Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 577 – The Sot Old Man

Chapter 577 – The Sot Old Man

The Sot Old Man

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“You b.a.s.t.a.r.d!”

Xiao NanFeng was so furious that his fury was spilling out from his body, producing a strong wave of force rus.h.i.+ng towards Jiang Chen. He could not wait to kill this guy. He was humiliated every time he met this man, as if his face was being hit by a hammer. The thing that provoked him the most was that he saw disdain and disrespect from Jiang Chen’s eyes every time. He was the head of the Asura palace and he successfully achieved Ninth Grade of Combat King at a young age, he was one of the four geniuses in the State of Liang. Who dared not to pay respect to him? A person with only a Fifth Grade of Combat King was not eligible enough to disrespect him.

For him, tarnis.h.i.+ng and killing other people’s wives weren’t wrongdoings. Anyway, it was just a part of a female's’ life. To him, the woman should feel honoured when someone who had the ident.i.ty of genius was attracted to her. Any rebellious actions would only result in her own death.

These were the thoughts of Xiao NanFeng. Honour and reputation were his only motivation in all of his actions, he only cared for his own goal, claiming everything he did was right. However, his evil deeds angered Jiang Chen a lot.

Jiang Chen once met his strongest enemy, Nan Bei Chao, he was the most arrogant person he had ever met. He was a pretentious guy and by mastering the skill of an emperor, he would be able to conquer everything. However, he looked up to this arrogant guy who was his enemy that determined his life and death. Ever since Nan Bei Chao was born there was an aura of an emperor inside his body. His aura was the indication of a real emperor. His gestures were way better than Xiao NanFeng. The comparison between the two would paralyze anyone’s intelligence.

That instant flashback made Jiang Chen frown. Although he had defeated Nan Bei Chao by chopping off half of his body, he knew in his heart that his enemy was still alive as he would not die easily. He had a feeling that that man would appear before him sooner or later with incomparable imitation of dazzling heroic qualities.

“*Heng*…” Humphed Jiang Chen. He shook his shoulder once and created a real dragon handprint, destroying the wave of force of Xiao NanFeng completely.

“Have you guys finished with your discussions? If not, fight within yourselves to determine who will be the one to take my head.”

Jiang Chen’s eyes glanced through everyone.

“Good kid, you are very courageous to say that! If he is a follower of the Devil Religion, I will accept him as my disciple. Unfortunately, he fell into the situation which he could not escape his death.”

Dark Min Zi fixed his eyes at Jiang Chen, admiration was reflected in his eyes. Dark Min Zi admired his fearless att.i.tude even if he was an enemy. The Devil Religion was brutal, their style of working was never sloppy. The principle was to never fear anything. This young lad naturally aroused the interest of the master of the Devil Religion .

“Gentlemen, Jiang Chen had obviously offended all of the major powers in the State of Liang. If that’s the case, I would like to a.s.sist you all and bring him along with me, and make your revenge on him. I would grant you all the revenge slowly and torture him to the greatest extent. It wouldn’t need the efforts of you all, but it would double the pleasure you would have. What do you all say?”

These words were said by Invincible Nie. He was bound to take Jiang Chen’s life by his own hands because Jiang Chen was the one who killed his precious horse. This hatred could only be alleviated through paying homage to the soul of his horse using Jiang Chen’s dead body.

“No way! The first party he offended was us, the Asura Palace. Many of our disciples have died in his filthy hands. It only happened just now that he brought a dog with him to Asura Palace to begin his wanton ma.s.sacre, making the palace full of foul smell. The act of revenge must be taken by me. In my opinion, I will deal with this young man on behalf of you all.”

Li Tian Yang said it with determination.

“Okay, in truth, all of us know that Jiang Chen was able to cause disasters.He must have some secrets inside his body and you all want to capture him to discover this secret. It seems like no concession would be made among anyone of us, why don’t we hold him captive in a place and do the experiments together, how is it?” said the head of Pearless Sword Faction with a smile.

“This idea is feasible.”

Dark Min Zi nodded.

“Okay, we will do it together then, this person is going to die today anyway! But, there have been rifts in the relations.h.i.+p between the Devil Religion and our Righteous Religion, so, it would be better if they do not join.” Invincible Nie said.

“Is that so? Why don’t we have ma.s.sive battles of three hundred rounds before we talk?”

All of a sudden, a dark wave of force rushed out of Dark Min Zi’s body, heading towards Invincible Nie. He was really a hot-tempered person. Any disagreements would lead to fights. The Devil Religion was unreasonable and they fought whenever they wanted.

“Alright! Let’s do this, the four major powers will hold captive of Jiang Chen at the same time.” Shadowless Taoist quickly said.

As the head of the four major powers, he knew every one of them very well. However, the problem lied on Dark Min Zi who was the toughest to handle as he had a tyrannical att.i.tude. If they did not bring him with them, all of them will be entangled in an endless series of fights and battles.

Li Tian Yang was dissatisfied by the results, but he had no other ways. He was the one to blame for not having Jiang Chen in their custody while he was still in Asura Palace. At this moment, he was not the only one who can make a decision. While Shadowless Taoist was able to deter one party, the other parties seemed impossible to accept his deterrence.

