Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 62 – The Mighty Big Yellow Dog

Chapter 62 – The Mighty Big Yellow Dog

Chapter 62 – The Mighty Big Yellow Dog

Both sides were emitting great killing intent. They stood in the middle of the Center Square, opposite of each other.

On the Lee family’s side, they were being led by Lee Shan Yue. Beside him was five Mortal Core warriors. There was a ferocious smile on Lee Shan Yue’s face, and the long scar on his face made him look even more ferocious.

On the other side, Yan Zhan Yun stood side by side with Jiang Chen. Behind them were Yan Chen Yu, Big Yellow, and four Mortal Core warriors from the Yan family.

Considering the total combined strengths of each faction, the Yan family was obviously higher than the Lee family, but what made Jiang Chen and Yan Zhan Yun curious was that the Lee family, who should be low in spirits, were now high in spirits.

“Something wrong…”

Jiang Chen had a frown on his face.

“Something is really not right. The Lee family’s spirit shouldn’t be so high. What was it that gave them such high spirits?”

Yan Zhan Yun was puzzled as well. Now, however, both sides were like an arrow about to be unleashed from its bow. The battle between them was now unstoppable.

“Haha. Yan Zhan Yun, if you hand over Jiang Chen to me now, I’ll let you die quickly later!”

Lee Shan Yue was laughing out loud. His spirit was incredibly high, and his face was filled with confidence that said everything here was under his control.

“Today we’ll kill every single person from the Yan family, and then we will demolish the Misty Rain Tower!”

The senior elder from the Lee family shouted out with extreme arrogance. Right now they had help from a Heavenly Core Demon Lord. They were confident that they could make the Yan family vanish from Red city overnight.

Opposite of them, Jiang Chen stood there with a frown on his face. He recalled the Heavenly Core Demon Lord that appeared earlier; he had a bad feeling about it.

“Hmph! Lee Shan Yue, now that all the young geniuses from the Lee family are dead, after today’s battle, your Lee family will be finished!”

Yan Zhan Yun shouted out loudly.

“Haha. Yan Zhan Yun, if that’s the case, I’ll let you die first!”

Lee Shan Yue was laughing out loud. He turned his head in another direction and shouted, “Your honorable, please help me kill Yan Zhan Yun!”


Right after Lee Shan Yue shouted out, a sharp hawk cry sounded out from above the skies. Everyone could suddenly see a mighty big black hawk in the skies. The black hawk’s wings curled, and it transformed into an old man. He released the aura of a Heavenly Core warrior and immediately made everyone in the Center Square feel a huge pressure. It felt awful.

“Is that a Demon Lord?!”

The expressions on the men from the Yan family suddenly changed.

The old man was floating in the air. Being able to fly in the skies was one of the things a Heavenly Core warrior can do. No matter if it was a Demon Beast or a human cultivator, when they reached the Heavenly Core realm, they could control natural energies and fly in the skies.

Those at the Qi Hai and Mortal Core realm could only absorb natural energies. They still couldn't control the natural energies.

This was the difference between those at the Mortal Core realm and those at the Heavenly Core realm. It could be said that one was above the ground and the other was below the ground. Of course, the old man in the black robes was a hawk. He was an aerial Demon Beast, and so he could naturally fly before reaching the Heavenly Core realm.

The appearance of the old man in black had turned the situation around completely. A Heavenly Core Demon Lord was able to change everything in this city. All the men from the Yan family immediately felt scared under the pressure of this old man, and their spirits disappeared completely under the pressure.

Yan Zhan Yun was shocked. He finally knew why Lee Shan Yue had suddenly become so confident. By getting help from a Heavenly Core Demon Lord, of course he could be arrogant and confident.

Jiang Chen stood to the side and had an extremely cold expression. The appearance of the Heavenly Core Demon Lord had disturbed his plans.

If it was his past life, he could easily kill a Heavenly Core Demon Lord just by staring at it, but right now he was only a Late Qi Hai warrior. He had tons of abilities that couldn’t be used. Due to this, he was no match for a Heavenly Core warrior.

Jiang Chen took a deep breath. In the worst case scenario, he would need to use the Great Soul Derivation skill, but it wasn’t easy to scare off a Heavenly Core Demon Lord with his soul pressure alone.

“Hahaha. Yan Zhan Yun, today I’ll let you die! I’ll kill every single person from the Yan family and let them accompany you to h.e.l.l! As for you, little b.a.s.t.a.r.d Jiang Chen, I’ll skin you alive and pull out all your nerves one by one. Then I will break your bones and burn them into ashes! Only this can ease my hatred for you!”

Lee Shan Yue had a hideous smile on his face. He felt extremely excited when thinking about how his all-time enemy was going to die in front of him. He was going to get revenge for his sons.

Above the skies, the old man stared at Yan Zhan Yun with his eagle sharp eyes. This was the man he was going to kill tonight. Once he killed this man, he would just leave this place.

“You are Yan Zhan Yun?”

The old man asked to confirm his ident.i.ty.

Yan Zhan Yun’s expression changed. His heart was in his throat just from seeing the old man. With his abilities, there was no way he could fight against a Heavenly Core warrior. They were not on the same level.

“Don’t hurt my dad!”

In front of him, Yan Chen Yu opened her arms and blocked Yan Zhan Yun. An extreme chill was being unleashed from her body, her freezing cold energy getting ready to attack. She would never allow anyone to try to kill her dad in front of her. The only way to do so would be over her dead body.

