Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 808 – Dark Liuyun

Chapter 808 – Dark Liuyun

Dark Liuyun

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This prince had extraordinary demeanor as well as cultivation. He was already a Fifth Grade Minor Saint at such a young age. The physique of the Dark Generations is indeed unique. A genius like him could rarely be seen even amongst the eight families of the Pure Land.

“If you don’t take your eyes off from her, I promise you that you would be blind for the rest of your life.”

Jiang Chen looked at the prince and said in a cold tone. In his heart, Yan Chenyu was holy and saint-like. No one would dare to disrespect her in front of him. It was already considered a miracle for the prince to stand there unharmed.

“b.a.s.t.a.r.d, you lowly humans dare to speak rudely to our Prince? Courting death!”

A Minor Saint guard yelled at Jiang Chen. Despite of his low cultivation, his tone sounded lofty. His tone indicated how much they look down on humans. In their beliefs, they weren’t humans but a very dignified race that was gifted and unique.

As a matter of fact, majority of the people of Dark Generation had limited knowledge. In their opinion, a peak Minor Saint was already the ceiling in their cultivation path. They had never seen a Great Saint, and had never known how powerful a Great Saint was. Despite their domain being opened once every three years, no Great Saint could come. So, they naturally thought that the three worlds were similar to them. Due to this fact, their point of view were limited. They had no idea how big the other worlds were, except for those imperial kinsmen of Ninth Grade Minor Saint; they knew that Minor Saint was in fact nothing compared to the higher realm cultivators.

Hence, most of the Dark Generation looked down on these outsiders. They thought that these outsiders’ only purpose of coming here was for their useless True Meta Stone. They were all born with natural dignity. For them, humans were puny beings within the food chain. If it wasn’t for the rare treasures, herbs and pills that these humans have, they wouldn’t waste their effort to patronize them.

The obvious discrimination had infuriated Dan King. But he strongly suppressed it. In fact, the imperial kinsmen of Dark Generation were even prouder. They even look the eight families of Divine Continent down despite knowing the existence of a Great Saint in those families. They would never hide the pride of their own bloodline. They thought that the only reason they couldn’t reach the Great Saint realm was mainly because of the restriction of the law of nature in their world, otherwise, it would be a piece of cake for them to advance to the Great Saint realm.

Of course, while facing the eight families, the first cla.s.s major powers of Boundless World and Black Yellow World, the imperial kinsmen would treat them with a warm welcome. After all, they still needed the continuous flow of resources from them.


As soon as the guard’s voice faded, a slap landed on his face with a bang. The palm belonged to that purple-clothed prince.

“Prince, this man is the one who killed Third General.”

The guard was confused. He had no idea why his prince slapped him all of a sudden. Why would he stand on an outsider’s side? Although he was also a Minor Saint, his respect and fear for the purple-clothed prince was profound.

“Shut up. Have your eyes become blind? Is this how you treat my honored guests? Get out of my sight now!”

The purpled-clothed prince yelled at the guard, as if losing a Third Grade Minor Saint general wasn’t a big deal.

“Yes, Prince.”

The guard didn’t dare show any signs of disrespect, he immediately left the scene. Many eyes were following the pitiful guard who was just slapped. They pitied him for not understanding the prince’s temper and hobby. The others knew why the prince acted like this—it’s because there was a heavenly beauty among them.

The purple-clothed prince held his fists at Dan King and the others politely, and said, “My name is Dark Liuyun, the prince of this prefecture. I heard that you all are visitors from afar world. I apologize for the impolite welcome of my subordinates. I would appreciate it if you all could forgive their mistakes.”


Dan King made a cold humph but didn’t say a word. He would have accepted the feigned apology of Dark Liuyun if he had not heard the conversation of the two guards at the gates just now. He might feel that this was a decent young man. But, now that he had known Dark Liuyun’s ulterior motive, which was to get his hands on Yan Chenyu, his good impression of him instantly crumbled. Naturally, he wouldn’t give him face.

“It seems like my honored guests is still harboring a grudge against the previous incidents. Our city has always been very respectful towards alchemist. If you all don’t mind, I would like to invite you all to my prefecture to have a drink. What do you all think?”

Dark Liuyun was behaving courteously. No one knew how many cultivators had been captivated by this pretense.

Dan King didn’t respond but darted a glance at Jiang Chen. This minor gesture had told Dark Liuyun that the decision-maker among the four wasn’t this powerful alchemist, it was this Third Grade Minor Saint man in white.

“Since Prince Dark Liuyun invited us personally, we would naturally accept your invitation.”

