Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 806 – Dark Mulberry City

Chapter 806 – Dark Mulberry City

Dark Mulberry City

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The illusory gate was pulled open by a shapeless spatial force. The light behind the door poured out like silk and landed on everyone. Jiang Chen could feel a strong Qi from it.

“This is a very pure Qi. The element of light is very useful to me. This Qi belongs to the Void Triangular Domain. This trip will definitely be worthwhile this time. I can strengthen myself any time if I cultivate here. I can already imagine how much benefits the True Meta Stone will give me.”

Tyrant was in full surprise. The aura of the light was purer than what he had expected. It aligned naturally with the cultivation law of Buddha Sect. In other words, as long as he cultivated here, he would certainly improve much faster, given his innate talent.

“The sky of Void Triangular Domain is controlled by two types of energy. What you are feeling now is the Qi of the light energy. It indicates that the domain is in day time. If it is night time, the dark energy will be prevalent and all the light energy will be blanketed.”

Dan King explained. He had been here before, so his understanding about this domain was better than any of them.

It took only a while for the three hundred meters large virtual door to fully open. All the people entered the gateway in a single file towards the Void Triangular Domain.

Jiang Chen and Dan King didn’t delay in their response. When they went through the gateway, it wasn’t just a domain that they saw but numerous pa.s.sageways that led them to different cities.

Void Fragmentation Domain was an independent world populated by Dark Generation. They were akin to humans in the Saint Origin World. Naturally, their numbers were plenty and different territories had been created due to different forces.

Dan King was leading them. They went into one of the pa.s.sageways. As for the others, they all chose a different pa.s.sageway, as if they were trying to avoid Jiang Chen and his friends. Jiang Chen didn’t mind this at all. He could save his time and effort if no one was trying to provoke him

With a flash, Jiang Chen and the others came out of the pa.s.sageway and entered a bright world. Below them were mountains, but they couldn’t see a single plant on it at all. All they could see were mountains with tall summits.

“This is just the same as our world. There is day and night but it is all controlled by the dark and light element. There is neither sun nor moon, nor stars. So the environment isn’t suitable for any plants to survive, even lesser chance to plant an herb. This is the reason that there isn’t a single alchemist in the Dark Generation. Even if they hired an alchemist from the other worlds, the alchemist can’t do a thing here. Of course, Dark Generation has stored the necessary amount of different kinds of herbs and treasures during their interaction with the three worlds. True Meta Stone has been used to trade for these things. Besides that, the major cities of the Dark Generation would be able to earn a large sum during the trade. They would charge a hefty sum for the trade to happen amongst the cultivators of the three different worlds.”

Dan King explained.

“This is capitalism.”

Tyrant smiled. He had to admit that the Dark Generation was good at doing business and using the fortune that they earned to expand their influences.

“That is for sure. Void Triangular Domain is ruled by Dark Generation. Even the people of the eight families would have to obey the rules while trading here.”

Dan King said. Jiang Chen too agreed with this point. This is an independent world controlled by a single race, the Dark Generation. The limit for the cultivation grade is peak Ninth Grade Minor Saint, no Great Saint is allowed to enter here. Despite the exceptional influence that the eight families had in the Saint Origin World, once they reached this domain, their influences were deemed useless. They would only suffer a one-sided loss if they go against the Dark Generation,

“Father, you have come to this place before?”

Jiang Chen swept across the mountains below. The sky was clear and bright but there were no clouds.

“I haven’t been here before but since the pa.s.sageway has brought us here, that means there is a city nearby. Let’s go over there and find out.”

Dan King said. The four of them flew towards the same direction.

“Father, you said that there will be a major trading event here. I wonder where the venue will be.”

Jiang Chen asked. Usually there would be an auction during a major trading event. At that time, different kinds of treasure would appear, but Jiang Chen’s interest was only in the major trading event.

“The major trading event would be held in the King City of the Void Triangular Domain. That is the place where the imperial kinsmen of the Dark Generation resided. It isn’t like any ordinary city. Dark Generation is divided into two groups, the rich and the poor. The imperial kinsmen are the highest ruler. During normal times, an ordinary person of Dark Generation could never enter the King City. However during the major trading event, it would be open to all, including us. I was fortunate enough to join the event but I was just a spectator last time. There will be a major auction on that day as well. The treasures of three different worlds will be auctioned. Any priceless or rare treasure that we have not seen or known before would appear. The value of the treasure will induce temporary blindness on you. The people who will attend are the major powers of Boundless World, Black Yellow World, Saint Origin World and the imperial kinsmen of Dark Generation. It is hard to imagine how grand it would be with so many high grade experts around. Putting aside the fact that we will be treated as privileged guests, someone as ordinary as us will already be grateful if we can find a place to sit.”

