Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 51 – Dying without any Sons

Chapter 51 – Dying without any Sons

Chapter 51 – Dying without any Sons

Jiang Chen was Lee Chang Ming’s main target and also his biggest goal. Jiang Chen had killed his two brother and was an implacable foe. Outside this mountain, he was being protected by the Yan family, and if he kept hiding in the Misty Rain Tower, the Lee family would never get their revenge.

“Hmph! Lee Chang Ming, you wish to kill Jiang Chen? Stop your daydreaming! Jiang Chen is not some n.o.body. You think you are someone who can easily kill him just by wanting to?”

Yan Yang let out a cold humph. Although he had only known Jiang Chen for a short period of time, he really admired Jiang Chen’s abilities. To him, Jiang Chen might not be a match for Lee Chang Ming who was at the Mortal Core realm, but if Jiang Chen really wanted to escape or hide, then Lee Chang Ming would be unable to kill him.

“Is that so? Then, I’ll kill all of your first. I’ll search for Jiang Chen after that. You should know, a Mortal Core warrior has something called a Divine Sense, and under my Divine Sense, there is no place for Jiang Chen to hide.”

Lee Chang Ming started expressing his killing intent. His Early Mortal Core aura unleashed together with his Yuan energy, and the invisible air started rippling.

Yan Yang’s expression changed slightly. A Mortal Core warrior’s combat strength was not something he could compare with. He and Lee Chang Ming were both the top geniuses in Red city, and both of them had the potential to become a Mortal Core warrior. But who could have known that Lee Chang Ming was one step ahead of him, just this one step created a huge distance between them. Even if he was already a Late Qi Hai warrior who was almost a Mortal Core warrior, compared with Lee Chang Ming, the difference was just too big.

“Yan Yang, are you scared? If you beg me, I’ll be merciful and let you die quickly!”

Lee Chang Ming’s mocking smile became thicker and thicker. The feeling of having his opponent be completely suppressed by him was really pleasant.

“Hmph! Lee Chang Ming, kill us now if you want. Even if you kill all of us today, your Lee family will pay the price for doing so! If you don’t believe me, just try!”

Yan Yang unleashed his energy as he drew out his sword. The sword was s.h.i.+ning brightly; it was a low rank combat weapon.

“Low rank combat weapon? Looks like Yan Zhan Yun has prepared well, he was even willing to let you use a low rank combat weapon. My little brother lost a low rank combat weapon not long ago, so it’s just perfect for me to get a free low rank combat weapon from your hands today!”

Lee Chang Ming’s eyes lit up. A combat weapon, this was not something he had expected to see.

“Brother Ming, let’s not talk so much. Let’s start fighting and kill them all!”

A Late Qi Hai warrior from the Lee family said with a mocking smile. He was treating Yan Yang and the rest of his group like prey that was just waiting to be killed.

“Let’s move!”

Lee Chang Ming shouted out coldly. The men from the Lee family were all ferocious. They leapt out towards the men from the Yan family. Lee Chang Ming had locked down Yan Yang who was once his equal. He had decided to not let him die too easily.

“Brother! Let’s fight them! Even if we’re going to die, we’ve got to bring a few of them with us!”

Yan Yang shouted out in a harsh tone. His handsome face had become twisted. For a warrior, when they encountered a critical situation, death wasn’t so horrifying.


All seven man from the Yan family shouted out with their enraged spirit. The desperation on their faces turned into craziness. More than a dozen Qi Hai warriors were fighting each other. Their Yuan energies were clas.h.i.+ng everywhere, destroying the surroundings and turning it into a scene of chaos.

The intense fight was heated up since the beginning. Both groups were like fire and water; there was no way for them to coexist. This was a fight of life and death. No one dared show any neglect. Everyone fought with all their strength because showing any sign of negligence would be the same as wanting death.

“Yan Yang, face your death!”

Lee Chang Ming’s killing intent rose up as he forcefully struck a punch towards Yan Yang. The invisible Yuan energy was like a mountain as it flew towards Yan Yang. The Yuan energy from this attack alone had made Yan Yang feel like he was suffocating.


Yan Yang shouted out loud. Every bit of Yuan energy in his body went into the sword in his hands. The sword produced a powerful buzzing sound, and with a swing, the sword was like a dragon flying towards Lee Chang Ming’s attack.


Unfortunately, the gap between their combat strengths was not small. Even though Yan Yang held a low ranked combat weapon in his hands, he was still far from being Lee Chang Ming’s match. There was an entire level gap between the Qi Hai realm and the Mortal Core realm. This gap was much bigger than the gap between a Mid Qi Hai warrior and a Late Qi Hai warrior.

Da da da!

Yan Yang took three steps backwards and vomited out some blood. The blood smeared the sword in his hands. Under the bright light from the sun, it appeared exceptional to the eyes.

On the other side, the six men from the Yan family and the seven men from the Lee family had begun their tangled fight. Due to the difference in numbers, the Lee family’s combined strength was stronger than the other side. The Yan family was in an inferior position, and some men had already been injured. If this situation continued, then without waiting for long, the men from the Yan family would no longer be able to hold on.

“Is this the end of my Yan family?”

Yan Yang had a bitter smile of helplessness on his face. He could imagine what would happen if all the geniuses from the Yan family died here; the impact against the Yan family would be huge. And if Lee Chang Ming really ended up joining the Heavenly Sword Sect, the gap of strength between the two families would only get bigger. It wouldn’t take more than a couple of years before the Yan family would be destroyed by the Lee family.