Jiang Chen said with a smile. He would go to the prefecture regardless of what ulterior motives this Dark Liuyun had.

“Great! This brother is truly forthright! I, Dark Liuyun, always likes to make friend with someone like you. How may I address you?”

Dark Liuyun said pleasantly.

“Jiang Chen.”

Jiang Chen said in a flat tone.

“How about this beautiful young miss?”

Dark Liuyun’s eyes fell upon Yan Chenyu’s body. Although he had tried hard to mask his lascivious eyes, it was still visible in his eyes.


Yan Chenyu made a cold humph and turned her head away from Dark Liuyun. In truth, she was holding herself not to attack. She didn’t need to put a Fifth Grade Minor Saint in her eyes given her current strength. If it wasn’t for keeping Jiang Chen’s plan intact, Dark Liuyun would become an ice pop, like the two guards at the gate.


Dark Liuyun was stunned. This was the first time that he encountered such a scenario. Given his gentle demeanor and looks, no woman had ever rejected him. He had never imagine that he could meet such a bizarre character that didn’t even bother to look at him. This had without a doubt hurt his self-esteem. How could a prince accept such a response? His eyes turned sinister but it was well concealed by his overall expression.

“My honored guests, this way please.”

Dark Liuyin made a gesture and showed them the way. He turned and led the way back to the prefecture. Immediately, his smiling face instantly turned cold and his eyes turned violent as a poisonous reptile.

“What a good Jiang Chen! A lowly human! Dared to be rude in front of me and killed my men? I will grant you an unburied death soon. And that bi*tch! Trying to act sn.o.bbish in front of me? There is no woman that I couldn’t handle in this world.”

Dark Liuyun was carrying a vicious smile. Once they entered the prefecture, they would be under his full control.

“Brother Chen, this man is disgusting.”

Yan Chenyu told Jiang Chen via divine sense.

“Every disgusting man won’t have pleasant ending.”

Jiang Chen replied with a smile.

“Little Chen, when we reach the prefecture, are we going to step right into his trap? Do you have any plans?”

Tyrant asked.

“There are no plans, we will act according to the situation.”

Jiang Chen said with a shrug.

“Chen Er, I am sure that there are high grade experts in the prefecture. In my opinion, we should leave as soon as we finish the trade for the True Meta Stone.”

Dan King said.

“Father, I’m afraid that this Dark Liuyun would never let us go even if we want to. Initially, I was thinking of making a trade for the True Meta Stone but I have changed my mind. We must obtain the True Meta Stone without the trade.”

Jiang Chen chuckled. His initial intention was to perform a courteous transaction with the other party but since Dark Liuyun planned to hunt them, politeness was no longer necessary. Plus, after knowing the similarities between Dark Generation and the devil religion, he viewed them as prey of the same kind.

Dan King shook his head and sighed. He had to say that his son-in-law was truly audacious. There was virtually nothing that he wouldn’t dare to do. This Dark Liuyun wouldn’t face any good repercussion once he offended Jiang Chen. Furthermore, he could already predict how lively this domain would become with Jiang Chen’s presence.

The City Lord’s Prefecture looked impressive and luxurious. Either it was the outer building or the scenery, they all represented grandeur. Similarly, there were four guards in black armor outside the entrance. Their cultivation were stronger than the guards guarding the city gate. The strongest among them was an Eighth Grade Combat Emperor.

They quickly bowed to greet Dark Liuyun as soon as they saw him. “Prince.”


Dark Liuyun simply nodded and strode through the entrance to the prefecture. Jiang Chen and his friends followed behind him attentively. Those four guards focused on Yan Chenyu and smiled as if they already understood something.

“Did you see that? The prey has knocked on the prince’s door.”

“The prey this time is really a high quality one. Her cultivation is higher than the girls before. I’m afraid that Prince would certainly enjoy this pretty girl.”

“That girl is an absolute beauty. Last time, when the domain was opened, Prince had captured eight beauties and put them in the Fragrance Dispelling Pavilion. They had become his pleasure toys for three years. I a.s.sume that he has already gotten bored with them. This time, he would certainly begin his hunt again.”

“These few men are seriously unlucky to fall under Prince’s grip. It isn’t hard to imagine their ends. They would certainly die for sure.”

They were all commenting about the new visitors and had already concluded their fates. Apparently, this wasn’t the first time that something like this happened. As for the hobby of the prince, they were well aware of it. Any prey that was targeted by Dark Liuyun could never escape, even if the prey could grow wings.

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