Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 807 – The Lascivious Prince

Chapter 807 – The Lascivious Prince

The Lascivious Prince

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The leader seemed like a courteous and experienced guy but the glance he gave to Yan Chenyu made Jiang Chen uncomfortable and disgusted. However, there was no lasciviousness that could be detected from his glance, only amazement. Even if a Fifth Grade Combat Emperor was bold and had high rank, he wouldn’t dare to have any obscene thoughts to a powerful Minor Saint girl.

There was one thing Jiang Chen was sure of. The main reason that the leader decided not to impose charges on them was because he saw the pretty face of Yan Chenyu.

Jiang Chen gave a cold glance at the leader and strode right into the city. Since they had just arrived in this domain, they wouldn’t cause any troubles.

After the four people had reached a far distance from the guards, the guard who was slapped said, “Leader, these are all Minor Saint experts and they must be wealthy. Why did you let them in without gaining a sum from them?”

“How much do you understand about this? Don’t jeopardise the prince’s chance because of some small fortune.”

The leader widened his eyes.

“The prince’s chance? I don’t think that the prince knew any of them.”

The guard was confused.

“That’s why you are stupid. Don’t you know of our prince’s hobby? He likes to have fun with those beauties that comes from the three worlds. As soon as our domain open, that is the time when our prince is most excited. The girl in white just now was a perfect beauty, she was incomparable to all the girls that the prince had played before. I have already secretly send the information to the prince. He will absolutely not miss this prey. Once he gets his prey, it means that we have made a great contribution and we would be handsomely rewarded.”

The leader had an experienced and astute expression.

“Leader sure is brilliant. When the prince is already satisfied, he would definitely give us some treasures. It will be invaluable treasures. Haha!”

Both of the guard’s eyes were glittering, as if they had already foreseen a desirable future, but his laugh stopped a second later. A layer of ice suddenly appeared on the surface of the guards bodies. They were frozen. The final expressions they showed remained on their faces. They had become icemen. If you observed them carefully, the life force of the two had already disappeared completely. They were dead.

The other two guards quickly ran forth to check it out.

“Leader. Leader, what happen to you? Not good, Leader is dead!”

A guard exclaimed.

“Someone has a.s.sa.s.sinated the leader. It had to be those few humans’ doing because our generation doesn’t have this kind of technique. Quickly inform the general.”

Another guard cried out in alarm.

Yan Chenyu had entered the deeper region of the city. Her face and eyes were cold and dark. She was no longer the weak and soft miss like before. Whoever had ill intention towards her would be guaranteed to suffer an unbearable repercussions.

“The prince they mentioned should be the son of the city lord. There is only one lord in every city. Their position is honourable and has a lot of power. According to what I know, there are a lot of people amongst the rich who liked the girls of the three worlds. Every time the Void Triangular Domain is opened, plenty of girls who came here would vanish for no reason. Today, we have encountered such incident.”

Dan King smiled bitterly. Although they had gone far away, they could still clearly hear the conversation of the guards.

“Our main purpose for coming here is to obtain True Meta Stone. Since that so-called prince wants to create trouble for us, why don’t we pay him a visit?”

Jiang Chen said. He knew that guard just now had already contacted the so-called prince. Thus the trouble would find them sooner or later. Besides, it would be impossible to avoid such a trouble in this city. So, Why not find the trouble first before it finds them? Jiang Chen wanted to obtain a vast amount of True Meta Stone; he was absolutely sure that the compound of the city lord would certainly contain a vast amount of them.

*Hong Long*

Sure enough, not long after their walk, a thunder-like sound erupted from the sky. Ten men in black armour appeared. They immediately surrounded the four of them without saying a word.

“Was it you all that killed our guards?”

A tall and muscular man said. He had the strongest Qi. There was a dark mark in between his brows. His cultivation was high—Third Grade Minor Saint. There were a few other Minor Saint experts with him as well.

Jiang Chen couldn’t help himself but frown. The unique physique of the people of Dark Generation allowed them to send an information very quickly. They were already found just a few minutes after the incident happened.

At this moment, those two guards who were guarding the gate flew over. When they saw Jiang Chen and his friends, one shouted, “Third General, it is them. They come from the Saint Origin World. Our leader died when they entered our city. It must be them who committed such a crime.”

