Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 61 – The Night Falls, the War Begins

Chapter 61 – The Night Falls, the War Begins

Chapter 61 – The Night Falls, the War Begins

The energy unleashed by a Heavenly Core Demon Lord had sped up everyone’s heartbeats. They were all scared right now. Everyone was looking at Lee Shan Yue. It was obvious that this Demon Lord came here because of their chief.

A Blood Winged Hawk’s Demon Soul? What was that; many of the people present had not even heard about the Blood Winged Hawk. What if they provoked this Demon Lord, and he just simply destroyed the Lee family? It would be a joke; if the Lee family was just preparing to go to war with the Yan family and were finished even before the war began? That would just be bad luck.

Lee Shan Yue was startled. He was stared at by those cold eyes belonging to the old man dressed in the black robe. It really gave him a creepy feeling. He knew what the Blood Winged Hawk was. It was a powerful Demon Beast, but he honestly didn’t have its Demon Soul.

“Your honorable, are you making some mistake? There is no Blood Winged Hawk’s Demon Soul in my Lee family!”

Lee Shan Yue bowed politely towards the old man. He dared not be any impolite, and he tried speaking as softly as he could. He was scared that if he were to provoke this old man, he would die from a slap.

“The Blood Winged Hawk’s Demon Soul is with you, hmph! I’ll give you the time of three breaths to hand it over to me! If you don’t, I’ll kill everyone here!”

The old man in the black robe spoke with a cold and emotionless voice. His killing intent could easily be sensed by the others; no one doubted what he said.

Everyone’s faces had changed. No one dared doubt what the old man in black said. If Lee Shan Yue didn’t hand over the Demon’s Soul within three breath, this old man would kill them all. With their abilities, there was no way for them to defend themselves when facing a Heavenly Core Demon Lord.

Lee Shan Yue started cold sweating instantly. The Blood Winged Hawk’s Demon Soul, what was that thing? He really didn’t have it, but this guy in front of him was so sure that he really did have it.

What made Lee Shan Yue even more upset was that this man in front of him was not someone that could be pushed around. If he couldn’t hand it over in three breaths time… This was not a funny joke.

“Don’t tell me it’s this red Demon Soul?”

Suddenly a thought appeared in Lee Shan Yue’s mind. He hurriedly took out an item from his s.p.a.cial bag.

“Is this the Demon Soul your honorable is looking for?”

Lee Shan Yue held up a red Demon Soul and asked. He had accidentally obtained this Demon Soul a few years ago during an outing. Although he didn’t know which Demon Beast this belonged to, it contained strong blood and qi, as well as some strange energy. Lee Shan Yue had a feeling that this was an extraordinary items. That was why he had kept it and put it in a corner within his storage. After all these years, he had never really paid much attention to it. He was really surprised that it would attract the attention of a Demon Lord.

However, Lee Shan Yue wasn’t too sure because it was obvious that this Demon’s Soul belonged to an Early Mortal Core Demon Beast. This big black hawk in front of him was a Heavenly Core Demon Lord. How could he take a Mortal Core Demon’s Soul so seriously?”

“It really is the Blood Winged Hawk! Haha, this Demon Soul even has the complete bloodline of the Blood Winged Hawk! Lucky, I’m really lucky!”

When the old man saw the red Demon Soul, he immediately started laughing in excitement. For normal people, this Demon Soul was just an ordinary Demon Soul, but for the demon hawk species, this was a priceless treasure. What the old man cared about was not the level of the Demon Soul, but the bloodline within. The Blood Winged Hawk was a king amongst the demon hawk. The bloodline was incredibly precious. Normal humans and Demon Beasts couldn’t absorb the bloodline, but this old man could.

When Lee Shan Yue took out the Blood Winged Hawk’s Demon Soul, all the men from the Lee family let out a sigh of relief. At least their lives were safe now.

“Give me the Demon’s Soul!”

The old man in black said with an incontrovertible tone.

“Yes, your honorable!”

Lee Shan Yue replied. But just when he was about to hand over the Demon’s Soul, he suddenly pulled it back. A bright light shone appeared in his eyes, and it was followed by a cold smile on his face.

“Your honorable. The Blood Winged Hawk’s Demon Soul, I’ll hand it over, but I wish to ask a favor from your honorable!”

Lee Shan Yue said. This was a great chance for him. With the current strength and spirits of the Lee family, if they went to war with the Yan family, they wouldn’t have any advantages. But if this Demon Lord could help them, then it would be a completely different story.

“What? How dare you to negotiate with me?!”

The old man in black unleashed his energy as a furious look appeared on his face.

“I dare not!”

Le Shan Yue kneeled down on the ground and raised the Demon’s Soul high up into the air and said, “I just have a wish that your honorable can help me! But I never had any intentions to negotiate! If your honorable doesn’t wish to help, I’ll dare not say anything! Please accept this Demon’s Soul, your honorable!”

“En, you’re a man with a nice att.i.tude, and my mood is pretty good today. As a favor for this Demon’s Soul, tell me, what is the matter you need my help with?”

The old man grabbed the Demon’s Soul and kept staring at it while speaking to Lee Shan Yue.

Lee Shan Yue was incredibly happy upon hearing this. He was a clever man. He knew that if he used the Demon’s Soul as a token of negotiation, it would definitely provoke the big black hawk. All Demon Beasts possessed a cruel and hot temper, so it would only bring the opposite effect and cause the Lee family to be ma.s.sacred. That was why Lee Shan Yue did exactly what the old man wanted while at the same time reaching his own goal.

“I wish your honorable to help me kill two men!”

Lee Shan Yue said.

“Haha, that’s easy! Tell me, who do you want me to kill?”

