Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 52 – Completely Suppressed

Chapter 52 – Completely Suppressed

Chapter 52 – Completely Suppressed

Right now, Lee Chang Ming finally knew how Jiang Chen was able to kill his brothers. Such powerful combat strength, he had reached a state beyond imagination. In Lee Chang Ming’s mind, when a Mortal Core warrior faced a Qi Hai warrior, he would be able to completely suppress his opponent, but when he fought Jiang Chen just now, he was unable to suppress him.

“Mortal Core realm, you’re only so much.”

Jiang Chen shrugged his shoulders and spoke in a mocking manner. These few words wounded Lee Chang Ming’s heart. He immediately shouted out and forcefully unleashed another Heavenly Yellow Finger.


The woods were trembling. The huge Heavenly Yellow Finger appeared and collided with Jiang Chen in a monstrous manner. This attack was unleashed by an extremely angry Lee Chang Ming. It was an attack with the full strength of an Early Mortal Core warrior. Even someone like Jiang Chen had to deal with this carefully.

Yet, Jiang Chen had no fear at all. The Heavenly Yellow Finger was just a Low Ranked Mortal combat skill. Although it was really powerful when used by Lee Chang Ming, there was no way for it to compete with Jiang Chen’s Six Solar Finger.

The Six Solar Finger was a High Ranked Earth combat skill. Even with just the Single Solar Finger, it was enough to suppress the Heavenly Yellow Finger. Furthermore, Jiang Chen was really skilled with the Six Solar Finger. As long as he reached the Late Qi Hai realm, he would be able to use the second finger of the Six Solar Fingers, Double Solar Finger.

Jiang Chen pointed his finger like a sword and drew some miraculous lines in the air as powerful energies appeared on his finger. He forcefully pointed his finger towards the Heavenly Yellow Finger, and the way he did so was more grandiose than how Lee Chang Ming did it. Then, a bright and powerful huge golden finger was formed. The huge finger was like a sword that would slash the heavens. It didn’t matter if it was the size of it or its powerful energies, it had completely suppressed the Heavenly Yellow Finger.


This was a fight between two finger skills. The Heavenly Yellow Finger and the Single Solar Finger clashed into each other in the most forceful and direct way possible. The impact caused the ground to begin shaking, as if there was an earthquake.

Crack crack!

Golden ripples exploded out from the clash between the Heavenly Yellow Finger and the Single Solar Finger. All the trees close by all exploded into pieces because of these golden ripples. This showed how powerful this explosion truly was.

Dat dat!

Under such a powerful clash, Lee Chang Ming took two steps backwards. The shock in his eyes was even greater; the way he looked at Jiang Chen was a look filled with fright, especially for the combat skill Jiang Chen just used. He had never seen it before. If the Heavenly Yellow Finger combat of the Lee family was compared with Jiang Chen’s combat skill, it would just be the best amongst the worst.

“Is there any stronger combat skills from the Lee family? I’ve seen the Heavenly Yellow Finger three times already, and it is incredibly weak.”

Jiang Chen said with a teasing expression.

“Brother Ming, hurry up and kill him, we can’t hold on for much longer!”

On the other side, a young man from the Lee family was covered in blood. He shouted towards Lee Chang Ming while breathing rapidly. The fight was very intense. Since Yan Yang and the other three men joined, the Lee family had been on the losing side. There were originally seven men, but one of them had been killed by Yan Yang, and the other six were all injured. If this continued, the men from the Lee family would all be dead in less than a few minutes.

“Look, your men can’t hold on any longer. You planned to kill all of the people from the Yan family here, but in the end, all of them are still alive, and your men are going to die here… How ironic.”

Jiang Chen continue to tease Lee Chang Ming.

Lee Chang Ming’s face turned red. What Jiang Chen said had really provoked him. He gazed at the Lee family group. If he didn’t help them, they would all be dead in a matter of minutes. His original plan was to kill all of the men from the Yan family here, but now, all of his men were about to die.

