Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 890 – Mother and Daughter Reunited

Chapter 890 – Mother and Daughter Reunited

Mother and Daughter Reunited

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Even a steel heart would be melted by such touching words. These old and conventional elders who were slaves to the rules of the Gu Family were touched by Jiang Chen’s words, let alone Gu Xuantian. Gu Xuantian was once a tenacious youth who fought many battles and a great man who was as tender as water.

He took a deep breath, trying hard to control his emotions. He stood up from his seat and said to Jiang Chen, “Jiang Chen, you have helped me unlock my heart. I owe you another favour.”

Gu Xuantian didn’t mind Jiang Chen’s disrespectful behaviour anymore. Due to his rank and position, no one has ever said a rude word in front of him before, let alone someone who could unlock his heart, but Jiang Chen did.

*Hua La*

Gu Xuantian gently made a stroke at the void. A large line of crack appeared in the void. A chilling spatial energy leaked out from the opening. Gu Xuantian looked at Wu Ningzhu and Jiang Chen. “Ning Er, let’s go. Uncle will take you to see your mother.”

That’s right. The current Gu Xuantian was no longer the patriarch but was an uncle and a senior. The twelve years of unsettling problem in his heart had been resolved. Now, even he, couldn’t wait to see Gu Lan.

After hearing Gu Xuantian’s words, Wu Ningzhu cried even more loudly. She had longed for this day to come. The tears that had been acc.u.mulated over the past twelve years were flowing non-stop. No one spoke, Gu Xuantian just stood rooted in the spot. No one tried to interrupt her, her tears made everyone feel heartache. It was just like what Jiang Chen had said, this child had borne countless of bitter memories and experiences over the past twelve years.

Wu Ningzhu buried her head into Jiang Chen’s embrace, crying for another five minutes. After that, she stood up calmly and saluted Gu Xuantian without saying anything. This was a salute to thank Gu Xuantian, but she still had conflicting feelings about him. She had hated her uncle for twelve years and today, she had seen her uncle’s other side which reduced a large part of the hate that she had for him. She didn’t want to live in her hatred. She just wanted to see her mother as soon as possible.

“Let’s go.”

Gu Xuantian swayed and disappeared in the spatial gap. Jiang Chen and Wu Ningzhu followed. All the Great Saints remained on their seats, it was pointless for them to go there. It was the old score of their family. So they should be the one to solve their problems.

“Gu Mu, you have done well this time. I will reward you when I return.”

A Great Saint said to Gu Mu.

“Thank you, Elder.”

Gu Mu deeply saluted the elders. He was almost scared to death just a while ago but now, besides feeling impressed, his respect for Jiang Chen grew deeper. Those words that Jiang Chen uttered were the words coming from a real man who valued love.

“Elder, what are you going to do with these treasures?”

Gu Mu asked as he looked at the items left by Jiang Chen. There were 1.5 billion high grade True Meta Stones, three Nine Solar Lightning-Dragon pills and ten Nine Solar Saint Water. These unbelievably great fortunes were currently floating in mid-air.

“Gu Mu, keep them all first. We will wait for them to return and see what the Patriarch would do about it. If the Patriarch agrees to Jiang Chen’s marriage proposal, we will accept these items.”

A n.o.ble-looking elder said. Jiang Chen had made it clear when he offered these items. They were the betrothal gifts for Wu Ningzhu’s marriage. If Gu Xuantian would not agree to their marriage, how could our Gu Family accept these treasures?

“Yes, Elder.”

Gu Mu carefully kept the treasures while silently praying that the matter would end soon. The matter of Gu Lan was almost settled. What was left now was the marriage between Jiang Chen and Wu Ningzhu. Gu Mu wouldn’t hope to see this matter fail because he knew Jiang Chen’s temper all too well. If Gu Xuantian insisted to marry Wu Ningzhu to Gu Liufneg, it was hard to imagine what Jiang Chen would do.

As a matter of fact, Gu Mu felt guilty for what he did to Jiang Chen and Wu Ningzhu. Back in Dan Yuan City, both of them were about to bow to the heavens and earth before he interrupted and brought Wu Ningzhu back to the Gu Family. So, what he hoped the most right now was to see the both of them being together again.

The cold prison was an independent spatial zone but it didn’t seem cold because there were flowers, gra.s.ses and birds, it looked like a land with idyllic beauty. There was a stretch of purple bamboo forest ahead. Behind the forest was a cottage. In order to distinguish that this cottage was a prison, you would need some extraordinary skills.

That’s right. This was a beautiful place, but it was also an isolated world filled with sadness and dreariness. Seeing the illusory surroundings here, Wu Ningzhu’s last feeling of hate for Gu Xuantian disappeared. Jiang Chen nodded silently. He was right in his judgement that Gu Xuantian was a person with love. Despite the fact that this was an isolated place for Gu Lan’s imprisonment, Gu Xuantian had created a very good environment for her.

