Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1498 – Great Earth Heart Fire

Chapter 1498 – Great Earth Heart Fire

Great Earth Heart Fire

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Though it was merely Jiang Chen’s speculation that Xuan Zhong would lose, there were hard facts backing it. Under the condition of not knowing the true capability of Xuan Zhong and Yun Zhangxiao, Jiang Chen didn’t believe that Yun Zhangxiao had come all the way here from Great Cloud Empire unprepared.

Plus, almost all of them knew the difficulty of concocting the Holy Flame Emperor Pill. If Yun Zhangxiao didn’t have enormous confidence in this, he wouldn’t have suggested such a compet.i.tion, losing this compet.i.tion would only bring him shame. He didn’t seem like someone who liked to embarra.s.s himself.

“Little Chen, sounds like you have a great knowledge in alchemy too.”

Yang Bufan looked over at Jiang Chen with slight surprise. Over the period of them knowing each other, the impression that Jiang Chen planted in his mind was Jiang Chen’s powerful combat strength. Jiang Chen had never concocted any pills before in front of him. Therefore, he didn’t think that Jiang Chen was also an alchemist.

“If I say that I’m also an alchemist, you definitely won’t believe me.”

Jiang Chen said half-jokingly and shrugged, then s.h.i.+fted his eyes to the square. A good show was about to begin.

After a while, Elder Liu returned and came to Xuan Zhong’s side. With a wave, a dozen types of spiritual herbs floated in the air in front of Xuan Zhong. This dozen of herbs emitted various kinds of colour and light and medicinal fragrance that invigorated people.

“Look, that’s the Profound Yellow Gra.s.s. That’s an extremely precious item. The condition for it to grow is incomparably harsh. You can never grow this plant in an ordinary land.”

“Profound Yellow Gra.s.s, Ling Long Fruit, Seven-Coloured Immortal l.u.s.tre, Human King Ginseng ……. My goodness. Are these the herbs needed for the Holy Flame Emperor Pill? They are way too valuable. Many of these herbs exist only in legends. It’s as hard as reaching the sky with one step to see any of these herbs during normal days.”

“This is absolutely lavish. Across the whole Great Qian Empire, I’m afraid that only Dan Prefecture can so easily take out this many spiritual herbs.”

“Of course, if we can’t even provide sufficient ingredients for concocting the Holy Flame Emperor Pill, it would only make the seventh prince laugh his teeth off. It was just that these spiritual herbs are simply too precious, and the conditions for making the Holy Flame Emperor Pill is extremely harsh. Once the alchemist fails, all of these herbs will go to waste. The cost of failure is just too great.”


Upon seeing Elder Liu taking out the herbs, most of them were so excited that they rubbed their palms. Some of their palms even began to sweat. The fortune spent for this concoction was too great. The value of all these spiritual herbs was immeasurable. It was virtually impossible to see any of these spiritual herbs in normal days. What saddened people was that these spiritual herbs were going to be used to concoct the Holy Flame Emperor Pill. If the concoction failed, all the spiritual herbs would go to waste. It would be no different than wasting these G.o.d given gifts.

Xuan Zhong looked at the spiritual herbs. His usual indifferent look revealed a hint of excitement. Despite being the big senior brother of Dan Prefecture, it was very hard for him to touch any of these spiritual herbs normally. So it would only be a lie if he denied that he wasn’t excited.

“Xuan Zhong, just do it without worrying. I believe you can succeed.”

Dongfang Yu said, he didn’t seem concerned about these spiritual herbs at all. Of course, even if he did feel heartache, he couldn’t express it at this time, otherwise the people of Great Cloud Empire would surely treat him as a laughing stock.

“Yes, Master. Xuan Zhong will surely go all out.”

Xuan Zhong clasped his fists at Dongfang Yu. To him, today was a true and major event in his life.

“For Heaven’s Sake! It would be perfect if all these spiritual herbs are eaten by Master Dog!”

Big Yellow licked his lips with his frenzied tongue, staring at those spiritual herbs with his pair of sparkling eyes. Jiang Chen gritted his teeth as Big Yellow’s current look was just too humiliating. He wanted to walk further away from this dog and pretend he didn’t know him, but he was afraid that this dog would rush forward to s.n.a.t.c.h those herbs. He knew how lawless this dog was. There was nothing that he wouldn’t dare to do.

“Stupid dog! Can you mother**ck*ing stop embarra.s.sing me?” Jiang Chen showed a look of disgust.

On the square, the seventh prince’s expression didn’t change much after seeing Dan Prefecture taking out the herbs for the Holy Flame Emperor Pill as he had already antic.i.p.ated this. If the majestic Dan Prefecture of Great Qian Empire couldn’t even afford these spiritual herbs, it would only make them the object of ridicule, though he didn’t intend to rely on this to humiliate Genius Prefecture.

“Alright. Brother Xuan, in that case, we shouldn’t delay anymore. You and I will began concocting the Holy Flame Emperor Pill in front of everyone. With Senior Dongfang being here, he will surely be able to tell which of our pill is higher in grade with one glance.”

Yun Zhangxiao said, he unleashed and fluctuated his Qi and caught everyone’s attention like the dazzling sun.

With a move of his finger, a row of spiritual herbs fluttered out instantaneously in front of him. These spiritual herbs were exactly the same as Xuan Zhong. They were the herbs for the concoction of Holy Flame Emperor Pill. The fact that he was carrying these pills indicated that he had been extremely well prepared for this.