“Hmph! I don’t believe that with my Mortal Core combat strength, I am unable to kill a Qi Hai warrior… Take this, Gigantic Tornado Palm!”

Lee Chang Ming angrily jumped up into the air. His black hair was flying backwards and his energy was like a tornado. Powerful, large amounts of air surrounded both his palms.

The Gigantic Tornado Palm was a High Rank Mortal combat skill and was also the Lee family’s most powerful skill. Lee Shan Yue had managed to obtain it with great effort many years ago. However, Lee Chang Ming had not been practicing this skill for long; he was clearly not skilled with this skill.

The Gigantic Tornado Palm worked by using the palm and unleashed powerful forces. One would gather all of the Yuan energy in their body and send it to the middle of the palm, forming a tornado out of Yuan power that they would concentrate into an attack. The attack was powerful like a tsunami.


Lee Chang Ming struck his palms out. The attack was so powerful that it shattered the surrounding air, creating a powerful explosive sound. Numerous tornadoes in the air turned into one huge tsunami-like wave, the pressure from the Yuan energy like a mountain. If this palm hit the ground, a huge crater would be formed.

At the corner of this scene, the big yellow dog who was watching this fight with boredom felt surprised. A Mortal Core warrior really did have some abilities.

“What a good Gigantic Tornado Palm. But, too bad you learned it too late. You can’t use the overwhelming power of this skill. I can defeat this Gigantic Tornado Palm with just a single finger.”

Jiang Chen was calm. He closed his eyes slightly and crossed both of his hands in front of his chest. His two index fingers were shaking tremendously. Suddenly, Jiang Chen moved, a huge golden finger rus.h.i.+ng out. Besides this huge golden finger, there was a shadow of another huge finger.

The Nine Solar Energies combat skill was created by Jiang Chen himself; the Six Solar Fingers was just a part of this skill. Although Jiang Chen was currently just a Mid Qi Hai warrior, with the help of the Single Solar Finger, he had managed to attack with the shadow of the Double Solar Finger.

The huge faded finger instantly merged with the Single Solar Finger, making the Single Solar Finger’s power rise. Its goal was Lee Chang Ming’s tsunami of Yuan energy.


The ground started shaking, and a thunderous sound resonated out. Tremendous ripples had created a huge crack on the ground, and the crack kept spreading. The big yellow dog opened its mouth and scolded them before it jumped up from the ground and chose another place that was not being affected by this battle, lying down again.

The results of this collision was beyond words. It was as if a real tsunami had just struck the place. The earthquake could be felt even 10 miles away from this place. All the trees that were closer to the center of the impact had already been shattered into splinters by the powerful waves.

Such powerful ripples had made Yan Yang and the other men stop moving. They couldn’t bear the curiosity any longer and looked over. The Yan family had already won the fight. They had killed another two men from the Lee family, and the Lee family now only had four men left, all of them seriously wounded. They were having a hard time now.

“Amazingly powerful, big brother Jiang Chen can fight a Mortal Core warrior while only at the Qi Hai realm! He really is an amazing man!”

A joyful look appeared on Yan Chong’s face. Jiang Chen had saved his life. It was only natural that he admired him.

In the end, the Gigantic Tornado Palm was no match for the Six Solar Finger. Lee Chang Ming’s body fell down from the air and crashed into a big tree, breaking it with his fall. His body was shaking, and some blood could be seen on his lips.

Jiang Chen was still standing in the same spot with a smile on his face, like nothing had happened. He had completely suppressed Lee Chang Ming.

Jiang Chen had managed to form six Dragon Marks, so he was able to punch with a force of 60,000 Jin. A normal Early Mortal Core warrior would only be able to punch with a force of 50,000 Jin. Lee Chang Ming was talented. If he and Jiang Chen were to compare who can punch harder, he would be equal to Jiang Chen. If they were to compare their combat skills, however, Lee Chang Ming would lose.