Dan King recalled the scene of the major auction that he had attended last time. His eyes couldn’t help but glow.

Jiang Chen and Tyrant exchanged a glance. They saw excitement from each other’s eyes. They couldn’t wait to see such a grand scene and those priceless items. This time, they must ensure that they can acquire everything that they needed. They absolutely couldn’t return empty handed.

Very quickly, a city became visible in front of them, but it didn’t look large. Its size was only a hundred miles wide. In the aspect of its scale, it was way smaller than the super large cities that were thousands of miles large back in Saint Origin World.

The entire city was built by a rare rock. A radiance reflected from it as the light shone from the sky, making the city look dignified and honourable.

“We will go forth and take a look at the city. There is an expert guarding in every city of the domain. There are numerous trading spots in one city. We could now go and trade for some True Meta Stones. If we see any cultivators from the Boundless World and Black Yellow World, we could also trade for their treasures and weapons.”

Dan King said.

Dark Mulberry City.

This was the name of the city—Dark Mulberry City. Every city that was located in this virtual domain would have its name begin with the word ‘dark’. It represented the Dark Generation and there was no exception to this. Even King City had the word ‘dark’ in it. The full name of King City is Dark King City.

The four of them strode through the gateway of the city; it was similar to the city in Saint Origin World. There were guards in black armour standing on both sides of the gateway. They were all Fourth Grade Combat Emperors. The leader of the guards was a Fifth Grade Combat Emperor.

“Brother Chen, this sure is an ordinary city. These guards are only Fourth Grade Combat Emperors”

Yan Chenyu said with surprise.

“Xiao Yu, this is not strange. When the person of Dark Generation is born, their unique body will start to absorb the dark energy from this world, increasing their speed of advancement. In the usual case, a twenty year old youth would have no problem breaking through to the Combat Emperor but after that, their advancement would slow down gradually. As such, these guards are only Fourth Grade Combat Emperors.”

Dan King explained.

“They sure have heaven defying bodies.”

Tyrant had to admit that the Dark Generation was indeed a strange kind, Jiang Chen too admitted and nodded. The advantage that the Dark Generation made them envious.

“Hold your step.”

A guard shouted at Jiang Chen before coming forward to them.

“Which world do you all come from?”

The guard’s tone was arrogant. Despite the fact that he was facing experts of Minor Saints, he didn’t show the slightest sign of respect. In their hearts, these humans were just outsiders. They claimed that their bloodline were higher. Any outsider would have to keep their aggressiveness once they entered Void Fragmentation Domain. None of them would dare to provoke any of the aborigines here.

“Saint Origin World.”

Dan King spoke with the same arrogant tone, but the guards didn’t care about it. Dan King had a privileged status back in the Saint Origin World, naturally, he wouldn’t put a Combat Emperor guard in his eyes. Plus, his ident.i.ty as an alchemist here was a privileged status as well.

Jiang Chen’s eyes were glowing. He could see through the pretence that the guard put up, he had cultivated the Great Soul Derivation Technique. There was an intense current of dark energy inside his body that could potentially ignite his violent and ruthless temper any time. Although they all looked the same as humans, their nature wasn’t far away from a monster.

“So the humans of Saint Origin World have arrived. It seems like the gateway of our domain has opened. In order to enter the city, you all will need to provide something beneficial, it will act as an entrance fee to the city.”

The guard spoke.

“Charges? Void Triangular Domain has been opened to the three worlds for so many years but no charges have been imposed to anyone before entering a city.”

Dan King sounded a little angry. In fact, he didn’t care about the charges. Given his a.s.sets, he could simply provide a few ordinary pills for them. However, he felt frustrated about this.

“A new law has established. Any visitor who wished to enter the Dark Mulberry City has to provide something for them to be allowed entry.”

The guard said with an annoying smile.

“Son of a b*tch!”

At this time, a loud yell was heard from behind. The Fifth Grade Combat Emperor guard walked forward and sent two slaps to the smiling guard, causing his mind to circle.


Although he was beaten up, he still greeted his leader respectfully. It showed how much the Dark Generation valued power.

The leader gave a glance to Yan Chenyu and was stunned for a while. He then held his fists at Dan King and said with a smile, “My subordinate doesn’t know the rules here. I hope senior won’t keep this in heart. You all can proceed to the city now without any charges.”


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