Suddenly, a wave of musical sound was heard from the other side of the purple bamboo forest. It was a very beautiful music but it was filled with dreariness. There were emotions of longing within its rhythm that gave people an irresistible impulse to stay in the trance of the music.


Wu Ningzhu called out for her mother with a s.h.i.+vering voice, the music was just too familiar.

“What a beautiful music…”

Jiang Chen couldn’t help but praise. He finally knew why Wu Ningzhu could play the zither so well.

Gu Xuantian led the way into the purple bamboo forest unto the other end. Suddenly, they saw a woman in white. Her face was a little scrawny but that didn’t affect her unique, and beautiful face. Her facial expression was gloomy though. One look was enough to tell that she was a person with sad stories. Her eyes were focused on the strings of the zither. Her jade-like palms danced on the strings like b.u.t.terflies. This was a very nice and pleasant picture. She seemed totally immersed in her music as she hadn’t noticed that someone was already in front of her.

Jiang Chen discerned Gu Lan’s cultivation, she was a rare Great Saint cultivator. Although she was merely a First Grade Great Saint, it already showed how gifted she was. One should know how sharp the perceptive abilities of a First Grade Great Saint was, but Gu Lan wasn’t able to perceive their arrival. It only showed that her heart was fully immersed in her musical world, as if her music had brought her back to Wu Yang City, to her family and to her carefree life.

Wu Ningzhu couldn’t hold her tears when she saw her mother. That’s right. This was her mother. Although it's already been twelve years, the face of her mother was never blurry in her mind. Her mother hadn’t aged but only became a little thinner. She always thought that her mother was the most beautiful woman in the world, be it in the past or now. That kind of beauty was one of a kind.

‘Greatness’ was the word to describe a mother in every child’s heart. Their mother was always the most beautiful and unique person in the world.


Wu Ningzhu yelled. Her voice was loud and clear.


Gu Lan’s body shuddered. A string on the zither was broken. She raised her head slowly. When she saw Wu Ningzhu, her pupils widened. Her body started to s.h.i.+ver. She felt that her world has drastically changed at this moment.

“Ning… Ning Er.”

Gu Lan’s tone was shaky. She felt like this was just a dream but it was also so real to her. Although she hadn’t seen Wu Ningzhu for twelve years, she was able to tell that this was her daughter with just a single look, even if her daughter had grown so much from a little girl to a slim and graceful beauty.

“Ning Er, is that really you?”

She moved closer to Wu Ningzhu unknowingly.

“Mother, it’s me. I’m your Ning Er.”

Wu Ningzhu was unable to control her emotions. She fell into her mother embrace and wept uncontrollably.

Gu Lan raised her s.h.i.+vering arms and placed them behind Wu Ningzhu’s back. She couldn’t believe that this was real. “This must be an illusion. It must be.”

After seeing the current scenario, Gu Xuantian met Jiang Chen’s gaze. As if they understood each other implicitly, they walked to the side to avoid disturbing the reunion of the mother and daughter. They knew that this scenario would last for quite some time. They were afraid that an hour or two would not be enough.

“Jiang Chen, I have to thank you for what you did today. You have unlocked a big portion of my heart that was stifled for many years.”

Gu Xuantian said with a smile. One should know that it was extremely rare and difficult to hear the words ‘thank you’ from Gu Xuantian. At this moment, he had truly let go of his high and might status, he was like a friend conversing with Jiang Chen.

“You are the one who unlocked your heart. Not me. If you are truly a man without love and kindness, you won’t have Gu Lan and Wu Ningzhu until today.”

Jiang Chen smiled as if he had seen through Gu Xuantian’s feelings.

“Did you know that it was very likely for me to slap you to death because of your disrespect today?”

Gu Xuantian looked at Jiang Chen.

“I would never do things that I’m not confident about. If you are really a ruthless person, you shouldn’t have become the patriarch. If that’s really the case, I won’t use this kind of method to deal with the Gu Family, instead, I will wait until I am strong enough to launch a ma.s.sive strike unto your family and seize Wu Ningzhu and Gu Lan away. Then, I will erase the entire Gu Family from the world.”

Jiang Chen said straightforwardly.

Gu Xuantian sucked in a breath of cold air. Across the entire Saint Origin World, Jiang Chen was the first one who dared to say ‘erase the entire Gu Family’, but Gu Xuantian had the feeling that Jiang Chen would be able to do it. He is an exceedingly terrifying young man.

Gu Xuantian not only sensed great confidence from Jiang Chen, but also an aura of dominance. That was the innate dominance, the Qi of a ruler that could intimidate people.

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