Yan Yang shouted. This battle had made him look at Jiang Chen witj even more respect. He had a completely new impression towards Jiang Chen.

“This is awesome, really awesome! Big brother Jiang Chen has defeated an Early Mortal Core warrior while only a Mid Qi Hai warrior! This has completely changed the way I used to think about this world!”

“Haha, Lee Chang Ming, you are doomed! Give up now and face your death!”

“Behind a strong man, there is always a stronger man. Although Brother Jiang Chen is only 15 years old, he is a genuine, talented genius! A homebrew chicken like Lee Chang Ming can’t compare with him at all!”

Yan Chong and the rest of the men were all joyful. Of course, they wouldn’t forget to occasionally curse at Lee Chang Ming and the rest of the Lee family. As for the rest of the Lee family men, they weren’t in a hurry to kill them since they were now nothing but fishes in a pot; there was no way for them to escape. Now that the situation had turned around, they wanted to let them experience the feeling of hopelessness Yan Chong and the others had previously experienced.


When Lee Chang Ming heard the men from the Yan family describe him as a homebrew chicken, he immediately vomited some blood. This was an insult to him. No way, he couldn’t take this; he must kill Jiang Chen no matter what.

“I am a Mortal Core warrior. A Mortal Core warrior will not be defeated by a Qi Hai warrior! I can kill him!”

Lee Chang Ming had an insidious expression on his face. He took a deep breath and released his energy again. At the same time, a s.h.i.+ning golden blade appeared in his hands. It was another low ranked combat weapon.

“Low ranked combat weapon. Looks like all of the Lee family’s combat weapons are going to be mine. Lee Chang Ming, you should clearly know how your brother, Lee Chang Hao, died. Not only was he killed by me, his combat weapon was also taken by me. Today, you will meet the same ending.”

Jiang Chen shrugged his shoulder casually and spoke like he didn’t care about anything. There were only two low rank combat weapons in the Lee family. There were originally three, but one had been taken by Jiang Chen when he killed Lee Chang Hao. One of the two was with Lee Shan Yue, so even those Mortal Core elders didn’t have one. When Lee Chang Ming broke through to the Mortal Core realm, Lee Shan Yue had rewarded the last one to him.

“Jiang Chen, die for me now!”

Lee Chang Ming roared. He raised his blade high up into the air and swung it towards Jiang Chen. But, because he was injured from the fight just now when he used the Gigantic Tornado Palm, the Mortal Core in his body had some cracks. His combat strength had been seriously affected by those cracks, so even if he had a low rank combat weapons in his hands, his power was still much weaker than it was before.

“Enough playing with you.”

Jiang Chen’s shoulder moved a little, and the Black Soul Ripper instantly appeared in his hands. The sound of fire igniting could be heard, and the Black Soul Ripper was completely engulfed in a golden flame, emitting an intense heat. At the same time, Jiang Chen’s wrist turned, and the Black Soul Ripper turned into a poisonous viper and stabbed towards Lee Chang Ming in a tricky manner.

Both of the men moved extremely fast. When Lee Chang Ming’s blade was about to hit the Black Soul Ripper, Jiang Chen suddenly moved his feet like they were made of water and his body like he was the most flexible tiger out there. He avoided Lee Chang Ming’s blade in a strange manner.

The Black Soul Ripper stabbed forward like a thunderbolt, impaling the bottom of Lee Chang Ming’s shoulder. The blazing sharp sword moved upwards and cut through Lee Chang Ming’s shoulder. Immediately afterwards, blood started flowing out like a fountain.


Lee Chang Ming instantly started screaming. Jiang Chen’s sword didn’t require any sword skills. Most importantly, his sword, while strange and tricky, was fast. A real sword was one that killed. It would always consider killing its only objective. Besides being fast, it was cruel and accurate. It had to be fluid, so that the enemy couldn’t predict it.