“Wait, we still have Xiao Yu! She has the Nine Yin Meridians, a G.o.d given holy body condition! As long as she exists, the Yan family will never be destroyed! Even if I were to die here, Xiao Yu would get revenge for me sooner or later!”

Yan Yang’s mood immediately became better after thinking about Yan Chen Yun. The Nine Yin Meridians in Yan Chen Yu’s body had been awakened. It was a special condition seen only once a century, and her future accomplishments were beyond anyone’s imagination. As long Yan Chen Yu was alive, the Yan family would not collapse.

“Yan Yang, you can die now. Initially, I wasn’t planning on letting you die so quickly, but I still need to find and kill that Jiang Chen. You’re very lucky.”

Lee Chang Ming unleashed his energy and pointed his finger towards Yan Yang. He was going to use the Heavenly Yellow Finger. Lee Chang Hao’s Heavenly Yellow Finger couldn’t compare with Lee Chang Ming’s Heavenly Yellow Finger.


A huge yellow finger forcefully appeared together with an explosive sound. In just a split second it had managed to reach Yan Yang.

Facing this Heavenly Yellow Finger, Yan Yang’s lips curved, and he had a mocking smile. He had given up on defending because he knew that with his abilities, there would be no way for him to defend himself against the Heavenly Yellow Finger even if he was holding a low rank combat weapon.

The smile on Yan Yang’s face was bitter. Maybe those who had to face their death would have the same bitter feeling. Yan Yang closed his eyes while waiting for death to retrieve him.


Suddenly, a huge explosion sounded out, but it wasn’t because of the Heavenly Yellow Finger hitting his own body. Yan Yang could clearly feel that the impact came from right in front of him. He opened his eyes and saw a man in a white robe standing in front of him. With a single punch, this man had shattered the Heavenly Yellow Finger into many pieces.

“Brother Jiang!”

A joyful expression immediately emerged onto his face upon seeing this man. He wiped away some of his tears and felt thankful, he had almost entered the gates to h.e.l.l just now.

“Brother Yan Yang!”

Yan Chong and the two other men went in front of Yan Yang with a concerned expression on their faces.

“The three of you are safe!”

When Yan Yang saw the three of them, a happy expression emerged on his face.

“Big brother Jiang Chen saved our lives!”

Yan Chong said.

“Let me handle Lee Chang Ming, you guys can help handle the rest.”

Jiang Chen said casually.


Yan Yang nodded his head. He didn’t know if Jiang Chen was able to handle Lee Chang Ming who was an Early Mortal Core warrior, but he knew that except for Jiang Chen, there was no here capable of being a match for Lee Chang Ming here.

Yan Yang grabbed his sword and brought Yan Chong and the two other to where the others were fighting. The tables had turned; the Yan family were no longer the ones in an inferior position. With the help of four more Qi Hai warriors, they now outnumbered the Lee family. Most importantly, the Yan family had Yan Yang who was a strong warrior, but for the Lee family, Lee Chang Hao had been killed by Jiang Chen. Lee Chang Ming was tied up by Jiang Chen, and the Lee family had no Late Qi Hai warrior. Although Yan Yang was injured from his fight with Lee Chang Ming just now, he still had a combat weapon in his hands, and that was not something that these men could handle.

The fight was superheated and very intense. Everyone was fully focused on the fight, and no one even noticed that not far from here there was a big yellow dog.

The big yellow dog was laying on the floor with his tongue outside his mouth. He watched the fight with a relaxed look. He was just a spectator.

Lee Chang Ming had a frown on his face, as if he was looking for something.

“No need to look around. The rest of your men are dead; they were killed by me.

Jiang Chen said with a casual smile on his face.

“Jiang Chen, you really deserve to die!”

There was cold spark in Lee Chang Ming’s eyes. The look on his face expressed that he wanted to jump onto Jiang Chen and rip him into pieces bit by bit.

“To die or not to die is not an easy topic, but you’re not going to live past today. Weren’t you going to kill me and avenge your brothers? Do you know how this will end?”

Jiang Chen asked seriously.

“The end is you dying a horrible death!”

Lee Chang Ming said while grinding his teeth.

“Wrong! The end will be Lee Shan Yue dying without any sons!”

Jiang Chen shook his head.

“Hmph! Let me see what you’re able to do today!”

Lee Chang Ming let out a cold humph before he leapt forwards with his claw like hands. A strong aura surrounded him as he targeted Jiang Chen with his claw.


Jiang Chen’s eyes lit up. A Mortal Core warrior was indeed strong, and with him only being a Mid Qi Hai warrior, he had to fight with all his strength in order to handle Lee Chang Ming.


Jiang Chen’s arms vibrated as he punched out like a bolt of lightning. The energetic punch went towards Lee Chang Ming’s palm.


A crystal clear sound sounded out. Their impact just now had formed a huge tornado of Yuan energy. The surrounding air joined the tornado. The tornado turned the dried leaves on the ground into ashes.

Both of them swung their bodies a little. To everyone’s surprise, they were an even match.

An upward curve appeared on Jiang Chen’s lips, he was smiling. Fighting an Early Mortal Core warrior while only being a Mid Qi Hai warrior evenly, this kind of result really satisfied him.

But Lee Chang Ming was shocked. He looked at Jiang Chen who stood in front of him with a domineering aura. His palms were numb, and he couldn’t believe what had just happened.

“How can this be possible? He is only a Qi Hai warrior. How could his combat strength be so strong? Besides, how come his body is so strong that even my palm became numb from the impact?”

A storm was raging in Lee Chang Ming’s mind.