Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 50 – Counter Kill

Chapter 50 – Counter Kill

Chapter 50 – Counter Kill

The expressions on the men from the Yan family immediately changed upon hearing what the ones from the Lee family said. The Lee family planned to use this a.s.sessment to kill all the geniuses of the Yan family’s young generation. Lee Chang Ming’s plan was very cruel.

“We’re done. It looks like we’re all going to die here today.”

One of the men said with an ashen face.

“Haha, that’s right. It’s good for you to know this. In fact, not only you, but all the men from the Yan family are going to die today, even Yan Yang. Jiang Chen will also die. Brother Ming is currently looking for him, and he is going to rip Jiang Chen into a thousand pieces!”

The man who led the Lee family group laughed arrogantly.

“Yan Chong, the two of will try our best to keep them busy. You should escape when there’s an opportunity. Tell Brother Yan Yang about the news, and tell him to run away while he still can!”

Someone from the Yan family group whispered. His face turned fierce, already preparing to make a last stand. The kind of man who would risk his own life in exchange for the safety of another one during a tough time, even if escape was just a slight opportunity, was someone everyone should respect.

“No way, we’ll die together. I will not escape alone!”

Yan Chong also had a ferocious expression. He knew that he wouldn’t be able to live another day. Therefore, he had decided to fight until the end.

“This is really touching. Don’t worry, you will all die together. Kill them.”

The leader had a cold smile on his face. The two young men next to him raised their sword high up into the air and started running towards Yan Chong and the rest.


Two bright beams came from afar with a penetrating sound. The two golden beams came in like two bolts of lightning as they struck right between the eyebrows of the two men.

Swoops.h.!.+ Swoops.h.!.+

Two piercing sounds resonated out. The men were still standing, but their bodies were frozen. Finger sized holes filled with blood were right between their eyebrows. Blood kept pouring out from the hole.

Bam! Bam!

The next second, both men fell onto the ground, the ground covered in their blood.

The place instantly became silent. Yan Chong and the two other men who thought they would certainly die stared at the bodies of the men on the ground. They were startled and had no idea what just happened.

The three men from the Lee family had their mouths wide open. When they saw how their companions had died, they felt a chill deep down in their spines.

The two men who died were both Qi Hai warriors, but they had been killed without even knowing what happened. What did this tell them? This told them that the man who attacked them just now was clearly significantly stronger than them.

“What you said just now was right. None of you are going to live past today.”

A voice could be heard from behind some trees. Yan Chong and the two other men turned their heads and saw a young man in a white robe walking casually towards them. Behind him was a big yellow dog.

“It is Big Brother Jiang Chen!”

Yan Chong and the other two men almost cried out in joy. Although Jiang Chen was younger than them, his abilities were definitely higher. That was why they still had to call him big brother.

Opposite of this joyful trio, the men from the Lee family all had ashen faces. Just by looking at Jiang Chen, they were feeling as if they were looking at death. With their abilities, b.u.mping into Jiang Chen was basically the same as b.u.mping into death.

The leader of the group had already lost all his arrogance. Now he was scared and s.h.i.+vering, both his legs trembling.

“Big brother Jiang Chen!”

Yan Chong called.


Jiang Chen nodded his head before he started walking towards the men from the Lee family, “I heard you were going to kill all the men from the Yan family in this mountain, especially me.”

“No, no, that’s not right……”

Although the Late Qi Hai leader’s combat strength was pretty good, he had just broken through to this level. The difference between him and Lee Chang Hao was still rather big. Lee Chang Hao was stronger than himself and was also at the Late Qi Hai realm, but he was easily killed by Jiang Chen.

Scared to death, the three of them were all scared to death. Jiang Chen was only standing in front of them, but they were extremely frightened.


The smell of p.i.s.s emitted from one of the three Lee family men. One of the men who was trembling with both legs was peeing in his pants due to the extreme fear.

“What the heck, this bird man is really useless. He is a Late Qi Hai warrior; how can he pee himself like this?”

The big yellow dog couldn’t hold himself anymore, he immediately expressed his disgust.

A dog that could speak, this immediately attracted everyone’s attention.

‘Wait! This dog looks familiar, it’s as if we’ve seen it somewhere… No, heard about it from somewhere…’

“Big yellow, they are all yours.”

Jiang Chen shook his head before he turned around and started walking towards Yan Chong and the other two men. He never took a second look at the three men from the Lee family. Big Yellow was going to attack; there was no need for him to think about the fates of these three men.


Big Yellow started laughing from excitement. He didn’t manage to get anything good from the intense fight between him and Jiang Chen just now. He was really bored, and now, Jiang Chen gave him such a good opportunity. Now he considered him to be a good friend.


Big Yellow leapt towards the men without showing any mercy. The Late Qi Hai warrior from the Lee family was no match for Big Yellow. He was instantly pushed onto the ground. This big yellow dog was really ferocious. He opened his mouth and bit down on the head of the young man, putting the entire head into his mouth.


A terrifying scream was heard from the big yellow dog’s mouth followed by a sound of bones cracking. The young man’s head had been bitten off by the big yellow dog. Blood poured out from the neck like a fountain, shooting at least one meter far.


