Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 793 – Putting aside all the Consideration

Chapter 793 – Putting aside all the Consideration

Putting aside all the Consideration

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After he finished his declaration, the people of Heavenly Sect felt relieved but at the same time, grievous. They heaved a sigh for being still alive. Jiang Chen was not a killing machine like they thought him to be. As a matter of fact, the people who went to deal with the Martial Saint Dynasty was the higher ups of the Heavenly Sect, which was unrelated to them.

Now, countless of disciples expressed their grief for losing everything in Heavenly Sect. This long-built empire would dissappear forever from today onwards. A place that they had been living for a long time was suddenly destroyed. That type of feeling was really too heavy to bear.

“You are called Jiang Chen? You are finished! Buddha would never forgive a frenzied devil like you for your crimes.”

That senior monk had a disgusted face. He had never seen someone as ruthless as him.

“Shut up if you don’t want to die!”

Jiang Chen darted the senior monk a cold look. If they weren’t from the Great Lightning Tune Temple, they would’ve been dead long ago.

Yan Chenyu approached Jiang Chen. Meanwhile, Big Yellow stared at the unlocked Starlight Tower and said, “The star energy inside is a real treasure.”

Jiang Chen nodded. An abundant amount of star energy had been acc.u.mulated in Starlight Tower over the years. It was really exceptional both in amount and purity but they weren’t useful to Jiang Chen. However, they might be very useful to Nangong Wentian and Nebula Kidd. If Nangong Wentian absorbed the ma.s.sive star energy from the tower and obtain the Starlight s.h.i.+eld, he wouldn’t have a problem reaching the Minor Saint realm.


As Jiang Chen was preparing to keep the Starlight Tower, a deep sound rumbled across the sky. They saw a golden light with the shape of a huge millstone that carried s.h.i.+mmering talisman symbols. That was a pure Yang Qi that suppressed all evils.

Jiang Chen frowned. Another expert of Great Lightning Tune Temple had arrived. It seemed that it was no longer possible to maintain a healthy relations.h.i.+p with them. Initially, he didn’t want to include the Great Lightning Tune Temple into the picture because of his good relations.h.i.+p with Great Master Ran Feng. Besides, Tyrant was also one of them. However, their persistence in stopping him from taking revenge gave him no other alternatives.

The golden light flickered before turning into an old monk in a robe. He looked st.u.r.dy and there was a necklace-like thing that was squeezed with talisman symbols hanging on his neck. His body was illuminating the light of Buddha, making him look like a real Buddha who had descended from the heavens. Most importantly, his cultivation grade was overwhelming. Although he hadn’t stepped into the Great Saint realm, he was only a step away from it given the fact that he’s a peak Ninth Grade Minor Saint.

Besides, Jiang Chen also knew this person. Back in the Greenlotus Mountain, it was this monk who came and invited Great Master Ran Feng to join the Great Lightning Tune Temple. His name was Yuan Ji. Jiang Chen wouldn’t be able to withstand any of his attacks.

“What the f*ck! Another sanctimonious old monk has come.”

Big Yellow couldn’t help but curse. Probably, he wasn’t taught of lowering his tone since young, his loud curse was clearly heard by Great Master Yuan Ji. Nevertheless, Great Master Yuan Ji was a great monk after all. He was not offended but only darted Big Yellow a glance.

Great Master Yuan Ji swept across the ruins of Heavenly Sect. There were still stinging stench of blood lingering in the air, corpses of the killed experts and collapsed buildings. Then, his face turned angry.

“Great Master Yuan Ji, help us pa.s.s judgment on this evil creature.”

The two senior monks quickly moved forth when they saw Great Master Yuan Ji. That senior monk who lost an arm gritted his teeth and said with grievance.

Now, Yuan Ji saw clearly the miserable condition of the senior monks, especially the one who had his arm ripped off leaving his white bones visible. It fueled the rage in his eyes. In Western Domain, there was no one who dared to harm the people of the Great Lightning Tune Temple. This was exactly declaring a war on Buddha Sect.

“Why would the benefactor begin a ma.s.sacre on the people of Heavenly Sect?”

Great Master Yuan Ji looked at Jiang Chen.

“This is a personal conflict between Heavenly Sect and me. This has nothing to do with Great Lightning Tune Temple. We can move on without interfering anyone’s path. I hope that the Great Lightning Tune Temple won’t get involved in my business.”

Jiang Chen replied.

“Evil creature! You dare to use such a tone to Great Master Yuan Ji? Truly unforgivable!”

The senior monk bellowed. He had found a reliable support after the arrival of Great Master Yuan Ji. Thus, he needn’t fear Jiang Chen anymore. He didn’t believe that Jiang Chen, a Third Grade Minor Saint, could harm Great Master Yuan Ji, a Ninth Grade Minor Saint. The difference between them was just too great.

“Great Master Yuan Ji. This man is very ruthless and is possessed by evil. He has killed many innocent people and ripped off one of my arms. He is precisely not putting the Great Lightning Tune Temple in his eyes. That little monk who is a disciple of Buddha Sect is the devil’s accomplice, shaming the sect.”

