Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 576 – There is no way to run

Chapter 576 – There is no way to run

There is no way to run

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Li Tian Yang’s voice was vibrating with rage. It sounded like a stream of air particles was trying to escape from the lid of the kettle. No one dared to defy one of the four overlords of the State of Liang. If he said one, no one would dare say two. n.o.body would question his ability. By dominating the State of Liang, countless of gifted young people went to Asura Palace to find benefits. However, Li Tian Yang fell under the hands of Jiang Chen, now, feelings frustrations and humiliations were running inside him.

Accepting the fact that his h.e.l.l of Cold Prison, which was built by his exhaustive efforts, was destroyed, that large numbers of his young, gifted disciples were killed and, now, the Asura palace was filled with poisonous gases was never easy for him. It was not just slapping his face, but igniting his resentment against Jiang Chen, wanting to skin him off and consume him raw.

“If you can catch me, we will talk.” A cold smile appeared on Jiang Chen’s face. He was like a dragon entering into the spatial s.h.i.+ft. His movement in the spatial s.h.i.+ft was so fast, it was shocking. Even the skill was perfect, and it was still unknown if Jiang Chen was at his maximum ability. With his current grade of power, he couldn’t unleash his real power. If Jiang Chen had mastered Combat Emperor or even Minor Saint now, his power to travel in the spatial s.h.i.+ft would be at least 10 times his current speed. A jump would be equivalent to miles. His speed was unpredictable and they called this ‘travelling without a trace’.

“Great Elder, you and Nan Feng go to the other side to stop him. We must capture this young lad by any means necessary!”

Li Tian Yang said while gritting his teeth.


Great Elder and Xiao Nan Feng responded without any objections. The two of them transformed into rays of light that flew onto the other side, rus.h.i.+ng towards Jiang Chen. Jiang Chen was a heterogeneous being that could cause catastrophe, he was sending his enemies a myriad of feelings. They were wondering how a Fifth Grade Combat King that would easily die under their grip could travel in such an incredible speed. There were two First Grade Combat Emperors and a Ninth Grade Combat King but none of them were able to match his speed. If they didn’t experience it personally, they would not believe it if they just heard it from others.

“d.a.m.n! Can’t get rid of them!”

There was nothing in front of Jiang Chen, but behind his back, the unexpected was going to happen. Jiang Chen was moving quickly at his maximum speed as if lightning was helping him. Although he was still ahead, the Combat Emperors and Ninth Grade Combat King could catch up to his speed at any time. With his current combat power, he could kill an Eighth Grade Combat King. For him, a Ninth Grade Combat King was really out of reach. There was even a great difference between him and the Combat Emperors.

“Jiang Chen, boy, where are you running to?”

At this moment, a loud sound came from the other side, a powerful aura was locking on Jiang Chen’s, and it indicates violence and intensity. This force is way stronger than Li Tian Yang’s hatred. Someone must have wanted Jiang Chen to die long ago.

“Not good.”

Jiang Chen wasn’t good at underground pa.s.sages, but he could easily guess it by his instincts that it was the Invincible Nie. He was blocking Jiang Chen further away at the front, welcoming him. He could also feel the power of the other two from the back, they must be the Great Elder and Li Tian Yang.

Invincible Nie was searching for Jiang Chen all this while. His power as a Combat Emperor allowed him to find Jiang Chen anywhere once he knew Jiang Chen’s coordinates. With this much of events happening in the Asura palace, Invincible Nie could sense him easily.

Combat Emperors were already incomparable to Jiang Chen, the appearance of another School of Invincible put him in an extremely dangerous situation.


Only the sound of s.p.a.ce cracking could be heard when at least three of the Combat Emperors made their attacks. The attacks broke the spatial s.h.i.+ft of Jiang Chen. Jiang Chen was helpless, he was then being forced out of the spatial s.h.i.+ft and fell in the sky on top of the mountains.

*Whizz* *Whizz* *Whizz*

One by one, rays of shadows flew out from the spatial s.h.i.+ft, surrounding and holding Jiang Chen firmly. All these people were full of murderous aura, their eyes flickered as if flames were trying to escape from it. If the sight could kill, Jiang Chen’s body would be shredded into different parts by now.

Out of the 6 people, there were four 1st Grade Combat Emperors, two of them were young Ninth Grade Combat King. The masters of Asura Palace and School of Invincible all came to seek for him.

“Jiang Chen, did you kill my Ferghana Stallion?”

The Invincible Nie demanded for an answer when he saw Jiang Chen.

“That foolish stallion was stupid enough to fall for my trap, it was poisoned to death.”

Jiang Chen admitted it frankly without hiding any of the truth. Admitting his faults would not make any difference in his current situation, as no one would let him go.

