Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 450 – War in Three Days

Chapter 450 – War in Three Days

Chapter 450 - War in Three Days

Although the Heavenly Imperial Finger was a rare combat skill for the Martial Saint Dynasty, when it was compared to the Nine Solar Fingers, the gap between them was not small. Also, since Jiang Chen’s combat strength was equal to that of the Imperial Emperor, there was a huge possibility that Jiang Chen would have the upper hand in this fight.

Parts of the s.p.a.ce were destroyed, causing black hurricanes to appear and dance in the wind. As a result of the impact, the Imperial Emperor’s body shook, and he was forced to take a step back before he could stand firm once again. On the opposite side, Jiang Chen was able to remain standing without moving a bit. With this result, anyone who eyes could clearly tell that Jiang Chen was the one with the upper hand in this exchange.


The Imperial Emperor cried out in shock, and felt like throwing up blood. He couldn’t believe what had just happened in front of his eyes. With his First Grade Combat King cultivation, Jiang Chen had actually knocked him back in an exchange of attacks! This was really a joke, and it just felt so unreal to him.

“Heavens! What kind of monster is this Jiang Chen? How can he be so strong? The Imperial Emperor said that he could kill Jiang Chen with three strikes, but now, the result is completely different, and the Imperial Emperor was just knocked back by Jiang Chen!”

“How can this be possible? I can’t believe what I just saw!”


The Golden Guards and Imperial Soldiers were greatly terrified by what just happened. The difference between the actual result of the fight and what they had expected was completely different. Initially, they thought that with the Imperial Emperor’s cultivation, even if he couldn’t kill Jiang Chen, he would at least be able to cause a severe injury to him.

But no one had ever thought Jiang Chen would be this horrible. Not only had he not suffered any injuries, he had even knocked back the Imperial Emperor while exchanging attacks! This was extremely shocking, and people were having a hard time believing their own eyes.

Jiang Zhenhai, Yan Zhanyun and Wu Jiu all became incredibly excited, and sharp light flickered in all their eyes. Jiang Chen was too strong, and the stronger Jiang Chen was, the better it was for them. If Jiang Chen couldn’t defeat the Imperial Emperor, even if they somehow managed to leave safely today, there would be no way for them to escape from the Imperial Emperor in the future.

In order to truly fight with the Martial Saint Dynasty, they would need the ability to fight a Combat King warrior. Now, since they found out that Jiang Chen was capable of doing so, they would naturally be happy. At least, they had seen some hope for what was about to come.

“Imperial Emperor, you have one last strike. I think it would be best if you attacked me with everything you got. If not, not only will you not be able to kill me, perhaps you won’t even be able to touch a hair on my body. If that’s what happens, it would truly be a disgrace.”

Jiang Chen scoffed.

The Imperial Emperor’s expression completely changed, and his mighty imperial att.i.tude of someone who sat above all had disappeared. He was looking at Jiang Chen as if he was looking at a monster. He really couldn’t imagine how a young man with a mere Mid Combat Soul cultivation could be so strong.

His expression became extremely gloomy. As he earlier mentioned, he would only attack three times. Now, there was only one attack left. Judging from the current situation, it seems to be impossible for him to kill Jiang Chen. However, the Imperial Emperor still had a card up his sleeve, and in his opinion, it was more than enough to inflict huge damage to Jiang Chen.


The Imperial Emperor waved his hand, revealing a long and thing golden sword. The sword had a body as thin as a cicada’s wing, and it was emitting an ice-cold killing intent. Numerous symbols were carved onto the sword’s body, and it was fully covered with Spatial Power. And, with just a simply shake, the surrounding s.p.a.ce instantly twisted. This sword was a shocking King Weapon, and it was no weaker than the weapon used by the Third Emperor.

“Jiang Chen, I wonder if you can defend yourself against my Profound Firmament Sword.”

The Imperial Emperor let out a thunderous roar. At the same time, the Profound Firmament sword made an explosive sound as he raised it up high. It had now completely locked on to Jiang Chen’s aura. Like a sudden thunderclap, the Imperial Emperor swung the sword toward Jiang Chen, and in just the blink of an eye, it arrived in front of Jiang Chen’s face.