The senior monk who lost an arm said. The two of them condemned everything that Jiang Chen did and told everything that happened here, including how Tyrant disrespected them.

When Great Master Yuan Ji noticed Tyrant, his expression changed. Tyrant was no stranger to him. Although he hadn’t been to Greenlotus Mountain for a long time, he still remembered that Great Master Ran Feng had a disciple.

“You are the disciple of Great Master Ran Feng?”

Great Master Yuan Ji asked.

“That’s right.”

Tyrant admitted. It was a very proud thing to him to be a disciple of Great Master Ran Feng.

“What? The disciple of Great Master Ran Feng? You would certainly be punished heavily when you return for mixing around with an evil creature.”

“That Ran Feng only has the ident.i.ty of an ordinary member. Despite the fact that he has joined the Great Lightning Tune Temple, he has never been to the Great Lightning Tune Temple even once. This little monk is also not a frequent visitor of our temple.”

After knowing Tyrant’s ident.i.ty, the two senior monks were in shock. Naturally, they couldn’t continue their uncourteous att.i.tude towards him.

“Little monk, this matter would surely involve the reputation of Buddha Sect. If you decide to return to our side and abandon your evil friend, I would exempt you from the heavy punishment for all the previous faults that you have made.”

Great Master Yuan Ji said to Tyrant.

“I’m afraid that this disciple can’t make such a promise. This disciple is a person who has limited patience. The people of Heavenly Sect should be eliminated. This disciple have also killed some of them just now. Of course, ‘kill’ isn’t the right term, this disciple was merely giving them a chance to expiate their sins so that they can be sent to the paradise.”

Tyrant said in a solemn tone as if he had just given a righteous reason. In other words, he emphasized that he wasn’t guilty while the people of Heavenly Sect was, so they should be killed.

After hearing this response, the two senior monks and even Great Master Yuan Ji had the urge to faint. They wondered how Great Master Ran Feng taught his disciple. His feigned seriousness was enough to defy all the expectations of the seniors.

Jiang Chen and Big Yellow had already grown accustomed to it. Tyrant would always surprise or blow his listeners mind out. He wouldn’t be Tyrant if he didn’t say such words.

“In that case, I would do your master a favor by teaching you a lesson. And this benefactor, who is called Jiang Chen, I want you to go to the Great Lightning Tune Temple to receive your punishment and repent for your mistakes.”

Great Master Yuan Ji said. An incident like today had never happened before in Western Domain. It would affect their reputation negatively for allowing such an incident to happen in their domain. Jiang Chen, who was the arch-criminal, must receive a severe judgment in order to compensate the losses.

“The matter of Ran Feng’s disciple is out of any stranger’s bounds.”

At this time, another deep voice rolled across the sky. An old monk in simple emperor robe walked over in the void and reached Great Master Yuan Ji. He seemed sixty to seventy years old and his face was full of white beard. He was Great Master Ran Feng.


Tyrant greeted his master with a bow.

“Greet Great Master Ran Feng.”

Jiang Chen also held his fists at him. He knew that he would come. This old monk looked gentle but he naturally had an unnoticeable pride given the fact that he was a disciple of Ancestor Greenlotus. Jiang Chen also knew very well how important Tyrant was for Great Master Ran Feng. His word had indicated that he wouldn’t let anyone touch his disciple, even if his disciple had made a mistake.

“En. Not bad, really.”

Great Master Ran Feng looked at Jiang Chen, shooting out two lights and praised Jiang Chen for his achievement. Jiang Chen was absolutely the most abnormal genius that he had ever seen. As for Tyrant, he also advanced exceedingly fast, especially after obtaining the inheritance of Ancestor Greenlotus, but he only reached the First Grade Minor Saint.

Jiang Chen on the other hand had already reached the third grade of Minor Saint realm. Another scary thing was that, he was able to kill a Seventh Grade Minor Saint with ease. Such overpowering combat strength was really unparalleled. Great Master Ran Feng couldn’t deny how surprised he was to see the current Jiang Chen.

He didn’t have the intention of blaming Jiang Chen for eliminating the Heavenly Sect. He saw hope from Jiang Chen instead. He couldn’t rely on the Great Lightning Tune Temple every time. In other words, his goals weren’t aligned with the temple. This could be seen on his refusal of going to the Great Lightning Tune Temple over the years despite the series of invitation from them.

“Ran Feng, my old friend. Long time no see.”

Great Master Yuan Ji greeted Great Master Ran Feng but his tone wasn’t as friendly as before. Jiang Chen guessed that, perhaps, the Great Lightning Tune Temple didn’t get what they wanted after inviting Great Master Ran Feng to join them. As such, they had probably stopped placing their hopes on him.

“Yuan Ji, I heard that you want to teach my disciple a lesson. When did I gave you the right to do that?”

The usually gentle Great Master Ran Feng had his Qi erupt.


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