These two guards were pointing towards Jiang Chen and the rest.

“Humph! Outsiders dared to use violence in Dark Mulberry City? You all are truly lacking the knowledge of what death is. I suggest you all not to make any meaningless resistance.”

The Third General made a cold humph but he didn’t attack, he knew that they weren’t a group of weaklings, especially that middle-aged man who was way stronger than him. If a battle was started, they wouldn’t gain any advantages. However, the pride of Dark Generation made them very arrogant. Anyone who came from the three worlds should obediently perform the trading activities without causing any troubles or provoke any person of the Dark Generation, including those Minor Saints.

“Get lost.”

Jiang Chen said it coldly. He didn’t want to cause any trouble but he wasn’t afraid of causing it.

“Brat! I think you are seriously courting death!”

The Third General bellowed. He launched a black light pillar to Jiang Chen. This light pillar consisted of a powerful dark energy and destructive force.

Jiang Chen wasn’t even surprised facing such an attack. He simply struck out his palm and the black light pillar was pulverised. His palm then clawed forth, restraining the Third General and yanked him closer. An ocean-like pressure acted against the body of the Third General. His face changed drastically. He was staring at this young man in white in disbelief. He started to feel a thick murderous intent.

“You…you dare to kill me?”

The Third General sounded afraid.

Jiang Chen responded with his action. The Third General was crushed to death by the huge force. There was no mercy. Jiang Chen had always been a person who would return the favour when the other person provoked him. As such, he just returned the favour with his power.

If you decided not to kill, then don’t do it, but once you decided to do it, do it aggressively and completely. Retribution had already been created the moment Yan Chenyu killed the two guards. Since they have already killed two, it didn’t matter if they killed more.

At this second, a fist size dark bead flew out of the dead Third General’s body. Jiang Chen was stunned for a while before he gained his senses. He grabbed it in his hand.

“The people of Dark Generation is without a doubt similar to monsters, but this dark spirit is very beneficial to me. Thanks.”

Jiang Chen’s face revealed a delighted surprise. This black bead was similar to a demon and devil soul. However, the energy contained in this dark spirit was greater. This was the dark spirit of a Third Grade Minor Saint. It could be worth more than a city and most importantly, Jiang Chen’s dragon transformation art could refine the essence of the dark energy into pure energy for absorption.

Fundamentally, Dark Generation was no different than the devil religion to Jiang Chen. However, the Dark Generation was a lot stronger than the devil region because of the unique environment here. At the end of the day, either it was a devil soul or dark spirit, all of them were high quality supplements to him.

Jiang Chen was naturally delighted about this. Now, when he kill a person of Dark Generation, he would gain a benefit.

“Not good. They have killed the Third General. Dammit! I can’t believe that there are outsiders here that can kill the general of Dark Generation. Such an incident have never happened before.”

“Quickly, inform the First General and Second General. These few crazed outsiders must be taken care of.”


The remaining guards’ faces turned ugly after seeing their Third General being killed. Nothing like this had ever happened before in Void Triangular Domain. In this world, Dark Generation is the absolute slaughterer. No one from the outside world would dare to oppose them. However, their people were killed today on the street. This was truly an unforgivable event.

“All of you stay put.”

At this time, another yell was heard causing the crowd to keep quiet. They saw a man in purple clothes coming from the sky. He was moving on the sky with confidence, every step he made was graceful. He seemed twenty five or six years old. He had an attractive look. His brows were as sharp as blade. His thin lips gave people an unpleasant feeling. His thick and dark hair hung down loosely but it didn’t get messy in the air. This was a man who was prettier than a woman. He made a sway and landed amongst the group of guards. His elegant and graceful demeanor would certainly fascinate plenty of young girls.


Those guards greeted with their fists. Their tone was very respectful.

That prince scanned Jiang Chen, then his eyes immediately s.h.i.+fted to Yan Chenyu. When he saw her unique face, he was immediately stupefied, given his experience in reading female faces. He couldn’t take his eyes away from her. He couldn’t believe that there was actually such a beautiful female from the other worlds. He was afraid that not even the legendary celestial beauties could be compared to her.

To any lascivious devil, Yan Chenyu’s attractiveness was lethal.


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