Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 63 – The New Rules for Red City

Chapter 63 – The New Rules for Red City

Chapter 63 – The New Rules for Red City

Even Jiang Chen was shocked. Initially he had thought that Big Yellow would have a way to make the old man listen to his order, but he never expected it to be so simple. A Heavenly Core Demon Lord was doing exactly what Big Yellow told him, totally submissive without any arguments. It looked like if Big Yellow were to order the old man to commit suicide on the spot, he would do it without any hesitation.

He couldn’t imagine how Big Yellow did it.

Witnessing these changes, the Yan family, who had previously lost all hope, suddenly started smiling. Yan Zhan Yun was even laughing out loud. Destiny was really playing a joke on them, but it didn’t only trick Yan Zhan Yun, it also tricked Lee Shan Yue.

Yan Zhan Yun was happy, but Lee Shan Yue was completely different. He could only feel the world spinning around him. Everything he saw was blurry.

How could this be happening? What actually happened just now?

A mean and cruel Heavenly Core Demon Lord was here to help him kill someone, but now he was suddenly kneeling in front of the enemy? Was he trying to play a joke on him?

“Big black hawk, stand up.”

Jiang Chen said casually. The old man dressed in black stood up from the ground. In his heart he was wondering about this young teen in front of him who was only 15-16 years old. But his att.i.tude made it seem like he was someone who used to be very high ranked.

If it was any ordinary man, when a Heavenly Core Demon Lord kneeled down in front of him, he would be nervous. But, this young man in front of him was calm, and there wasn’t even any ripples in his eyes. It was as if it was natural for a Heavenly Core Demon Lord to kneel down in front of him.

But soon, the old man felt relieved. A man who Big Yellow was willing to follow must be someone extraordinary.

Jiang Chen placed his hands behind his back and walked two steps forward. With an indifferent expression, he looked towards Lee Shan Yue who was standing opposite of him, “Lee Shan Yue, have you ever heard of this saying: picking up a rock and smas.h.i.+ng your own feet?”

Hearing what Jiang Chen said, Lee Shan Yue almost started vomiting blood. Jiang Chen was being sarcastic with him. He had become the biggest fool; not only had he lost the Blood Winged Hawk’s Demon’s Soul, he had also outsmarted himself. He validated the saying ‘picking up a rock and smas.h.i.+ng your own feet.’ If he didn't ask for the old man to help him, with the Lee family’s abilities, even if they couldn’t win the war, they would at least be able to put up a fight. But now everything was gone; there was no way for them to fight anymore.

“Lee Shan Yue, you should have heard the saying, an eye for an eye! You planned on killing Yan Zhan Yun with the help of a Heavenly Core Demon Lord. But now, I’ll ask this Heavenly Core Demon Lord to kill you. What do you think?”

Jiang Chen continued his speech with an indifferent tone. The Lee family immediately became frightened. If Lee Shan Yue died, there would be no point for them to even fight anymore.

“Big black hawk, get me the head of Lee Shan Yue.”

Without even allowing Lee Shan Yue to think, Jiang Chen immediately gave the old man an order.

“Yes, master!”

The old man bowed politely towards Jiang Chen. He then moved his body, and in the next second, he appeared in front of Lee Shan Yue. He stared into Lee Shan Yue’s eyes with his own cold eyes.

Lee Shan Yue instantly felt a s.h.i.+ver in his spine. This was a threat to his own life. The old man’s stare made him feel as if he was being stared at by a poisonous snake.

“No, don’t kill me! I’ve given you the Blood Winged Hawk’s Demon’s Soul!”

Lee Shan Yue said while trembling.

Jiang Chen’s eyes instantly lit up upon hearing the words ‘Blood Winged Hawk.’ He thought to himself that it was no wonder Lee Shan Yue was able to ask the old man to help him kill Yan Zhan Yun. It was all because of a Blood Winged Hawk’s Demon’s Soul.

The Blood Winged Hawk’s Demon’s Soul was a rare treasure. Not only did it attract the old man, it also attracted Jiang Chen. If this was his past life, the Demon’s Soul wouldn’t have much use for him. But this time it was different. He was cultivating the Dragon Transformation skill, and he was able to absorb any bloodline in this world. Until now, he had yet to absorb any rare bloodlines aside from the Green h.e.l.lish Python’s bloodline. In order to quickly level up the Dragon Transformation skill, absorbing rare bloodlines was the fastest shortcut. Besides, according to the Dragon Transformation skill scroll, if he could obtain the Blood Winged Hawk’s bloodline, he would be able to inherit its innate abilities.

Innate abilities were different from ordinary combat skills. Normal combat skills had a preset level. Jiang Chen knew quite a number of Saint level combat skills, and the Nine Solar Energies was personally created by him. But unfortunately, his current level was too weak. He had tons of powerful combat skills, but he was unable to use them right now as he was still too weak.

But innate abilities were different. It didn't matter if it was a human’s Divine Body or a demon beast’s innate ability, it would all transform and grow with the being who possessed them. The maximum power of an innate ability was limitless as the stronger one being’s cultivation base was, the more powerful it was. It would always be in its perfect form; this was why innate abilities were so amazing.

The ones with Divine Bodies, humans or beasts, didn’t need to learn any combat skills. As long as their innate ability could awaken, with the support of their special bloodline, they could use that innate ability to unleash powerful attacks.