“Such a powerful chill. I never expected to see this kind of Divine Body appear in this little place! Unfortunately, you’re still too weak.”

The old man was shocked, but his expression immediately turned into a cold smile afterwards.

“Yu’er, go away! It looks like your dad is going to die here today.”

Yan Zhan Yun said.

“Dad, I won’t leave this place!”

Yan Chen Yu was firm with her decision.

“Hmph! Such a strong father-daughter bond… then, the two of you will die together!”

The old man didn’t have much patience. He stuck out his palm and prepared to attack Yan Zhan Yun and Yan Chen Yu. A grab from a Heavenly Core warrior was completely unavoidable. If this grab was successful, father and daughter from the Yan family would die on the spot.


Right at this moment, a dog’s barking sounded out. Big Yellow raised his head and barked at the old man wearing a black robe in the air.

The old man felt a very familiar feeling towards this sound. He hurriedly looked towards the direction the sound originated from, and when he saw that it came from a big yellow dog, his face instantly changed.

The next moment, the old man did something that startled everyone on the spot.

Everyone saw that the old man, who purposely leaked powerful killing intent, immediately suppressed his killing intent. He then turned into a beam of light and flew down from the sky. He landed right in front of Big Yellow and kneeled down on the ground.

The old man was lying face down on the ground. His forehead was stuck onto the ground; this showed how respectful he was towards this big yellow dog.

What? What’s happening right now?

A Heavenly Core Demon Lord, kneeling down in front of a dog?

The area immediately became silent. The whole Center Square had become deadly silent. Everyone had the same expression. Their mouths were wide open as they stared at the old man who was kneeling down.

What the f.u.c.k?! What was happening right now?! That was a Heavenly Core Demon Lord, so why did he kneel down immediately upon seeing a dog?! Just what was this dog?!

Everyone had a weird feeling. This situation far exceeded anyone’s imagination.

The battles was changing every single second. The smile on Lee Shan Yue’s face was still there, but it was now frozen. The old man in the black robe was his greatest and only hope. If Yan Zhan Yun died, the results of this war would be settled, and the Yan family would vanish. Everything would go according to Lee Shan Yue’s plan.

But no one would have thought that at this final stage, something extremely difficult to understand would happen.

The men from the Yan family had even stronger emotions about it. They had a feeling that they were being played by destiny. If everything had gone according to their plans, today’s war would end in the Yan family’s victory, but an unexpected Heavenly Core Demon Lord arrived at the last second and turned everything around.

Right at this moment, the Yan family had lost all their hope. Even Yan Zhan Yun had lost all hope, but who would have thought that just before this Demon Lord was about to attack, he went and kneeled down in front of a dog.

What was this all about?

Jiang Chen had his eyes opened wide as well. With a surprised look, he looked at the prideful and narcissistic Big Yellow. Even with all his experience, he still couldn’t understand why the old man would kneel down in front of Big Yellow.

Although Big Yellow’s bloodline was n.o.bler, in this world everything depended on your abilities. The old man’s abilities were far beyond that of Big Yellow. If they had to fight, Big Yellow would be no match for him.

But the reality was, the Demon Lord was kneeling down right now.

“What the f.u.c.k? Big Yellow, how did you do this?”

Jiang Chen whispered to Big Yellow with his Divine Sense. For the first time, Jiang Chen felt some respect for this dog.

“How I did it? Respect right? It’s alright if you respect me. With someone so handsome and mighty, like me, there’s nothing impossible when I’m around!”

Big Yellow’s narcissism had reached its peak; he started bragging continuously to Jiang Chen via his Divine Sense.

“Enough! Quickly tell me, how did you get this hawk to kneel down?!”

Jiang Chen gazed at him.

“Kaka, I’m a mighty being, so of course I’ll have my own mighty methods! Do you believe this little hawk won’t commit suicide in front of us if I asked him to do so?”

Big Yellow raised his head high, he was boasting like he was superior to everyone else.

“Who cares about committing suicide. Do you have a way to make this hawk listen to my orders?”

Jiang Chen asked.

“That’s simple, just look at me!”

Big Yellow said. He stared at the old man who was kneeling down and said, “Little black hawk, stand up!”


The old man wouldn’t dare refuse any order. He hurriedly stood up from the grounds. He stood in front of Big Yellow respectfully, like a kid who had made some mistake and was waiting to get lectured by an adult.

Seeing this, everyone were impressed with Big Yellow. They looked at him with respect. Tgey all admired and respected him now.

Even Jiang Chen had to admit that this dog was mysterious. In his past life, although he had many methods that could make a demon beast listen to him, most of those just relied on his strength. He also had a few special techniques.

“From now on, he will be your master! Whatever he says, you will do!”

Big Yellow stood up with stood up on his two back legs and put his front legs behind his back as he started walking in a circle around the old man. He spoke with a mature tone.

Just right after hearing Big Yellow’s words, the old man in black kneeled down in front of Jiang Chen and spoke respectfully, “Master!”

f.u.c.k! How can this be happening? Just who was this big yellow dog?

Everyone felt as if thunder had struck their heads; they almost fell down onto the ground.

They couldn’t stand it any longer. That was a Heavenly Core Demon Lord! He was behaving ferociously and cruel one moment, but the next he turned as meek as a lamb.

Was this big yellow dog a deity? How did he actually do it?