“Jiang Chen, let me catch you!”

Shouted Li Tian Yang. He then sped to capture Jiang Chen with his bare hands.

Two cold electron beams were released from his eyes. Even if Jiang Tian unleashed all his ultimate spells it still would do him no favor as there was no escape. When he saw Li Tian Yang was going after him, Jiang Chen’s hand also flashed out a golden beam of light. The talisman of Origin of Combat Power that was left by his grandmaster Ran Feng was casted instantly.

If they were compared in terms of ruthlessness, Jiang Chen was the most ruthless of them all. When he had decided to do something, he would achieve it at all costs. By activating his talisman, all of the people in this area would not return to their places alive. If they were all dead, the State of Liang would need to shuffle the cards again.

“I’ll see who dares to lay a finger on me!”Jiang Chen roared.

At this very moment, when Jiang Chen was just about to unleash all of the power from his Talisman of Origin of Combat Power, a very loud sound was heard from the sky. The sound was very intense, it’s like the rolling thunder was resounding throughout the sky, their souls were shaken. Li Tian Yang’s face changed dramatically, and he pulled his hand back to its original position without delay and looked up into the sky.

Jiang Chen shook his palm and the talisman disappeared. He also looked up and saw a man wearing a black robe was stepping down from the sky as if he was going down in an invisible stair. Black smoke surrounded him, the smoke steamed of devil force. It was clear that he was part of the Devil Religion.

The old man’s aura was too strong, he had reached the sky above the mountains in a blink of an eye. He seemed trembling and his body was very skinny but his fascinating and brooding eyes were like a spatial tunnel that could make anyone lose himself. Judge not this old man’s body as no one dared to look down on him. Everyone was able to feel a very powerful pressure coming from him. From Jiang Chen’s eyes, he could discern the true strength of this old man, he had reached the Sixth grade Combat Emperor.

Judging from the devil force released by the old man, people could easily identify that he was a master of the Devil Religion. He was a true old devil, which was very scary.

Jiang Chen was doubtful about this old man. He was certain that he did not know him. He had not seen him before. He had never known any Sixth Grade Combat Emperor before. It wasn’t in his memory. It seemed that this old man was here to save him and this made him rather feel even more dubious.

“Who is this old man? What a scary feeling! He prevented Li Tian Yang from killing Jiang Chen, is he here to help Jiang Chen?”

“This is an old devil of the Devil Religion, the Heavenly Devil Palace absolutely did not have an existence with such an intense power, how is it possible for Jiang Chen to establish a relations.h.i.+p with the Devil Religion?”

“I don’t know, let’s see, the situation had changed, it seemed Jiang Chen would not die today.”


There were a lot of trainees that were observing the scene. The ending of this situation was definite. The emergence of the old man was the game changer, it had turned the situation around. This old man was the real master of the Devil Religion, with a Sixth Grade of Combat Emperor Power, this kind of being could easily wipe everyone at the State of Liang off the map.

Li Tian Yang’s face became even unacceptably ugly. While facing such a great Sixth Grade Combat Emperor, their only course of action were to stand in their position and never move.

However, Dark Min Zi was extremely excited with the existence of a Sixth Grade Combat Emperor. If this old man was from the Devil Religion, with this power, he must be from the Dark Devil Religion. The comparison between his Heavenly Devil Palace and the Dark Devil religion was like heaven and earth.

Dark Min Zi took huge steps towards the old man and bowed to him sincerely and said, “I am the master of the Heavenly Devil Palace, I am honored to meet you.”

“Uh…You are a polite kid, I am Sot Old Man of the Dark Devil religion.”

Sot Old Man declared his true ident.i.ty by his first sentence.

“What? You are Sot Old Man?”

Li Tian Yang and the others exclaimed with uncertain voices. These three words of ‘Dark Devil Religion’ were frightening. All of the people here had heard his name before. Even though his power wasn’t a big deal in the Super Martial Art School in the Mysterious Domain. However, it was not the entirely scary part, it was the means he used it. He was called Sot for his addiction in killing. There was one night when he immersed himself into the dark magic, wiping off his enemies and their families with a total of three hundred people, showing no mercy to anyone who was alive, letting the blood to pollute the river.

At least no one dared to challenge him given his power and att.i.tude.

Moreover, he was from the Dark Devil Religion which was one of the five major powers in the Mysterious Domain. That domain consisted of super powerful spheres of influence. The alliances of all masters in the State of Liang wasn’t enough to make an impact on the old man. Li Tian Yang did not expect that an old devil of the Dark Devil Religion would take the initiative to help him. If this was the case, their revenge on Jiang Chen was not going to happen.

“I represent the Heavenly Devil Palace to pay my respect to you, Sot Old Man.”

Dark Min Zi was in fear and trepidation while he was leading Great Elder and the geniuses of Heavenly Devil Palace to greet Sot Old Man. If the tiny Heavenly Devil Palace could get themselves allied with the Dark Devil religion the benefits would be endless.

“Sot Old Man, the Dark Devil religion was amongst the super powerful power, why would you intervene with the conflicts in our State of Qi? Jiang Chen had committed unforgivable crimes. We must take our revenge!”

Li Tian Yang was holding his fists before the old man. Even those words were said by him in an amiable tone.