Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 451 – Jiang Chen’s Plan

Chapter 451 – Jiang Chen’s Plan

Chapter 451 – Jiang Chen’s Plan

A thousand miles away from the Martial Saint Dynasty, Jiang Chen and the others stopped by a mountain range. After he had a quick look at Jiang Zhenhai and Yan Zhanyun’s status, Jiang Chen finally let out a sigh of relief. The auras of these men, including Wu Jiu, didn’t have any huge differences. Clearly, although they had suffered some pressure back in the Heavenly Jail, they hadn’t been hurt.

“Dad, father-in-law, I’m sorry. Chen’er has made you suffer.”

Jiang Chen bowed deeply toward both men. They were among the most important persons in his life.

Jiang Zhenhai and Yan Zhanyun quickly stretched their hands out and helped Jiang Chen up. Both men wore bright smiles on their face, and the more they looked at Jiang Chen, the happier they felt. This young man in front of them was their biggest pride.

“Chen’er, I’m so proud to see your achievements! We, the Jiang family are really fortunate to have you! Even if dad has to die today, I would have no regrets!”

Jiang Zhenhai said with a smile. Having a son like this, he felt really gratified.

“Dad, don’t worry. As long as I am here, no one can hurt you, not even the heavens emperor!”

Jiang Chen said in a serious manner. If he couldn’t protect those closest to him, as the once greatest Saint underneath the Heavens, he wouldn’t have the face to walk in this world any longer.

“Brother, I never could have imagined this! The speed of your improvement is just like a dream! Your brother never though that you could break through to the Mid Combat Soul realm in such a short amount of time! Not only that, but you can actually fight a Combat King warrior with just a Mid Combat Soul cultivation base! This is an unprecedented miracle! If I hadn’t witnessed it with my own eyes, I never would have been able to believe it!”

Wu Jiu said with mixed feelings. Although Jiang Chen had brought a lot of shock, what happened today went way beyond anything he had done in the past. Fighting a Combat King warrior with just a Mid Combat Soul cultivation base, perhaps underneath the heavens, only Jiang Chen was capable of doing something so incredible.

“Brother Jiu, I’m sure you have a clear understanding of the resentment between me and the Marital Saint Dynasty. The Imperial Emperor will not back down, and the decisive battle will most likely be in three days. If brother Jiu feels that you are in a difficult position, you don’t have to partic.i.p.ate in this battle.”

Jiang Chen turned to Wu Jiu and said. The resentment between him and the Imperial Emperor could no longer be resolved, and the upcoming battle was unavoidable. However, no matter what, Wu Jiu’s last name was still Wu, and he was from the Martial Saint Dynasty. The battle would surely put him in a difficult position.

“Lord Jiu…”

Xuan Ye wanted to say something, but he was stopped by Wu Jiu.

“Xuan Ye, I know what you want to say.”

After saying that, Wu Jiu turned to Jiang Chen and continued in a serious manner, “Brother, since the very moment when they threw me into the Heavenly Jail, the moment when the Imperial Emperor pa.s.sed down that Imperial Decree; when my very own blood brothers deliberately planned everything to kill me, I, Wu Jiu cut away all my ties with the Martial Saint Dynasty. You were right, the Imperial Emperor has no room for me in his mind, and since I have chosen my side, I will definitely walk this path until the end. The battle between you and the Martial Saint Dynasty, I will definitely help you with all my effort!”

Wu Jiu clearly stated his att.i.tude regarding this matter. The Imperial Emperor and those emperors had hurt his heart. Wu Jiu was a man of courage and uprightness, and he never behaved irresolutely when making a decision. In order to rescue Wu Jiu, Jiang Chen had risked his own life and come to the Martial Saint Dynasty all alone, and in the end, Jiang Chen was going to have an all-out battle with the Imperial Emperor. So, how could Wu Jiu just step back and do nothing?

“That’s what I was looking for!”

