Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 795 – A Defeated Enemy

Chapter 795 – A Defeated Enemy

A Defeated Enemy

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Yuan Ji was right. It would be troublesome if a Great Saint appeared. Great Lightning Tune Temple would be shaken. As soon as Yuan Ji’s words faded, dynamic Qi from two people appeared in the sky. A Great Saint had a speed that could travel hundreds of miles through the void in a sway. So if a Great Saint or the Great Saints of Great Lightning Tune Temple had sensed the sudden Qi of a Great Saint, it would only take them a few blinks before they reach here.

This was the reason Great Master Ran Feng didn’t choose to escape with Jiang Chen and the rest at this time. As long as the Great Lightning Tune Temple was persistent, they couldn’t go very far. This conflict must be resolved today.

Two Buddhas of the Great Lightning Tune Temple had appeared. Both of their bodies were glowing with a golden light, they were innumerable times more powerful than Yuan Ji. There was a golden mark of Buddha Sect visible in between their brows, which made them looked very divine. They also looked a lot younger than Great Master Ran Feng, probably around fifty years old. The eyes on their dignified expressions were gold.

“Ran Feng, you have stepped into the Great Saint realm. Congratulations.”

One of the Buddha said with a smile. Naturally, they would be pleased to see the people of the Great Lighting Tune Temple advance to Great Saint realm.

Great Master Ran Feng knitted his brows. Jiang Chen’s face didn’t look very good either. These two were Buddhas with incredibly high cultivation. One of them was First Grade Great Saint which was on par with Great Master Ran Feng, but the other one was a Second Grade Great Saint. One should understand the difficulty to even make one advancement in Great Saint realm.

“Uncle Master Tian Dang, Ran Feng has joined this evil man and is opposing our temple.”

Yuan Ji greeted one of the Buddhas with respect and called him ‘Uncle Master’ despite the fact that he was older and more senior. One could tell how important a Great Saint was in the Great Lightning Tune Temple. Yuan Ji used his divine sense to inform them about the whole incident that just happened.

After hearing Yuan Ji, their faces’ changed as well as the expression of their eyes against Ran Feng.

“Master, what do we do now?”

Tyrant was slightly worried. The two who came were the Buddhas Heaven Word Generation of Buddha Sect. Two Great Saints being here made it even harder for them to deal with the situation.

“Ran Feng, it is a good thing that you made it to the Great Saint realm. I feel happy for you, but don’t fall into the wrong path with the devils. Heavenly Sect is a major power of Western Domain after all. Today this evil creature has outrageously killed most of them. Great Lightning Tune Temple is the leader of this domain. As such, we have to take action against it.”

Great Master Tian Dang said.

“Great Master Tian Dang, this is a personal conflict between Jiang Chen and Heavenly Sect, I hope that the Great Lightning Tune Temple would give me, Ran Feng some face. Jiang Chen is a good friend of mine and he has very much helped me advance to the Great Saint realm. Besides, Jiang Chen has never harmed any of the people of our temple. I have a privileged status in the Great Lightning Tune Temple anyway, couldn’t you give this old man some face this time?”

Great Master Ran Feng said. He implied that it would be impossible for him to hand over Jiang Chen to them. If Jiang Chen really fell into their hands, Jiang Chen would certainly be treated as a devil and would be imprisoned, which meant that his whole life would be over.

“Ran Feng. I suppose Yuan Ji have already told you whatever you wanted to hear. Jiang Chen must be punished and if you continue to protect this evil thing, I would have no choice but to disappoint you.”

Great Master Tian Dang’s tone turned solemn. Yuan Ji had already told him everything, especially about the inheritance of Ancestor Greenlotus and the long-lost scripture cla.s.sic of Buddha Sect. Since Great Master Ran Feng refused to come to terms with them, there was nothing else they should talk about. They couldn’t sacrifice the reputation of the Great Lightning Tune Temple for a person who didn’t even care about their temple.


Great Master Ran Feng held his left palm against his right palm and stopped in front of Jiang Chen. He wasn’t attempting to back away. Since it was impossible to achieve a compromise with them with words, he should use his action now.

“Humph! You have just advanced to Great Saint realm old man. I would like to see how much you can do. Brother Tian Dang, you just have to stand there and watch me test this disciple of Ancestor Greenlotus and see how exceptional he really is.”

Great Master Tian Hong let out a cold humph. He moved a step forward to Great Master Ran Feng’s direction. He had the same grade as him, a First Grade Great Saint, but he wasn’t a fresh Great Saint cultivator like Great Master Ran Feng.

“Ran Feng, you first.”

Tian Hong’s eyes sparkled, his Qi became domineering.

“I don’t dare to.”

Great Master Ran Feng was as calm as before.

“Little Chen, who do you think will be more powerful? My master or that monk?”

Tyrant asked.

“Great Master Ran Feng has taken the Nine Solar Lightning-Dragon pill, which has unlocked his potential strength, which helped him break through the bottleneck of Minor Saint realm. Plus, do you think the disciple of Ancestor Greenlotus would have a second rate ability?”

Jiang Chen revealed a smirk at the corner of his mouth but was slightly depressed because these bunch of old monks were as tiny as shrimps in front of him in his past life. He could get rid of them with just a blow.

Nevertheless, a hero should not boast about his past glories. His current strength wasn’t as great as before. Now, he didn’t even have the qualification to partic.i.p.ate in this battle and could only watch at one side.

“In that case, I will strike first. Whirling Palm.”

Tian Hong’s Qi fluctuated. Countless of golden lights were released along with a palm seal of Buddha Sect. It then condensed into a large palm seal that covered the sky like clouds. The entire void changed. This strike was locked at Great Master Ran Feng. Under the control of his power sphere, a shapeless battlefield was created, otherwise, the strike of a Great Saint would definitely cause the sky and earth to collapse, and many would die.

Great Master Ran Feng didn’t change his expression facing Tian Hong’s incredible strike. He slowly stuck out his palm attack with composure. It was a very ordinary palm that didn’t consist of any profound type of symbols or patterns but it straightaway pulverized the Whirling Palm that was coming.

*Deng* *Deng* *Deng*

Tian Hong received a strong recoiling force. He was forced to move back a few steps before finding his balance. Now, he felt a stifled frustration which he couldn’t express. The shapeless power sphere trembled. His face turned pale, he looked at Great Master Ran Feng who was still standing there, calm.

“This is not possible.”

Tian Hong was in shock. He had been a First Grade Great Saint for at least twenty years and had finally reached the peak of the First Grade Great Saint. But then, Great Master Ran Feng who had just stepped into the Great Saint realm had pulverized his attack with one strike.

The other shocking thing was that Great Master Ran Feng wasn’t equipped with any of the ultimate skills of Buddha Sect. Great Master Tian Hong himself already used one of them just now, the Swirling Palm. One could already imagine what would happen if Great Master Ran Feng had attacked using one of those skills.


Great Master Ran Feng held his palm against his other palm. From the beginning until now, he was just as composed as before. This was his first battle with a Great Saint, but he didn’t show any excitement despite gaining the upper hand.


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