The Invincible Nie wailed the moment Jiang Chen finished his sentence. Then his eyes glowed as if fire was coming from inside out. He gritted his teeth and said, “Good, very good, Jiang Chen, I would let you taste all the torture and pain to the greatest extent and grant your death wish once you could not take it to avenge my stallion”

Invincible Nie’s intensity of aura exploded and rose up to the sky, his gestures meant that he wanted to kill this man.


Li Tian Yang shouted, “Invincible Nie, Jiang Chen is mine. He had killed so many of my people and destroyed my h.e.l.l of Cold Prison. I must kill him myself.”

He would not allow anyone, even the Invincible Nie, to capture Jiang Chen who had the ability to initiate disaster. The mystery embedded in this young man’s body had endless benefits. He had seen this potential in him a long time ago, thus he wanted to train him to become the incarnation of his previous saint life.

“Li Tian Yang, you are stopping me to take my revenge on him!” The Invincible Nie glared at him.

“Let me help you take your revenge on him, isn’t it the same? Li Tian Yang was not giving even the slightest chance for the Invincible Nie to take Jiang Chen away from him.”

Jiang Chen was silent. He was glancing around, finding his way out of here.

At this moment, there were few figures rus.h.i.+ng towards their direction from different areas. There were three people from each direction. Their level of Combat Kings were on par with the one from Asura palace without a doubt. They were masters from the Peerless Sword Faction and Heavenly Devil Palace. They were also heading to the mountain of Luo Xia, on their way back, it just so happened that they met the incident.

These mountains were not ordinary mountains where only green plants and animals occupied the surface of it. Many of the trainee of Combat Kings were living on it. They were able to notice this incident. That was why so many of them were coming over to check what had happened. All of their faces turned pale when they saw the situation.

“My G.o.d, it is so scary to have so many Combat Emperors around.”

“Are these not the masters from the four strongest territory in mountains of Luo Xia? Every one of them is a powerful person of the State of Liang! The heads of the four strongest territory were here and that included Great Elder and the genius first, all of them were besieging this young man. This is the first time such a scene happened in the State of Liang.”

“That young man was the one involved in the uproar over the state of Liang. He killed the Ferghana stallion, the Invincible Nie had decided to kill this man no matter what. All of them wanted him dead as he also took many lives in Xiu Luo and in the Peerless Sword Faction and Heavenly Devil Palace. He was extremely audacious!”


n.o.body wasn’t shocked by the scene. Every one of the trainee’s faces had a color of excitement. The scene was extreme to them.

“Dark Ming Zi, Taoist, these are our problems, why are you coming here for, joining in the fun?” said Li Wu Xuang.

“Jiang Chen has also killed the disciples of Peerless Sword Faction. I am here to claim his life for revenge.”

The Taoist, who is the master of the Peerless Sword Faction said.

“I from the Heavenly Devil Palace, I am here merely to join in the fun, but I am very interested in that young man’s ability to induce catastrophe.”

Dark Ming Zi was the master of the Heavenly Devil Palace. He was wearing a black robe and he made a gloomy laugh as if he was the old man who was distributing every spoonful of soup for the prisoners.


All of a sudden, Jiang Chen laughed.

“Kid, what are you laughing at? You are still able to laugh when you are facing death?”

Dark Ming Zi stared at him joyfully

“I did not expect myself to become the steamed bread of corn to you all. Since all of you want to take my life. Why don’t you guys have duels within yourselves, the one who won will be the one to take my life. How does that sound to you guys? This idea is not bad right?”

Jiang Chen’s face was serious as if he was putting a lot of effort to help them find a solution, he did not seem afraid at all. He was, in fact, not afraid at all. His had a trump card and if he uses it, unleas.h.i.+ng the force of the origin of combat power left by the Grandmaster of Ran Feng, these humans would have turned into powder in an instant.

However, this talisman that was presented by a Ninth Grade Saint was a very important treasure, it’s ultimate purpose was to protect his life . He would not use it until he is in the verge of dying. In other words, this talisman is the last lifesaving technique of Jiang Chen.

“Young man, do you not fear death?”

Xiao Nan Feng’s eyes released two rays of light, as if letting two cold knives fall on Jiang Chen’s body. His hatred towards Jiang Chen was inexplicable. This was because he thought that he was better than Jiang Chen. He was a self-proclaimed genius who hated anyone better than him. It aroused his discomfort. In this incident, death is definite. Even if a 9th Grade Combat King was put into this kind of situation wouldn’t be this calm, how could a 5th grade combat king acted in such a way?

“I am scared and I am afraid of dying, but what disgusted me is that I am talking to a person who dressed like beast, another word of mine is another humiliation.”

Jiang Chen glanced at Xiao Nan Feng and said in a very rude manner. Every time he sees him, he will think of Zhuang Fan. When he thought of Zhuang Fan’s sufferings that were caused by him, that pain wrecked his mind. Now that Zhuang Fan had died, the responsibility of revenge fell on his shoulders.