Big Yellow then spit the head out from his mouth. The young man’s skull flew a few meters away. The face was staring up towards the sky. Blood stains were all over the face, and the eyes were wide open.


Everyone except for Jiang Chen felt a chill in their spines. This big yellow dog was too cruel.

The two men from the Lee family were paralyzed due to the fear. Even if they weren’t afraid of death, they were afraid by the cause. This young man’s horrible ending had almost scared their guts out.

The big yellow dog didn’t care how scared they were. He showed a malicious smile on his face, opening his big mouth and showing off his white teeth before he leapt forward and bit off another man’s head.


The last man placed both his hands on his head and started screaming loudly in fear. He collapsed onto the ground; he fainted because of the fear.

Although he was a Qi Hai warrior, he had grown up in a gla.s.shouse all this time. He had rarely seen any kills happen in front of him, not to mention such a cruel death scene. His mind couldn’t compare with Jiang Chen at all.

Not only him, even Yan Chong and the other two men had pale expressions due to fear. They were not used to the cruelty of the big yellow dog.

“Screw your mother! How can you faint like this? Even if you did faint, you’re still going to die!”

The big yellow dog said before he smashed his hoof onto the man’s head, smas.h.i.+ng it into pieces.

“Sigh… You’re just a dog. Why are you so cruel, can’t you be gentler…”

Jiang Chen shook his head. This stupid dog could use other methods to kill these three men, but instead he just kept aiming at their heads.

“How come you say I am cruel? I gave them a quick, painless death. How can you say that I am cruel? I, your father, am being merciful! Do you know what mercy is, kid?”

The big yellow dog immediately felt unhappy. He raised his dog head high up into the air and started arguing with Jiang Chen.

Black lines instantly appeared on Jiang Chen’s forehead, “Shut up, you’re bothering me, your father!”

“Shut your f.u.c.king mouth, the mouth is on I, your father’s body! I, your father will say anything I, your father, likes. I, your father, has helped you kill people, but you child still want to say that I, your father, am cruel? You’re really heartless!”

The big yellow dog kept arguing.

“Alright alright, you were being merciful. You are the most merciful dog in the world, is this ok?”

Jiang Chen hurriedly admitted his mistake. Although he had not known this dog for long, he understood pretty well this dog’s personality. If he started arguing with it, the argument would go on for ages.

Yan Chong and the other two men who stood behind Jiang Chen had their mouths wide open. Where did this weird dog come from? This was really weird, but it looked like it had a pretty good relations.h.i.+p with Jiang Chen.

If the trio knew that not long before this, the man and the dog were fighting for life and death, they would be speechless by now. The good relations.h.i.+p had been forged by a pleasant fight between them.

“Big Brother Jiang Chen, Lee Chang Ming wants to kill everyone from the Yan family in this mountain… If he attacks personally, big brother Yan Yang will be in danger! We need to find big Brother Yan Yang and the rest of the men fast!”

Yan Chong said with a worried expression.

“Alright, since this Lee Chang Ming wants to play, we’ll play with him. Today I will make sure that all the men from the Lee family dies here. None of them are going to leave this place alive.”

Jiang Chen said with a cold smile.

The trio looked at each other, seeing a slight tremble in each other’s eyes. Compared to Lee Chang Ming, this person was way crueler.

“Big Brother Jiang Chen, there’s thirteen men from the Lee family. Five of them died just now, and there’s still eight of them. According to the man just now, the rest of the men are grouped together, and they plan on killing us one by one.”

Yan Chong said.

“En. Do you know where Yan Yang and the rest are located?”

Jiang Chen asked.


Yan Chong replied.

“Let’s go, the men from the Lee family must be heading towards that location as well.”

Jiang Chen said. The men from the Lee family had started their move. He had to find the other Yan family members fast. If he didn’t, the Yan family would suffer great losses. Yan Chong and the other two men clearly knew about this situation. If Jiang Chen was even a little bit late, he would only find some corpses.

On the other side of the woods, a fight was just beginning. Seven men from the Yan family were led by Yan Yang. Opposite of them were eight men from the Lee family, led by Lee Chang Ming.

The a.s.sessment was destined to turn into a life and death fight between the two families. Yan Yang was the number one person of the Yan family’s younger generation, so he would definitely be somewhat intelligent. He had already noticed the Lee family’s abnormal actions. That was why he had gathered all of his the men together with great speed.

Lee Chang Ming had also noticed the Yan family’s moves, which was why he had also grouped all of his men together. His goal was to strike a deadly blow. Hence, both groups had met here.

Yan Chong and the other two men were far away from here, which was why they had b.u.mped into the men from the Lee family before they managed to group up with the others. Luckily, Jiang Chen was able to save them at a crucial time.

“Lee Chang Ming, you are breaking the rules of this a.s.sessment by doing this!”

Yan Yang’s face was gloomy. Today’s situation was bad for the Yan family. Lee Chang Ming was a Mortal Core warrior; he alone would be able to kill every single one of them.

“The rules? After killing all of you, all of the candidates for the Heavenly Sword Sect will be from the Lee family. Besides, I’ve already broken through to the Mortal Core realm. There’s no doubt; I’ll be joining the Heavenly Sword Sect. But now, what I want to know is, where is Jiang Chen?”

Lee Chang Ming said coldly.