The old man in black started laughing out loud. To him, killing two men was really easy, just like grabbing a piece of cake.

“The first one is the chief of this city’s Yan family, Yan Zhan Yun! The other one is a Heavenly Core warrior in Fragrant Sky city. If your honorable could help me kill these two men, then that would be of great help to us!”

Lee Shan Yue kneeled down on the ground as he spoke. He never dared asked anything too excessive, like asking the old man in black to destroy the Yan family. As long as this old man could help him kill Yan Zhan Yun and the hidden Heavenly Core warrior in Fragrant Sky city, the Lee family would be able to destroy the Yan family themselves and take control of Red city.

As for Jiang Chen, he wanted to catch him personally and torture him bit by bit until he died. He would not let him escape through death.

“Oh? How come there’s a Heavenly Core warrior in such a small place?”

The old man in black furrowed his brows.

“Your honorable, that Heavenly Core warrior is just at the early stages. He isn’t a threat to your honorable!”

Lee Shan Yue saw the old man hesitate and hurriedly told him that. In fact, he hadn’t even seen the face of that Heavenly Core warrior, so he didn’t know if the man was at the Early Heavenly Core realm, . He only said it so this old man in black would help him.

“Alright, I’ll help you. The Heavenly Core of a human is useful for me as well. I had never expected that I could find a Heavenly Core warrior in this small place, interesting. But, just in case, you’ll have to wait until I absorb the Blood Winged Hawk’s Demon’s Soul before I help you kill that Heavenly Core warrior.”

The old man in black said. A Heavenly Core warrior was not someone ordinary. They weren’t easy to deal with. Even the old man himself had to be careful about this. But, now that he had the Blood Winged Hawk’s Demon’s Soul, he was significantly more confident that he would be successful. Aside from that, the reason why he agreed to help Lee Shan Yue was because of the Heavenly Core in a Heavenly Core warrior’s body. It was something that could provide really good benefits for demon beasts.

“Sure, there’s no hurry in killing that Heavenly Core warrior… But, I wish your honorable can help me kill Yan Zhan Yun before your honorable enters closed door cultivation to absorb the Demon’s Soul!”

Lee Shan Yue had an evil smile on his face. The Jiang family was not the priority right now; destroying the Yan family and killing Jiang Chen was what he wanted to do right now.

Everyone in the Lee family had extremely joyful looks on their faces. None of them had much confidence in this war with the Yan family, but now that they were getting the help of a Heavenly Core Demon Lord to kill Yan Zhan Yun, they were no longer anxious.

“Fine, killing a Mortal Core warrior is just a piece of cake for me.”

The old man in black kept the Demon’s Soul and agreed with Lee Shan Yue’s words.

“This is really good for me! I won’t hide anything from your honorable. My Lee family is going to war with the Yan family, but now that we have your honorable to help us, we will certainly win this big war! I think there’s no need to wait for the right time anymore; the war will start tonight!”

Lee Shan Yue stood up from his kneeling position. Excitement filled his face. Eventually, everything would work out. Lee Shan Yue’s plans were to have a war where both sides would lose, but he never thought a Demon’s Soul he had acquired so many years ago would attract a Heavenly Core Demon Lord that would help him out. As long as the old man in black killed Yan Zhan Yun, there would be no one in the Yan family who could fight with him.

After he destroyed the Yan family and killed Jiang Chen, he would wait for the old man to absorb the Demon’s Soul .He would then rush to Fragrant Sky city and destroy the Jiang family. After all this was over, the Lee family would have full control over this city.


The old man in black nodded his head. There was a saying that if someone gave you money, you would avert the disaster for him, Lee Shan Yue really knew how to talk and kept addressing the old man as your honorable, greatly pleasing him. Secondly, he was just freed from the jail and had immediately obtained the demon soul of the Hawk of b.l.o.o.d.y Wings, so he felt really happy. That was why helping Lee Shan Yue to kill two men was something that was not out of his abilities.

Lee Shan Yue’s spirit was now high again. He shouted towards the men of the Lee family, “Listen up everyone. Later, you will all follow me and attack the Yan family! With the help from his honorable, Yan Zhan Yun will die for sure! We, the Lee family, will have victory! Tonight, the Yan family will be gone, nothing will be left of them!”

“Nothing will be left, nothing will be left……”

The men of the Lee family were originally in low spirits, but because of the Heavenly Core Demon Lord, their spirits had immediately risen again. They had a feeling that in today’s battle, the Lee family would be victorious! The Yan family wouldn’t be able to hold on, and they would be crushed by the Lee family.

That the same night, under Lee Shan Yue’s lead, a few hundred men from the Lee family rushed towards the direction of the Yan family. At the same time, the Yan family received news about it, and under the lead of Yan Zhan Yun, a few hundred men started marching out of the Misty Rain Tower.

“Heavens, the skies are really going to change! The Lee family and the Misty Rain Tower are genuinely fighting this time!”

“They are going to war! Tonight, only death will cease the war! The Lee family and Yan family have both sent out their men at the same time; I’m guessing they will fight their war in the middle of the square!”

“The skies above Red city are going to change! Let’s hurry up and witness this show!”

“Watch your a.s.ses, only those who are not afraid of death should go! A fight amongst tigers, if you are just a monkey standing aside, aren’t you just looking for death?”


The city had turned to chaos. Most people hid inside their houses when they heard the news. They were scared they would be hurt by the fight. Some curious people stood far away from the center of the square, waiting to watch the show.

Half an hour later, both parties met in the Center Square. The Center Square in Red city was pretty huge. It could fit thousands of people fighting at the same time. This was the reason why Yan Zhan Yun wanted the war to be here. If such a huge and intense battle happened near the Misty Rain Tower, it would surely be completely destroyed.