Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 794 – First Grade Great Saint

Chapter 794 – First Grade Great Saint

First Grade Great Saint

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“So this old man is the master of Tyrant. Truly domineering.”

This was the first time Big Yellow met Great Master Ran Feng. He was impressed by Great Master Ran Feng’s domineering disposition. Who would have thought that a gentle-looking old monk would say it in such a domineering way? He didn’t even give the Minor Saints of the Great Lightning Tune Temple face.

“Of course.”

Jiang Chen smiled. This was the first time for Big Yellow but as for him, he had witnessed Great Master Ran Feng’s power one time in Western Domain. In order to save him, Great Master Ran Feng used his gaze to kill a Ninth Grade Combat King through divine sense. Anyone could already imagine how powerful that was.

“Ran Feng, let's not talk about your disciple first, but I hope that your appearance here is not for this evil creature.”

Yuan Ji was clearly scared of Great Master Ran Feng. He immediately turned the tip of the spear to Jiang Chen, he knew that it was already impossible to pa.s.s the judgment off to the little monk. If he insisted, Great Master Ran Feng would interfere knowing his temper. However, this Jiang Chen must be gotten rid of.

“Evil creature? Why is the term you are using so unpleasant to hear? Jiang Chen is a very rare genius. The conflict between him and the Heavenly Sect has already involved the life of others. The Heavenly Sect wanted to kill him and therefore he just returned the favor. Isn’t this reasonable and logical? Besides, Jiang Chen only killed the Minor Saints. He didn’t kill any of the innocent people of the Heavenly Sect. There are in fact too many of such conflicts across the Divine Continent, there are countless of them. Is the Great Lightning Tune Temple going to put their hands in matters that is totally unrelated to them from today onwards?”

Great Master Ran Feng said in a carefree manner. Naturally his presence was for Jiang Chen, otherwise, he wouldn’t be here just to have a little chat with Yuan Ji? Jiang Chen weighed a lot in his heart, he was even more important than the Great Lightning Tune Temple. Great Master Ran Feng couldn’t rely on the temple but he could on Jiang Chen; he would need a huge favor from Jiang Chen in time to come.

“Ran Feng, don’t forget about your ident.i.ty. You are now a senior monk of Great Lightning Tune Temple. So you should think on behalf of the temple instead of helping our opponent. Putting aside the fact he has ma.s.sacred all the Minor Saints of the Heavenly Sect which has messed up the natural order in Western Domain, he has also harmed one our senior monks. This is no different than slapping your own face for protecting a criminal. He is an evil creature that must be eliminated. However, since you have a connection with him, we could still allow him to live but he must receive heavy punishment from our temple.”

Yuan Ji sounded angry. He had been a.s.sociating himself with Great Master Ran Feng for all these years, even if he had an ulterior motive, it was still due to him that Great Master Ran Feng joined their temple. However, even after Great Master Ran Feng joined the temple, they have not obtained any benefits. He already understood that it was already hopeless for them to obtain any benefits from Great Master Ran Feng.

“I have already shown mercy to the Great Lightning Tune Temple. The proof is the both of them, how can they still stand and speak otherwise.”

Jiang Chen said. Great Master Ran Feng’s words were the truth. He and the Heavenly Sect were mortal enemies. It was a standoff but the Great Lightning Tune Temple had sent two Seventh Grade Minor Saints to stop him. Given Jiang Chen’s temper, he would have already killed them straightaway. As such, Jiang Chen has shown great mercy to the Great Lightning Tune Temple by not killing the both of them.

“Evil creature! Such an incident has never happened in the Western Domain before. You should feel lucky for not getting a death sentence. However, judgment must be pa.s.sed upon your deeds.”

Yuan Ji bellowed.

“Yuan Ji, can you let this matter go? Given the many years of friends.h.i.+p that we have shared? From now on, Jiang Chen will never offend the Great Lightning Tune Temple again. What do you think?”

Great Master Ran Feng spoke. Great Lightning Tune Temple was too strong after all. It would the best if Jiang Chen could avoid the ha.s.sle from this major force.

“Fine, as long as you hand over the inheritance of Ancestor Green Lotus. I will forget about today’s matter. How?”

Yuan Ji looked at Great Master Ran Feng. Over the years, the Great Lightning Tune Temple had attempted to pry into the inheritance of Ancestor Green Lotus. They wanted the things that Ancestor Green Lotus had left after he died.

“I have already said it before. My master didn’t leave any inheritance behind.”

Great Master Ran Feng’s facial expression didn’t change but he had a cold smile in his heart, thinking that the temple had still not given up on this after so long. This was their true motive for getting him to join the temple.

“Ran Feng, don’t pretend. You know what the temple wants all along. That year Ancestor Green Lotus had obtained the long-lost scripture cla.s.sic of Buddha Sect. This must have been inherited by you. Ran Feng, you should understand that the scripture cla.s.sic belongs to the Buddha Sect, it isn’t a personal item. We don’t want any other inheritances of Ancestor Green Lotus but only that scripture cla.s.sic. You should know that the Great Lightning Tune Temple was a Holy land of Buddha Sect. The scripture cla.s.sic should be kept in the temple. As long as you hand it over, you would be considered as a great benefactor of the temple and today’s matters would be forgotten.”

