Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 578 – A Promise for War Ten Days Later

Chapter 578 – A Promise for War Ten Days Later

A Promise for War Ten Days Later

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“Humph, who the h.e.l.l do you think you are to talk to me this way? I could immediately crush you to death.”

Sot Old Man humphed, it instantly frightened Li Tian Yang to the extent that his face turned pale and closed his two fists as tight as he could. Even though he hated Jiang Chen very much, he did not want to pick a fight with this old man. He was a man who would kill anyone without blinking. For the old man, killing him would be as easy as moving his fingertips.

“Let me tell you all, Jiang Chen is a friend of our young master. You all wanted to kill him? Does that mean that you did not put our young master in your eyes? Are you swines trying to offend him?”

Sot Old Man said in a cold way.


Every was shocked for a moment. Not only did all the onlookers exclaimed, Jiang Chen himself did the same. The old man pulled a real stunt. This news was really shocking. Jiang Chen could not imagine that their young master had befriended such a person like him. That’s absurd! He couldn’t recall meeting a friend that was the young master of the Dark Devil Religion. It was absolutely stunning.

“From now on, Jiang Chen is a friend of the Heavenly Devil Palace, we swear to protect Jiang Chen and keep him safe with our lives.”

Dark Minzi changed his att.i.tude immediately. He now viewed Jiang Chen as his friend in front of the old man. It was a joke if he did not try to make friends with the young master of the Dark Devil Religion as he would enjoy endless benefits from the friends.h.i.+p.

‘Yee…It was not right. The leader of the Dark Devil Religion did not have any kids, so how is it possible for a young master to appear?

I couldn’t care that much anymore, since Sot Old Man was protecting Jiang Chen, the Heavenly Devil Palace must obey his will. It would be stupid to lose this golden opportunity.’ Dark Minzi thought.

Jiang Chen was confused, his mind didn’t contain any piece of information regarding this person. He had no idea what was going on. Regardless of all these, the purpose of the appearance of this old devil was to save him. He didn’t care about whether the old man was from the Dark Devil Religion or not. He only knew the distinction between the kind and the bad, that the help coming from a devil was not that different from the help coming from a kind person.

“This is ridiculous! Jiang Chen is actually a friend of a young master of the Dark Devil Religion, this is unbelievable!”

“Ah! Can’t believe this will be the turnaround. The Dark Devil Religion is too powerful. Anyone from that religion can easily eliminate all the four major powers of the Liang Province. They are no match for them. With the support of the Dark Devil Religion, the desire of Li Tian Yang and Invincible Nie to take revenge on Jiang Chen could only be left unfulfilled.”

“Exactly, judging by this old man’s att.i.tude, upsetting him would result in the death of all the people on Asura Place and Invincible Sect.


No one had ever calmed down at that moment. This turnaround made everyone worry about what might happen. The ending of the story had been turned into the beginning of another new story.

Shadowless Taoist displayed a friendlier side than Li Tian Yang and Invincible Nie. The casualties they’ve received were heavy but the resentment between Jiang Chen and the School of Sword Wu Xuang was lighter. The two disappointed leaders hated Jiang Chen’s guts, they even wanted to eat Jiang Chen raw. These unsatisfied desires caused overwhelming disagreements in their hearts.

At this moment, something changed. A powerful, strong force drifted through the air, its level was not any worse than Sot Old Man, he was another Sixth Grade Combat Emperor. It was impossible to see any of these people here as these Combat Emperors only existed in the Mysterious Domain. The emergence of the two Combat Emperors today was unexpected.

“Sot Old Man, with the ident.i.ty you have, are you degrading yourself by interfering in the matters of the State of Liang?”

His words reached all of their ears. He reached the sky above the mountains as fast as a blink of an eye. He seemed to be in his fifties, he had a white and clean face and also wore a white and clean s.h.i.+rt. The power he released from his body matched the old man.

“Thunder Core, this is none of your business.”

Sot Old Man humphed dismissively. Apparently, both of them knew each other and were rivals...

“What? Thunder Core from the Freedom Palace showed up today. It seems that the situation would be even more exciting.”

“The five big powers were the Freedom palace, Nebula religion, Skyhill School, Tan Family and Dark Devil religion, they dominated the Mysterious Domain. They would not even recognize the existence of Liang Province. The appearances of these two were really a breakthrough!”

“Look! This will be exciting. The Dark Devil religion is scary but the Freedom Palace is not afraid. These two old man must have been fighting for a long time.”



Thunder Core replied to him naturally. He looked at Sot Old Man again and said, “Sot Old Devil, your religion is not allowed to intervene between the matters of the other state according to the rule of the five big powers. We have to leave their matters into their own hands.”

