Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 452 – Amidst the Winds of Change

Chapter 452 – Amidst the Winds of Change

Chapter 452 - Amidst the Winds of Change

“Whether or not we can recruit any great warriors depends on the Imperial Emperor. If he is willing to help us, we’ll be able to recruit many people. Also, you need to know that this world is full of restless people with a strong desire to see this world plunged into chaos. And now, it is a perfect moment for a change of this world, and I’m sure many people would love to be personally involved in such a major event.”

Jiang Chen leaned back against a rattan chair, a faint smile flickering across his lips, and his eyes flas.h.i.+ng with a sharp light. Not only did he possess incredible strength, he looked more like a man of wisdom and strategies; forever showing a look as if everything is under his control.

“How would the Imperial Emperor help us? He just can’t wait to have us all killed.”

Yu Zihan felt both shocked and puzzle. He couldn’t understand the meaning behind Jiang Chen’s words.

“Just wait and see, he will definitely help us. I want you to spread news immediately. Starting from tomorrow, the Black Sect will have its doors open for all the great warriors of the Eastern Continent.

Jiang Chen continued with a smile on his face.

“Can this really work?”

Daoist Black was startled as well. He didn’t have any good feelings about this. The Martial Saint Dynasty was such a powerful existence, and although Jiang Chen was capable of fighting the Imperial Emperor, that didn’t mean that the small Black Sect could take on the Martial Saint Dynasty. When faced with such a gigantic mammoth, who would simply jump in and fight it?

“Just do as I said. As for whether or not it works, we’ll know in a few days.”

Jiang Chen said.

The group was still feeling somewhat doubtful about this. They felt that is was impractical to call upon great warriors to help them in the upcoming battle. However, when they turned to Jiang Chen, they saw a joyful face, and a completely confident att.i.tude. None of them had any clues what Jiang Chen’s real plan was.

Asking the Imperial Emperor to help them? Was this possible? Clearly, it was impossible! The Imperial Emperor was no idiot, so how would he help Jiang Chen recruit people?

However, they still did as Jiang Chen told them. In the Black Sect, Jiang Chen’s words was akin to the Imperial Decree, and his prestige here was much greater than that of the Imperial Emperor. No one would disobey his words.

The same day, the Black Sect spread the news everywhere, telling the story of how Jiang Chen had killed the six emperors, how he had captured the Crown Prince, then gone to the Martial Saint Dynasty all alone to rescue his friends and family. And, the news also included how Jiang Chen and the Imperial Emperor had exchanged three strikes in the sky above the Martial Saint Dynasty, and not only that he was not defeated, but that he actually had the upper hand!

As if a pair of wings had been given to these news, it immediately spread across all the provinces of the Eastern Continent at an incredible speed. Many people found out that Jiang Chen had killed those six emperors of the Martial Saint Dynasty, truly bringing them a great amount of shock. However, the news that Jiang Chen was capable of fighting a Combat King warrior was even more explosive.

Besides that, the Black Sect had also mentioned that they would have a final battle with the Martial Saint Dynasty in three days, and that Jiang Chen had publicly declared that he would destroy the Martial Saint Dynasty. He wanted to change the Eastern Continent’s power structure, and also change the ruling history. Therefore, he was calling upon all the great warriors underneath the heavens to help him and the Black Sect. He also said that once the Martial Saint Dynasty was destroyed, he would reward all those who helped him handsomely.

The news immediately brought a storm to the entire Eastern Continent, and no one could escape from being shocked by it. It had been a long time since the Eastern Continent was so lively.

After the news was spread, the Martial Saint Dynasty remained silent, and no one came forward to refute the news. Thus, it made the public believe that the news was accurate. Now, everyone believed that Jiang Chen had the ability to fight a Combat King warrior.

“Oh heavens, that Jiang Chen is a really brave man! Initially, it was the Imperial Emperor who wanted to kill all his friends and family, but after he returned, the two strongest men of the Jian Province were killed by now, and now, he has even killed six emperors of the Martial Saint Dynasty!”

“Ever since Jiang Chen made his debut, the Eastern Continent has constantly been in a restless state! His growth is too fast, he is literally history’s number one monster! He’s able to fight a Combat King warrior with just a Combat Soul cultivation; this is something that has never happened before! And now, he is going to have an all-out war with the Martial Saint Dynasty, and he’s calling upon all the great warriors to join him. I wonder how many people are planning on joining him.”

“I’m afraid there aren’t many. There is no doubt that Jiang Chen is a rare genius who won’t appear even through thousands of years, and he has created countless miracles along his journey to the current stage. However, the Martial Saint Dynasty has deep roots in the Eastern Continent, and their resources and powers are simply too strong. It’s not something the Black Sect can contend with. There most likely won’t be many great warriors to join them in this battle.


Comments about the situation filled the entire Eastern Continent. It was as Daoist Black and the other had expected; most people were worried about the Martial Saint Dynasty’s hidden force, and hence, not many people dared to join them. When faced with this kind of battle, all they could do was stand on the side and watch.

Of course, there were still some aggressors who were anxious to see the world in disorder, but they were still hesitating, and had yet to make up their minds.

At the Black Sect, the main gate was opened widely, and they were there to welcome the arrival of the great warriors. However, they were waiting for no one. This caused bitter smiles to emerge on Daoist Black and the other’s faces. It looked like Jiang Chen had misjudged. Obviously, no one would come to help them.

As for Jiang Chen, at this moment, he was having an intimate moment with Yan Chenyu within a courtyard. He seemed like he had no worries about the upcoming battle. Yan Chenyu had just arrived at the Black Sect today, as everything back the Fragrant Sky City had settled down. Since the Imperial Emperor was planning to have his final battle with Jiang Chen in the Qi Province, the tiny Fragrant Sky City was spared from his plot. After all, all the major people connected to Jiang Chen were at the Black Sect now.