The tremendous power of a king swept across the scene. Only a Combat King could truly unleash the power of a King Weapon. Everyone were excitedly watching the battle high up in the sky, and those Golden Guards and Imperial Soldiers were struck with unspeakable excitement, as the sudden surge of the Imperial Emperor’s energy had let them see hope of killing Jiang Chen.


Right at this moment, another loud cry could be heard coming from Jiang Chen’s hand. When everyone turned to Jiang Chen, they could see that a huge golden sword had appeared in his hand. It was an amazingly huge sword, and the energy it was unleas.h.i.+ng was no weaker than the Imperial Emperor’s Profound Firmament Sword.


The Heavenly Saint Sword and Profound Firmament Sword, the two peerless swords crashed into each other, and immediately produced a large amount sparks. The collision instantly caused layer after layer of s.p.a.ce to be ripped off. It looked extremely frightening. With this attack, the Imperial Emperor didn’t kill, or even defeat Jiang Chen; they were still evenly matched! Although the Imperial Emperor had used his King Weapon to launch the attack, Jiang Chen could still match him with his power.

“This is obviously a Superior Weapon, but it’s actually emitting the power of a King Weapon! d.a.m.n it!”

The Imperial Emperor nearly vomited blood, but he had to face reality. Jiang Chen had grown up now, and he had reached a stage where the Imperial Emperor could no longer control him. With his current combat strength, not only could he not kill Jiang Chen, it would be extremely difficult for him to defeat Jiang Chen in a fight.

This situation made it so that the Imperial Emperor couldn’t help but feel regret. He could still clearly remember when he had first met Jiang Chen in the Martial Saint Palace. This guy was just a young kind at the Late Divine Core realm, and he had been forced to seek refuge in the Martial Palace as a result of hiding from the Shangguan Clan and Myriad Sword Sect. It seemed to him as if all of that had happened just yesterday. But now, Jiang Chen had grown to this level. His speed of improvement was incredibly horrifying, and if the Imperial Emperor wasn’t the one to personally experience this, he never would have been able to believe that this could really happen.

However, the Imperial Emperor was regretting not making up his mind and killing Jiang Chen in the earlier stages, causing to face such a tragedy today. No matter what, although Jiang Chen now had the ability to fight evenly with him, the overall power of the Martial Saint Dynasty was still not something Jiang Chen could deal with. An unprecedented killing intent now filled the Imperial Emperor’s mind. Jiang Chen had grown up, and the Imperial Emperor would not allow him to continue growing.

“That’s three strikes. Imperial Emperor, it’s time to honor your words.”

Jiang Chen said. He retrieved the Crown Prince and all the emperors’ heads from his storage ring, and without saying anything else, he simply threw them to the Imperial Emperor. Although the Imperial Emperor was filled with killing intent toward Jiang Chen and all his family, he was still the Imperial Emperor. As the man who held the imperial throne, he had to honor his words. Since the Imperial Emperor had promised to only attack three times in front of so many people, Jiang Chen did not fear that he would go back on his word, unless the Imperial Emperor had stopped caring about his face. Of course, that was impossible. Even if the Imperial Emperor stopped caring about his own face, the Martial Saint Dynasty would still need it.

Hearing what Jiang Chen said, without hesitating, Wu Jiu and the other three men immediately flew toward him and stood around him. Each of them wore a delighted expression on their face, especially Wu Jiu. The day Wu Jiu was thrown into the Heavenly Jail, he thought he was done for; it was only a matter of time before he would get killed. He never thought he would be rescued in such a short amount of time.

“Jiang Chen, I’ll honor my words. All of you can leave freely now. However, this is just the beginning of the war between you and me. I will give you three days to catch your last breath. In three days, I’ll bring my army and attack the Black Sect, then I will kill all your friends and family. At that moment, it won’t just be as simply as three strikes.”

The Imperial Emperor said in an indifferent tone.

“I’ll be waiting for you. I really want to see if my friends and family will be the ones to die, or you and the Martial Saint Dynasty.”

Jiang Chen said in an imposing manner, portraying an overbearing att.i.tude. He had no fear of the Imperial Emperor’s threats. This was an unavoidable war, and three was just enough for him to make some preparations.