Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1499 – The Battle of Rank

Chapter 1499 – The Battle of Rank

The Battle of Rank

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The emergence of the Great Earth Heart Fire stirred the whole Genius Prefecture. Worry was plastered on everyone’s faces. Sure enough, the Seventh Prince had come prepared. Currently, every expert of Great Cloud Empire had their lips smiling, whereas everyone at Dan Prefecture’s side seemed sour as though they had just been fooled.

“This b.a.s.t.a.r.d actually has the Great Earth Heart Fire. Little Chen, it seems you have guessed it right. It will be very hard for Xuan Zhong to win this match.”

Yang Bufan said, but he didn’t seem overly surprised. After all the Seventh Prince had come prepared, so it was to be expected that he brought some trump cards along.

On the other side, seeing the emergence of the Heart Fire, Xuan Zhong was clearly affected. The flame he controlled began to sway. He knew very well in his heart that the flame was the key in concocting the Holy Flame Emperor Pill. If the Seventh Prince possessed the Heart Fire, he had already lost more than half of the battle.

“Take charge of your mind and succeed in concocting the Holy Flame Emperor Pill. You haven’t lost yet. Don’t be influenced by your opponent.”

Dongfang Yu’s voice resounded timely in Xuan Zhong’s ears. Although the gap between their flames led to a slim chance in Xuan Zhong claiming the victory, it didn’t mean that there wasn’t hope at all. However, if his mind was severely affected, the consequences would be unimaginable. He might sc.r.a.p the concoction process straightaway. That would not only waste the precious herbs but also severely dampen Xuan Zhong’s confidence.

Xuan Zhong was a genius among alchemists, he had excellent control over his mind and heart. After Dongfang Yu’s reminder, he quickly regained his composure and stopped paying attention to his opponent. He understood his situation very well, but there was no other way out. What he needed to do now was to successfully concoct the Holy Flame Emperor Pill. Regardless of what the outcome was, his ability to make the Holy Flame Emperor Pill would be his greatest improvement.

Xuan Zhong’s flame soon settled down. Spiritual herbs continued to be tossed into the sea of fire. He had once again put all of his concentration in the process, no longer influenced by the Seventh Prince.

Upon seeing this, Yun Zhangxiao couldn’t help but nod. This fact alone qualified Xuan Zhong to be his opponent. If Xuan Zhong was frozen by the mere flame, it would surely disappoint Yun Zhangxiao very much. Although it was true that he wanted to crush the morale of Genius Prefecture, he also hoped to meet a worthy opponent.

With two alchemists seriously refining the pills, the restless scene began to calm down. No one spoke. Everyone’s eyes fell on both the Seventh Prince and Xuan Zhong. Although the Seventh Prince’s Heart of Earth Fire had gained him the upper hand, the battle hasn’t ended yet. The others still had some hope in their mind that there might be a miracle, even though they knew that such a miracle was rare.

Very quickly, the two of them had completed the purification step with perfection. The essence of all spiritual herbs were extracted out. To experts like them, this step had always been simple. If they couldn’t complete this step perfectly, they weren’t worthy to be called experts.

Then there was the second step—mixing. This was the most critical step in alchemy. This step was the real test to an alchemists. Alchemists needed accurate control over their soul power and flame in order to combine the essence of the various spiritual herbs.

One should know that different herbs have different attributes. It was easier to combine herbs with similar properties, because herbs with dissimilar properties would always repel one another. So in order to combine all of them together, one needed to have accurate control over one’s soul power. The degree of the soul power was just one aspect. What was more essential was having accurate control over the soul power.

Apparently, whether it was the Seventh Prince or Xuan Zhong, both of their achievements in alchemy destined them to have absolute control. That was to say, the second step wasn’t hard for them as well.

“The most crucial time has come. Both Xuan Zhong and Yun Zhangxiao were both very skilful in their alchemy. If they can successfully concoct the Holy Flame Emperor Pill, then the key lies on the absorption of the essence of the flame. The essence of psychic beast fire and earth heart fire will determine the rank of the Holy Flame Emperor Pill,” said Jiang Chen flatly.

For experts like the Seventh Prince and Xuan Zhong, Jiang Chen could already antic.i.p.ate that they will both succeed in concocting the Holy Flame Emperor Pill. In order words, the difference could only be determined by the rank of the pills.

“Little Chen, don’t tell me that you really are an alchemist?”

Yang Bufan looked at Jiang Chen in disbelief. Although he wasn’t an alchemist, he could still distinguish a real alchemist and an ordinary expert. Jiang Chen’s evaluation was obviously the evaluation of an expert in the field. It wasn’t something that would come from an ordinary expert.

“Of course.” Jiang Chen chuckled at Yang Bufan.

It wasn’t easy to concoct a pill with the same rank as the Holy Flame Emperor Pill. The steps were too c.u.mbersome. That was why even the Seventh Prince and Xuan Zhong would need at least a few hours to complete the entire process.

The process of concocting a pill was dull and boring, but now, every genius was gazing at it. They didn’t feel the slightest bit of boredom. They had even lost track of time. Like the alchemists who were so concentrated on what they are doing, they had also completely immersed themselves in it.

To them, it was an incomparably blissful thing to witness a battle in alchemy between these geniuses. If it wasn’t because of the Seventh Prince coming here today issuing a challenge, they were afraid that they wouldn’t have the chance of seeing such a battle in their lifetime.

Three hours soon pa.s.sed. The concoction of Xuan Zhong and the Seventh Prince was nearing its end. At this time, everyone began to feel tensed. The rudimentary shape of the pill had already formed in the two sea of fire. Medicinal fragrance began to diffuse. Although the pill wasn’t fully formed yet, that kind of medicinal fragrance was irresistible. Anyone who smelled it felt indescribably comfortable and refreshed.

“Amazing! It seems like they are going to succeed. Now, we’ll just have to see whose Holy Flame Emperor Pill is better.”

“Who do you all think will have a higher ranked pill? I feel that the Seventh Prince has a greater chance of victory. After all, his flame is a lot stronger than Senior Brother Xuan Zhong.”

“We’ll see. The result will soon emerge. According to the grade of the Holy Flame Emperor Pill, as long as they can make a fifth grade Holy Flame Emperor Pill, the concoction isn’t considered a failure and the value of the spiritual herbs isn’t considered wasted.”


Many of them were anxious about the outcome. Their eyes were fixed on the two sea of fire.


Suddenly, Xuan Zhong and Yun Zhangxiao let out a shout. Simultaneously, they kept their flame. A golden pill sprang out from the sea of fire. Tongues of flame was emitted from the surface of the pill. The pill flew and danced in the air continuously and it seemed incomparably divine, like it possessed some kind of spirit.

“They succeeded!” someone exclaimed. They had just witnessed the birth of the Holy Flame Emperor Pill.

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