Yan Chenyu was only at the Early Combat Soul realm, but her Nine Yin Meridians were showing signs of breaking through. Once she managed to do that, she would become a Mid Combat Soul warrior, and no ordinary Late Combat Soul warriors would be her match. Thus, she would be a great help in this upcoming battle.

Furthermore, there was an even more frightening Ice Demon King around her. It was nearly an immortal existence, and putting it into the battlefield would definitely yield great results.

As for Wu Jiu, he went straight into secluded cultivation after arriving at the Black Sect yesterday. This time, he wanted to do as Jiang Chen has told him to. After studying his Dao of War for a bit, he started focusing on a single Dao.


After spending one day in secluded cultivation, a cracking sound suddenly came from Wu Jiu’s body. It was the sound of breaking through a bottleneck.


Wu Jiu opened his eyes, causing two bright lights to shoot out from his eyes, and the air in front of him to vibrate.

“Brother Jiang is indeed a genius. I never thought that this bottleneck that has held me back for so many years could just be broken like this. Sure enough, the simply my Dao of War; the better. I have now broken past this bottleneck, and I’ll be able to break through to the Combat King realm in just one more day.”

A look of excitement emerged onto Wu Jiu’s face. He had long waited for this day. While still feeling excited, Wu Jiu simply slapped himself once, scolding himself for now following Jiang Chen’s guidance earlier. If he had, he would have long ago become a Combat King warriors, and none of those tragedies would have happened.

The changes in Wu Jiu’s aura couldn’t escape from Jiang Chen’s sense. A faint smile flickered across his face. Everything was going as he expected.

Aside from Wu Jiu and Yan Chenyu, there was some other good news as well. It was related to Han Yan and Big Yellow. Because they were feeling the intense pressure of this upcoming battle, their potential had been stimulated.

The Ancient Divine Devil bloodline in Han Yan’s body had yesterday started boiling, so he went straight into secluded cultivation. Big Yellow was even more straightforward; he simply found a spot to sleep.

According to Jiang Chen’s estimation, these two guys would break through to the Mid Combat Soul realm before the upcoming battle arrived. And, with the mightiness of the Ancient Divine Devil and Dragon Horse bloodline, their combat strength would be able to compare with Yan Chenyu. Thus, no ordinary Late Combat Soul warriors would be their match.

Just when everyone thought that Jiang Chen’s plan to invite all the great warriors was going to fail, the Martial Saint Dynasty pa.s.sed down an Imperial Decree. It was an Imperial Decree that shook the entire Eastern Continent.

The content of the Imperial Decree was simple, the Imperial Emperor wanted to hold a memorial for the six emperors and prince of the Martial Saint Dynasty, thus, he said that every single person in the Eastern Continent had to wear mourning clothes for them, as a token to comfort their souls.

This was a compulsory request, and no one were to disobey it; everyone had to wear mourning clothes.

When the news spread, it instantly caused dissatisfaction amongst the people.

“d.a.m.n it, the Martial Saint Dynasty better not push us too hard! Why should we mourn for the death of those six emperors?!”

“That’s right, I absolutely cannot accept this! This father doesn’t even know what those six emperors looked like! Although the Martial Saint Dynasty can inform the entire Eastern Continent of this, can they really force millions of people to wear mourning clothes? There is no such thing underneath the heavens!”

“This is ridiculous! I will never wear mourning clothes for them!”


Of course, Jiang Chen heard the news as soon as it was announced. He laughed, then said, “I told you that the Imperial Emperor would help us. Now, spread these words for me: the Ninth Emperor has broken through to the Combat King realm, and including me, the Black Sect now has two Combat King warriors! As long as can receive the help from more great warriors, we will definitely destroy the entire Martial Saint Dynasty; replacing the old dynasty with a new one! Most importantly, no one will be forced to wear mourning clothes!”

Daoist Black, Yu Zihan and the others then spread Jiang Chen’s word to the public.

“What? Wu Jiu has broken through to the Combat King realm as well? That means the Black Sect has two Combat Kings now! I heard that Jiang Chen is a man who can defeat Combat King warriors. It looks like he really does have the capability of fighting the Martial Saint Dynasty.”

“d.a.m.n it, the Martial Saint Dynasty is pus.h.i.+ng us too hard by forcing us to wear mourning clothes! What the Imperial Emperor cares about is the dignity of his dynasty; but not ours! Since Jiang Chen now has the strength to fight with the Martial Saint Dynasty, and he is a man with extraordinary talents who always creates miracles, perhaps we’ll achieve something magnificent if we follow him! I have made up my mind, I’ll proceed to the Black Sect and help them!”

“That’s right! Jiang Chen said that once he has defeated the Martial Saint Dynasty, he’ll reward us handsomely! The Martial Saint Dynasty has a lot of good resources, I’m sure there are many benefits awaiting us!”

“Let’s go, I’ll join as well! I am a Combat Soul warrior now, and I’m sure they’ll value me at the Black Sect. Since the Martial Saint Dynasty wants to force us to mourn for their dead, they don’t deserve my respect any longer! With more great warriors from all over the Eastern Continent joining the Black Sect, and with the force of two Combat King warriors; we do have a chance of defeating the Martial Saint Dynasty! Just partic.i.p.ating in a major battle like that is sure to make my blood boil!”


Jiang Chen’s plot had once again succeeded. The Martial Saint Dynasty forcing the people to wear mourning clothes provoked the people, and it undoubtedly gave Jiang Chen a lot of help. If it was under normal circ.u.mstances, even if the people were angry, they would have no courage to speak up. However, it was different now! With the existence of Jiang Chen, the people were provided with a choice, and they could choose not to accept this unreasonable request.