Xuan Ye clenched his fist tightly as excitement emerged onto his face. In his mind, he only had one master; Wu Jiu. The Martial Saint Dynasty no longer held any position in his heart, and that’s why he was angrier than anyone else after seeing how the Martial Saint Dynasty had treated Wu Jiu. Since Jiang Chen was going to fight them, he had decided to fight together with Jiang Chen without hesitating.

“Alright. We’ll need to return to the Black Sect now, we’ll start planning once we’re there.”

Jiang Chen patted Wu Jiu on his shoulder. After that, the group began flying toward the Black Sect.

“Brother Jiu, how many Combat King warriors does the Martial Saint Dynasty have in total?”

Along the way to the Black Sect, Jiang Chen asked Wu Jiu the question he was more concerned about.

“Being able to rule the entire Eastern Continent, the Martial Saint Dynasty has an extremely strong force. Ever since the dynasty was established and until it was inherited by the current Imperial Emperor, three Combat Kings have appeared, including the Imperial Emperor. The Old Emperor and the Old Great Emperor are both Combat King warriors, but they’ve lived in seclusion for a very long time, and they don’t interfere with the Martial Saint Dynasty’s matters. The Old Emperor is a First Grade Combat King warrior similar to the Imperial Emperor, but he is slightly stronger than the Imperial Emperor. Since the Imperial Emperor knows that you have the strength to fight a Combat King warrior, he might ask the Old Emperor for help, then we’ll have to face two Combat King warriors the upcoming battle.”

Wu Jiu explained.

“Two First Grade Combat King warriors.”

Jiang Chen furrowed his brows, then he turned to Wu Jiu and said, “Brother Jiu, you are currently half a step into the Combat King realm. Do you still remember what I told you back in Inferno h.e.l.l? Your Dao of War seems too complicated, but you can focus on and cultivation only one kind of Dao, you’ll definitely yield a different result. If you can do as I said and enter secluded cultivation, I’m certain you’ll be able to break through and become a Combat King warrior in three days. At that point of time, we’ll have two Combat King warriors on our side, and we’ll be able to fight the two emperors.”

Hearing what Jiang Chen said, Wu Jiu’s body instantly shook. Only now did he remember what Jiang Chen had told him back in Inferno h.e.l.l. As Jiang Chen’s cultivation was very weak at that time, he hadn’t taken it seriously. However, today’s Jiang Chen was a completely different man, and he seemed so confident that Wu Jiu would be able to break through to the Combat King realm in three days, causing Wu Jiu to feel really excited. He immediately made up his mind to enter secluded cultivation once they arrived at the Black Sect to follow Jiang Chen’s instructions on how to cultivate his Dao of War.

“Alright, I’ll enter secluded cultivation once we return. I’ll do as you told me to this time.”

Wu Jiu said.

“What about the Old Great Emperor’s cultivation?”

Jiang Chen kept asking. Know thyself; know your enemy, then you can go through a hundred battles without any fear of defeat.

“It has been a very long time since the Old Great Emperor appeared in public, but I think he is a Second Grade Combat King now. It will be very difficult for us to deal with him. However, he won’t partic.i.p.ate in the upcoming battle, and the Imperial Emperor won’t disturb him with this kind of matter. However, if the Martial Saint Dynasty is on the brink of destruction, the Old Great Emperor will definitely strike, and he’ll be our biggest threat.”

Wu Jiu explained.

After listening to what Wu Jiu said, not only did Jiang Chen not feel worried, a look of surprise could be found in his eyes. Currently, First Grade Combat Kings could no longer give him any pressure. And, as his Dragon Transformation skill was on the brink of transformation, the idea of using the Imperial Emperor and Old Emperor to stimulate his potential, which in turn pushed the Dragon Transformation skill toward evolution, was impractical. Judging from the current situation, in order for the Dragon Transformation skill to evolve, he would be forced to borrow the pressure from the Old Great Emperor.