“Let’s begin.”

Xuan Zhong said, striking out a flame that was as purely white as a lotus. After its appearance, it danced constantly in the void. The colour of the flame was spotlessly white. If one didn’t look closely, one wouldn’t be able to notice it. Additionally, the presence of this flame had caused obvious change in the temperature of the void, like the spatial zone was burning.

“It’s Xuan Zhong’s psychic beast fire. It’s a type of fire acquired from a psychic beast. It’s very powerful.” Yang Bufan said.

“The concoction of the Holy Flame Emperor Pill demands an extremely powerful flame. Although the psychic beast fire is very unusual, I’m afraid that it’s still not enough. Today’s victory or defeat could already be determined by one’s flame. I wonder what kind of flame that seventh prince has.”

Jiang Chen said. When it comes to flames, he was afraid that there was no one else in the world who could match him. With his three types of extraordinary flames—True Thunderfire, True Dragon Fire and Qilin Saint Fire—merged together, it was already imaginable how powerful that was. Comparing Xuan Zhong’s psychic beast flame with Jiang Chen’s made Xuan Zhong’s flame incredibly weak. Both of their flames were at two totally different levels and there was no comparison at all.

With a slight movement of Xuan Zhong’s finger, a Seven-Coloured Immortal Mushroom plunged into the flame. Immediately, vigorous soul power permeated in the flames. The refinement of herbs had begun.


The herbs in the flames let out crackling sound. This was the first step in concoction. The alchemist had to extract the essence of these spiritual herbs one after another before proceeding to integration. Xuan Zhong showed a relaxed face. He continuously struck out seals into the sea of fire

“His hand seals and soul power aren’t bad. His proficiency in controlling the soul power has already reached perfection. No wonder he’s called the big senior brother of Dan Prefecture. Xuan Zhong already fulfilled the conditions for concocting the Holy Flame Emperor Pill. As long as there’s no accident, he will be able to concoct a Holy Flame Emperor Pill, but due to the rank of his flame, even if he succeeded in concocting the pill, the rank of the pill still won’t be high.”

Jiang Chen’s eyes sparkled. As soon as Xuan Zhong launched his seals, Jiang Chen could discern the degree of Xuan Zhong’s skill in alchemy. Even with his eyesight, he had to admit that Xuan Zhong’s skill was indeed excellent.

Xuan Zhong’s skill was in perfect order. One glance and one could tell that he was rich in experience. Furthermore, he was so skilful that Dongfang Yu and some of the elders of Dan Prefecture couldn’t help nodding their heads as they watched the process. He was indeed the future of Dan Prefecture.

“He’s certainly a true master, worthy of being the big senior brother of Dan Prefecture. His technique alone is beyond the ability of ordinary experts.”

“Senior Brother Xuan Zhong is a true genius. His hand seals are flawless. He also has excellent disposition, he is neither conceited nor rash. It seems like he can concoct the Holy Flame Emperor Pill effortlessly.”

“Don’t just jump into conclusion prematurely. The seventh prince hasn’t even started yet. He’s very famous in Eastern Profound Domain. The fact that he dares to come and issued a challenge indicated his capability.”


Numerous disciples couldn’t help praising Xuan Zhong after seeing his technique. Even Yu Hao and Yang Zhi who wanted to become a member of Dan Prefecture felt compelled to admit defeat in front of him. As the saying went, one would be able to judge the capability of a person after the first strike. Xuan Zhong clearly wasn’t someone with unearned reputation.

Of course, they also shouldn’t celebrate too early. After all, Xuan Zhong’s opponent, the seventh prince, hasn’t even started yet.

Looking at Xuan Zhong’s techniques, the seventh prince nodded too, seeming to be quite satisfied with such an opponent, but there wasn’t a trace of nervousness on his face, except for his unshakable self-confidence.

Just as everyone’s eyes fell on the seventh prince and antic.i.p.ating him to begin, the seventh prince finally made a move. He flicked his finger, sending out a flame that danced out like a miniature dragon before it burst into a sea of fire.

The flame of the seventh prince was pale yellow in colour, mixed with a hint of chaotic flame. It didn’t look very different from the ordinary flames, but this flame gave people a kind of incomparably heavy feeling. Only an expert of this field could discern the horror of this flame.

“Great Earth Heart Fire!” When Yun Zhangxiao casted out his flame, even Dongfang Yu couldn’t stop himself from exclaiming.

“Dammit! How can this guy have such a powerful flame? No wonder he dared to suggest the concoction of the Holy Flame Emperor Pill. The Great Earth Heart Fire is also a Heaven and Earth Fire. It contained the heart of the earth and has absorbed the mother-Qi of the Heavens and Earth. It’s the dream fire of every alchemist. Although the psychic beast fire of Xuan Zhong isn’t bad, that fire is after all just a beast fire. It can never be compared to a Heaven and Earth Fire.”

“The essence of the flame determines the rank of the Holy Flame Emperor Pill. It’s almost certain that if both Xuan Zhong and the seventh prince are able to concoct the Holy Flame Emperor Pill, the rank of the pill that was concocted by the psychic beast fire will definitely be lower compared to the Great Earth Heart Fire.”

The elders of Dan Prefecture were startled. They wouldn’t have thought that the seventh prince possessed such a powerful fire, because the psychic beast fire and Great Earth Heart Fire were at two different levels.

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