Yuan Ji continued.

“It’s a pity that you can’t accept my terms.”

Great Master Ran Feng shook his head.

“Ran Feng, we can’t give you what you want. It is not that easy to gain access to that place!"

Yuan Ji shouted.

Jiang Chen was frowned. His personal conflict had ignited the feud between the Great Lightning Tune Temple and Great Master Ran Feng once more. He didn’t know what condition Great Master Ran Feng wanted the temple to fulfil. He guessed that this condition must be related to Ancestor Green Lotus. There must be something very special within this condition.

“That only means that we couldn’t come to an agreement. Yuan Ji, I will protect Jiang Chen today regardless of whether you give me face or not.”

Great Master Ran Feng’s tone hardened once again. Since they couldn’t compromise, there was nothing else to talk about.

“In that case, I can only use my skills to communicate.”

Yuan Ji’s Qi fluctuated. The Qi of a Ninth Grade Minor Saint was unleashed perfectly. He had never fought against Great Master Ran Feng until now. However, he truly wanted to see how strong the disciples of Ancestor Green Lotus really is.

“You have already lost the qualification to fight me.”

Great Master Ran Feng looked and sounded indifferent.

“What did you say?”

Yuan Ji widened his eyes.

Yuan Ji’s eyes widened and his Qi intensified. A bright and large Dharma Seal of Buddha Sect was struck out. It looked like a golden barrier or a large golden compa.s.s that carried an incredible aura, it lunged forth wildly at Great Master Ran Feng.

Great Master Ran Feng’s posture remained unchanged as Yuan Ji launched the attack. He stuck out one finger, pointed at the void in front and gently poked it. A ‘bo’ sound was heard as Yuan Ji’s Dharma Seal was pulverized and dissipated into nothingness, even the void had returned to it’s normal calmness. In other words, Great Master Ran Feng’s simple poke had crushed Yuan Ji’s attack completely. It was an attack from a Ninth Grade Minor Saint but it disappeared so swiftly and quietly.


Yuan Ji was stunned. Not even in his wildest dreams did he think that he would witness such a scene. He lifted his head and looked at Great Master Ran Feng in disbelief. He didn’t dare to believe this. He knew that Great Master Ran Feng was strong but how could there be such a huge difference between them despite being in the same grade?

*Weng* *Weng*

This time, Great Master Ran Feng’s Qi started to change. Uncountable golden light that carried close and numerous talisman symbols drifted around his body; the Qi of the Buddha was unleashed from his body.

There was no doubt about it, this is the Qi of the Buddha. Being a Great Saint, he was akin to Buddha. It turned out that Great Master Ran Feng had already advanced to the Great Saint realm; a Ninth Grade Minor Saint trying to kill a Great Saint, he should be out of his mind .

“This is the Qi of the Buddha. You have advanced to the Great Saint?”

Yuan Ji exclaimed. There was no way that he wouldn’t be surprised by this, the fact that Great Master Ran Feng had become a Great Saint and also a true Buddha. The variation between a Minor Saint and a Great Saint was vast. No wonder his attack failed to touch him.

“Congratulations to master for advancing to the Great Saint realm.”

Tyrant was surprised. His master had finally broken through the bottleneck and became a legendary Great Saint after so many years. Although he was just a First Grade Great Saint, he had already became a true Saint.

According to previous experiences, a cultivator who managed to advance to the Great Saint realm would no longer be considered as mortal but a true saint. The next level would be immortal. A Great Saint was virtually invincible and there were only a few of them in Divine Continent. One would seldom reveal himself as a Great Saint. They were in seclusion all the time in order to pursue the supreme realm and become immortal.

“Congratulations, Great Master Ran Feng.”

Jiang Chen held his fists at Great Master Ran Feng. He could sense that Great Master Ran Feng was different compared to the last time they met. In spite of that, he didn’t feel a tiny bit of surprise for Great Master Ran Feng reaching the Great Saint realm. He had been a Ninth Grade Minor Saint for a long time, he should have already acc.u.mulated ma.s.sive amounts of energy in his cultivation for advancement. Besides that, he was given a Nine Solar Lightning-Dragon pill which had ignited a portion of his power. Thus, it was already certain that he would advance to the Great Saint realm eventually. Given Great Master Ran Feng’s potential power, it was very likely that he could achieve the supreme state of Great Saint or even turned into an immortal.

“The reason that I was able to step into the Great Saint realm is mainly because of Jiang Chen’s help. If it wasn’t for your Nine Solar Lightning-Dragon pill, I’m afraid that I will be stuck at the Ninth Grade Minor Saint forever.”

Great Master Ran Feng expressed his grat.i.tude to Jiang Chen.

“Master dog had finally seen a Great Saint. His Qi is too strong.”

Big Yellow muttered and was impressed by this old monk.

“Ran Feng, you have just unleashed the Qi of a Great Saint. The Great Saint in Great Lightning Tune Temple would certainly sense it. I’m afraid that they would come here in no time. When that time comes, your plan to save Jiang Chen would certainly fail.”

Yuan Ji spoke but he was smart enough to choose not to battle against a Great Saint. Furthermore, his peer’s unexpected advancement had dampen his confidence and messed up his emotions because that had separated him from Great Master Ran Feng.


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