Based on Jiang Chen’s estimation, once the Dragon Transformation skill completed its evolution, his cultivation base would immediately reach the Late Combat Soul realm. And, once he reached that left, Jiang Chen was confident that he could kill a Second Grade Combat King warrior. At that point of time, the Martial Saint Dynasty would no longer pose any threat to him.

“Chen’er, the Martial Saint Dynasty is really powerful. Are you confident you can handle this?”

Jiang Zhenhai asked in a worried manner.

“Don’t worry dad, everything is under my control. The war between us and the Martial Saint Dynasty is unavoidable, so we can’t just stand here and do nothing, and wait for them to kill our family and friends.”

Jiang Chen replied and laughed. A confident smile emerged on his face.

“Sigh… brother, I really don’t know where you find that confidence.”

Wu Jiu said, a bitter smile apparent on his face.

“Brother Jiang has always created miracles, and each miracle he has created have been bigger than the previous one. I have a feeling that the Martial Saint Dynasty who has ruled the Eastern Continent for so many years, will sooner or later be destroyed by brother Jiang.”

It was Xuan Ye who said this. If it was in the past, even he himself wouldn’t have believed his own words. But now, he could see all sorts of possibilities through Jiang Chen. Or, put it this way, there was nothing impossible when it came to Jiang Chen.

“Brother Jiu, aside from Combat Kings, what is the overall strength of the Martial Saint Dynasty? For example, how many Late Combat Soul warriors do they have?”

Jiang Chen continued asking. It was obvious that this would be a battle of a major scale, and there would be many partic.i.p.ants.

“The overall strength is very great, as they have many Combat Soul warriors. At any given time, they can bring forth an army that consists of a few hundred Combat Soul warriors. As for Late Combat Soul warriors, although you’ve killed all the emperors, I think they can still send at least twenty Late Combat Soul warriors.”

Wu Jiu said.

Jiang Chen furrowed his brows. This made it difficult. During the upcoming battle, he would have to deal with the Imperial Emperor and Old Emperor, and thus, he would have no time to handle the army from the Martial Saint Dynasty. The Black Sect would therefore be in a disadvantageous position.

“Brother Jiang, just form the number of Combat Soul warriors alone, I’m afraid we’re still no match for them.”

Xuan Ye said.

“No worries, I have a way to deal with it. We’ll have to fight this battle, one way or another.”

Jiang Chen replied. They had no way to back off now, they had to fight this battle.


Black Sect!

When Jiang Chen and the few others finally arrived, all disciples below the Divine Core realm were ordered to temporarily leave the Black Sect. In such a major scale battle, those under the Divine Core realm could only serve as cannon fodder.

Within the Black Sect’s meeting hall, when Han Yan and the others saw Jiang Zhenhai and the others, they felt both happy and surprised. When they were told that Jiang Chen could remain undefeated against the Imperial Emperor, excitement immediately emerged onto their faces. No matter what, the fact that Jiang Chen was capable of fighting a Combat King warrior was really good news for the Black Sect.

“Little Chen, with the Black Sect’s current strength, it is impossible for us to fight the Martial Saint Dynasty.”

Han Yan said.

“No worries, I have the solution.”

A faint smile emerged onto Jiang Chen’s face.

“What kind of solution?”

Daoist Black asked.

“Sect chief, older brother Guo, Brother Yan, I need you to spread news about the fight between me and the Imperial Emperor to the public as quickly as possible. Also, include the news about how I killed all those emperors, as well as the Shangguan Clan and Myriad Sword Sect. Just mention that I, Jiang Chen am calling all the great warriors underneath the heavens to join me in the upcoming battle against the Martial Saint Dynasty. Those who comes to help the Black Sect in this battle, once I’ve destroyed the Martial Saint Dynasty; they will be rewarded handsomely.”

Jiang Chen said.

Jiang Chen’s words startled everyone for a moment. None of them thought that this idea would work.

“Little Chen, the Martial Saint Dynasty has deep roots, and we’re all newcomers. I’m afraid we can’t find any great warriors to help us.”

Han Yan said.