xuantian became quiet. Jiang Chen was right, there were no Seventh Grade Minor Saint genius in the Gu Family or even across the Saint Origin World that could kill a First Grade Great Saint, not even the Greatest Saint.

However, what has this got to do with Gu Xuantian being shameless and Gu Lan?

“Since none of you in the Gu Family could do it, does that mean that I am a higher being than all of you? Does it also mean that I can call the cultivators of the Gu Family lowly beings? But I am here today to propose a marriage with great sincerity. I came here with the status of a junior and called you ‘patriarch’. If I have married sister Ning, I will have to call you uncle. I never have the feeling of being high and mighty. In my heart, everyone, including people of the Gu Family and Wu Tianyang, is equal and has their own reputation and dignity.

Jiang Chen didn’t hide any of the fact that he was trying to express. He ignored all the expressions of the listeners and continued. “You should know that Gu Lan married Wu Tianyang and had given birth to a baby. Wu Tainyang saved her life when she was severely injured. In other words, the lowly human was the saviour of Gu Lan’s life, the saviour of your sister’s life. In order to be a patriarch, you must be someone that values relations.h.i.+p and kindness. You know what you felt when your sister’s life was in danger. As such, what right do you have to call the saviour of your sister’s life a lowly being?”

This time, Gu Xuantian was petrified. Strangely, he wasn’t angered, he felt that Jiang Chen’s words were very reasonable. He grew up together with Gu Lan. The relations.h.i.+p between the two of them couldn’t be understood by an outsider. Gu Lan had become a sore spot in his emotions, for imprisoning her because of the rules of the family all these years.

“Besides, what other mistakes had she done? In my opinion, Gu Lan is a person who truly values relations.h.i.+p and kindness. She didn’t care about status and power when she married Wu Tianyang. Not only because Wu Tianyang was her saviour, but because of the feelings that they have for each other. According to my knowledge, your wife is from the Cold Sect right? Since you can marry a woman from an external sect, why can’t Gu Lan marry Wu Tianyang? Let me ask you again, what mistakes had Gu Lan done?”

Jiang Chen’s eyes swept across the hall. His words weren’t only directed to Gu Xuantian, but to all the people who were present. Silence permeated the atmosphere in that moment. They felt that Gu Lan had broken the rules of the family so, she had to accept her punishment. However, they weren’t really sure what mistake she had committed.

Wu Ningzhu’s face was covered with tears. These were the words that had been buried inside of her for many years. Today, they were all spat out from Jiang Chen’s mouth. She felt sorry for her father and mother, who loved each other very much, being separated for so long. She knew very well how her father, Wu Tianyang, pa.s.sed each day of his life without the company of his lover. This was also the reason she insisted to come to the Divine Continent to search for her mother.

“Gu Xuantian, when I said that you are shameless, it is certainly not to insult you. If it wasn’t for Wu Tianyang saving Gu Lan at that time, you should’ve already lost a sister. Have you ever thought what would happen to you if Gu Lan died? I’m afraid that you will grieve for the rest of your life, just like when your son was killed by s.h.i.+ Han.”

Jiang Chen’s every word struck Gu Xuantian by surprise. These were the questions that he hadn’t really pondered about. He just thought that Gu Lan had made terrible mistakes.

“Gu Xuantian, let me ask you again, after so many years of imprisoning your sister. Every time you visit your sister, did you ever feel guilty seeing her becoming so thin with each pa.s.sing day?”

Jiang Chen’s voice became louder, “What mistakes had Gu Lan made?”

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