Totally ignoring the panicked Lee Shan Yue, the old man smashed his sharp claws into Lee Shan Yue’s head. After that, under Lee Shan Yue’s desperate expression, the old man crushed his head. One of the tigers in Red city had just died on the spot.


The horrible death of Lee Shan Yue had turned the Lee family into a mess. Their hopes and spirits instantly disappeared. Everyone’s faces turned into grey ashes. Even Lee Shan Yue was killed with just a single strike, so how could they be able to fight him?

After killing Lee Shan Yue, the old man turned around and walked back to Jiang Chen and Big Yellow with a polite expression on his face.

“Little black hawk, well done.”

Big Yellow praised the old man. A highly acclaimed Heavenly Core Demon Lord being called little black hawk, if this was anyone else, the old man would definitely kill him without any hesitation.

“Boy, what should we do to with these men?”

Big Yellow looked at Jiang Chen.

“That’s what the Yan family needs to worry about. It has nothing to do with us. Let’s go.”

Jiang Chen smiled. He turned around and looked at Yan Zhan Yun, “Chief Yan, I’ll let your Yan family settle what’s left here. I’ll go back first and wait for the good news. Remember this, Chief Yan, when getting rid of weeds, you must eliminate its roots.”

“Rest a.s.sured Brother Jiang Chen, I know what to do!”

Yan Zhan Yun clasped his fist as he paid respect to Jiang Chen. His gratefulness and respect towards Jiang Chen couldn’t be measured. It wasn’t only him. Right now, everyone from the Yan family had the same feeling. They looked at Jiang Chen with a respectful expression; this sacred young man had once again saved everyone’s life.

In the hearts of the Yan family men, Jiang Chen was their lucky star. If it wasn’t for him, the Yan family would have vanished. What happened to Lee Shan Yue would have happened to Yan Zhan Yun instead. There was no doubt about it.

Although the biggest help came from Big Yellow, they hadn’t forgotten that he was brought here by Jiang Chen. The Yan family was not related to Big Yellow in any way.

Jiang Chen nodded his head. He then brought Big Yellow and the old man and left the Center Square. He didn’t want to get involved in what happened next. The Lee family and the Yan family were like fire and water, but today would be the day for them to settle everything.

The Lee family would definitely disappear. As for what happened with the men from the Lee family, he believed Yan Zhan Yun would know what to do.

What was more important for Jiang Chen was the Blood Winged Hawk’s Demon’s Soul. He needed to obtain it.


Behind him, sounds of killing started emerging. Soon, the whole Center Square was a warzone. High amounts of killing intent could be felt from the square, and the screams and shouts soon merged together.

The night was dark, and the wind was blowing. This was a night filled with blood. After this day, the Lee family would be gone, and there would be a new rule for this city.

But Jiang Chen wasn’t concerned about any of this. To him, what happened in Red city was just a small note along the journey that comes after his rebirth. Soon, he was going to step into a new part of his journey.

Along the way, Jiang Chen and Big Yellow were walking in front, and the old man was following them at the back politely, just like a meek sheep.

“Big Yellow, how did you actually make this hawk surrender to you?”

Jiang Chen couldn’t bear the curiosity and asked with his Divine Sense.

“Kaka, this is too simple. I just planted a Divine Sense Seed in this little hawk’s Divine Sense, and he is under my complete control! I just need to think a thought, and he will be dead.”

Big Yellow’s face was filled with a cunning and proud smile.

Jiang Chen was stunned. No wonder this old man followed Big Yellow’s orders without daring to be impolite. It was all because his life was in the hands of Big Yellow. But, what made Jiang Chen even more curious was, no matter if it was human or demon beast, the Divine Sense was the source of everything, the most important component. A person would rather die than let someone else plant a seed in their Divine Sense, unless he was an idiot. But, this hawk didn’t look like an idiot at all.

Besides, with the hawk’s strength being at the Heavenly Core realm, how could Big Yellow plant a seed in his Divine Sense?

“How did you do that?”

Jiang Chen asked.

“Do you still remember what I told you about the Heavenly Sword Sect’s Demon Prison Tower? I set three Demon Lords free, but as a condition for me setting them free, they would have to do whatever I say and provide services for me in the future. You must know that these Demon Lords have been jailed for decades in that tower, and because of the special formations in that tower, those jailed Demon Lords can’t improve their cultivation in it. There would be no chance for them to leave that place for the rest of their lives.”

Big Yellow had a cunning and intelligent light in his eyes.

“So, you used this as the condition for setting them free and gained control of them this way.”

Finally, Jiang Chen understood. Big Yellow was a cruel being. But, those three Demon Lords would definitely agree to that condition. Even if they were being controlled, it would still be better than sitting in a jail until they die.

“There must be some powerful defenses in the Demon Prison Tower. If there weren’t, it wouldn’t be able to hold those Demon Lords, so how did you set them free?”

Jiang Chen asked again. He had more respect towards Big Yellow now. Ordinary defenses couldn’t hold Jiang Chen, but that was because he was once the greatest Saint in this world. He had experiences from his past life. Besides, in order to break those defenses, one would need help from strong abilities. So how could this dog break those defenses and set three Demon Lords free?

“Your daddy has his own methods. I won’t tell you about them.”

Big Yellow took great pride in his methods.

“But didn’t you tell me that those Demon Lords you set free were caught again by the inner disciples of the Heavenly Sword Sect? Then how did this black hawk manage to escape again?”

Jiang Chen asked with a puzzled expression.