“Ha…Ha… This must be a joke, are you blind Thunder Core? So many Combat Emperors were surrounding a Fifth Grade Combat King. You are a righteous man but are you blind now? To be frank, Jiang Chen is the friend of my young master. Don’t ever think about touching him while I’m here.”

Sot Old Man laughed.

Thunder Core fixed his eyes on Jiang Chen and two beams of cold light came out, “To ally yourself with the Devil Religion, you are not a good man.”

“You? Give me one year's time and I will crush you with my finger.”

Jiang Chen said to Thunder Core in an impolite way. He said that he didn’t care about how powerful they are. Anyone who wants to challenge him will become his enemy and they will be dead sooner or later.

“Lad, what did you say?”

Thunder Core asked furiously. It’s his first time meeting a young man speaking to him in a very arrogant way.

“Ha…Ha… good, you are worthy to be called our young master’s friend, boldness! You can still remain calm even in your situation.”

The old man laughed and praised Jiang Chen.

“I heard that the master of the Dark Devil Religion found a genius who had the Ancient Devil's blood by accident. It was like giving birth to a new baby, treating him like a son. Your young master is a real busybody!”

Thunder Core said it in a cool way.

All of the sudden, Jiang Chen’s eyes brightened after he heard Thunder Core’s words. He now understood the reason why the old man was saving his life. This young master was not only his friend, they were good friends. After realizing this, Jiang Chen laughed.

The body of an Ancient Devil can never be found even in million people. He knew his friend the most, he had no doubt that it was Han Yan. It seemed that Han Yan had a very good luck when he reached the G.o.dly State and became one of the masters. Jiang Chen felt relieved after knowing Han Yan’s situation and whereabouts.

“I could not deny that my master had great insights about the ancient devil. When the body of an Ancient Devil was nurtured with care, its future development will be unlimited. The talent that lied in the younger master’s body was not in any one of your imaginations.

Our young master’s friend is in my hands now, who wants to fight with me? I am bringing Jiang Chen, Thunder Core, don’t you ever think of stopping me!”

Sot Old Man said an extremely aggressive tone.

“*Heng*, Sot Old Eagle! I am not afraid of you! I will say the same sentence I said to you. Any matters of the state should be settled by their own. Your interference would arouse my attack on you. This kid caused a siege of so many Combat Emperors, which means he had committed a heavy crime and he must be punished.”

Thunder Core replied using the same tone.

“Thunder Core, I will grant your wish, let’s fight here then, but believe it or not, the whole State of Liang would have no beings left after our battle.”

Sot Old Man was not kind to anyone when it came to battling, he would always go all out.


This time, Jiang Chen spoke, his interference caused all people to have their eyes on him.

“I, Jiang Chen, will handle my own problems. If the two of you are battling here, the consequences will be deadly. The matter between us can only be settled by ourselves. However, I am under siege of so many Combat Emperors, this is shameful isn’t it? I have an idea.”

Jiang Chen shouted.

“What’s your idea?”

Li Tian Yang asked.

“A gang of Combat Emperors and old men are trying to bully me? This is shameful. My solution is to challenge any of your geniuses. Give me ten days time, at this place I would confront Asura Palace, Invincible Sect and Peerless Sword Faction’s geniuses. Of course, if you all think that you can’t gain the upper hand at that time, all of the younger generations can join the fight, I will accept all the challenges.”

Jiang Chen said this because his conflicts with the Asura Palace must be solved. He did not want to rely on the help of the Dark Devil Religion. He must depend on himself. He would retrieve the broken sword of Big Yellow Hound. No one should know about this secret. And n.o.body should also know about the treasures in the Freezing h.e.l.l Jail.

He was borrowing the power of the Dark Devil Religion to give himself more time, this act was more than enough to convince them.


“Leader, I promise that I, alone, am enough to pinch to death.”

“It is too presumptuous, ten days isn’t enough, even after a hundred days, I, Qian Wen Yu, can kill you as easy as blowing off dust.”

After listening to Jiang Chen’s words, Xiao NanFeng was the first among the three who could not take it. This was a great humiliation to them. Jiang Chen did not even pay any respect to them. They are known as the number one geniuses, having the ability of a Ninth Grade Combat King; but being provoked by a tiny Fifth Grade Combat King was exceptionally hard to swallow.

“Jiang Chen, this is not a place where children play their sand on, you must think it again with caution.”

Sot Old Man reminded him. He didn’t expect Jiang Chen to suggest this kind of solution. In his eyes, Jiang Chen was simply a Fifth Grade Combat King. Despite the fact that he could get to the Sixth Grade Combat king within ten days, he would still be no match to a Ninth Grade Combat King. There were three geniuses in the Liang Province. Every one of them had reached the peak of the Ninth Grade Combat King. This was not child’s play. Was it possible for him to win?