Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1500 – Taun

Chapter 1500 – Taun


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All eyes zeroed in on the pills. All of them held their breaths. The whole scene became incomparably silent except for the gentle sound of the wind caused by the two pills drifting in the air. Even those who were not alchemist were fascinated by the Qi the pills emitted .

The Holy Flame Emperor Pill that was concocted by Xuan Zhong had clear marks of patterns on its surface. These marks would only be present on a high-grade pill. An ordinary pill wouldn’t have pill marks. The Holy Flame Emperor Pill concocted by him seemed incredibly spiritual and divine. Transparent flame could be seen wriggling inside.

Similarly for the Holy Flame Emperor Pill concocted by Yun Zhangxiao, it was densely covered with pill marks, but it had some dissimilarity with Xuan Zhong’s. His pill contained a tremendous and stable Qi and with chaotic yellow flame interwoven with viscous essence of the spiritual herbs, and this gave people a different type of sensation.

“These two pills seem incomparably advanced. If looking at it from the surface, it’s hard to tell which one is superior,” someone commented.

Now that the pills had already been concocted, the next thing would be comparing the grade of the pills to see which is higher.

“Little Chen, are you able to tell the grade of those pills?”

Yang Bufan looked at Jiang Chen. Although his cultivation base was strong, he wasn’t an alchemist and could only differentiate the good and the bad pill. He wasn’t capable of distinguis.h.i.+ng the grade of the same pill. Since Jiang Chen claimed that he was an alchemist, he would like to know if Jiang Chen could really tell the grade of the pills just by a glance.

“Xuan Zhong has lost this battle. His Holy Flame Emperor Pill is only sixth grade, whereas the Seventh Prince’s pill is eighth grade. There isn’t much difference in their skill. The only difference comes from the level of their flame. This prerequisite has determined the defeat of Xuan Zhong. For a pill like the Holy Flame Emperor Pill, it’s already considered valuable even if it’s only a fifth grade pill. Despite this being Xuan Zhong first time concocting the pill, he still concocted a sixth grade Holy Flame Emperor Pill. Which means his performance isn’t bad at all. At least the value of this pill has exceeded the total value of the dozens of spiritual herbs used. Like I said earlier, the Seventh Prince has come prepared, but I have to admit that Xuan Zhong is really a talent and a truly powerful alchemist. According to what I know, even a very skilful alchemist can only concoct a ninth grade Holy Flame Emperor Pill at most due to the harsh conditions. Concocting a tenth grade Holy Flame Emperor Pill is unrealistic, because it has already reached the Venerable Grade. It greatly exceeded the Emperor Grade.”

Jiang Chen explained thoroughly. Given his eyesight, and despite the distance, he was still able to accurately see the grade of the two pills at one glance.

Yang Bufan was dumbfounded, staring at Jiang Chen in disbelief. If Jiang Chen isn’t lying, then he is really an alchemist.

“Really?” Yang Bufan was doubtful and still wouldn’t dare believe Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen smiled but remained silent, because the result was about to be announced. He believed that Dongfang Yu could also determine the grade of the two pills in one glance.

On the square, Xuan Zhong and the Seventh Prince kept the pills simultaneously. The Seventh Prince’s face was full of smile, he seemed as confident as before. Xuan Zhong on the other hand couldn’t help shaking his head. Clearly, he already knew the outcome and that he would lose for sure. This was no doubt, a huge blow to his confidence.

The only consolation was that he had succeeded in concocting the Holy Flame Emperor Pill even though it was his first time.

“The fact that Brother Xuan could concoct the Holy Flame Emperor Pill in his first try is enough to prove Brother Xuan’s capability, but there must always be a winner in a compet.i.tion. I would then let Master Dongfang conclude this battle. Given Master Dongfang’s eyesight, I believe that Master Dongfang would have no problem determining the grade of these two pills,” the Seventh Prince spoke.

With a flick of his finger, the pill in his hand turned into a ray of light and flew towards Dongfang Yu.

Dongfang Yu grabbed the pills of the two contestants. With his eyesight, he had already discerned the grade of the pills. He raised his hands. The pills floated above his palms, radiating dense medicinal fragrance.

“Master Dongfang, quickly announce the result. Everyone is waiting.” Yun Canglan stroke his beard with his hand and spoke happily.

Countless eyes fell upon Dongfang Yu, waiting for him to make the announcement. After all, the compet.i.tion between Xuan Zhong and the Seventh Prince involved the two empires. The significance of loss or victory was huge.

“The Seventh Prince is truly a prodigy in the world of alchemy. Xuan Zhong’s Holy Flame Emperor Pill was only ranked as sixth grade, whereas the Seventh Prince’s has reached the eighth grade. As such, this compet.i.tion is won by the Seventh Prince. The Holy Flame Emperor Pill is an Emperor Grade pill that is very difficult to make. Even for me, I can only concoct a ninth grade Holy Flame Emperor Pill. I won’t be able to concoct the legendary tenth grade Holy Flame Emperor Pill.”

Dongfang Yu announced loudly. The result had been clear. The fact was that they had lost the match and Dan Prefecture had to admit it.

Upon hearing Dongfang Yu’s words, Yang Bufan couldn’t help looking at Jiang Chen once more, as though the defeat that Dan Prefecture suffered didn’t shock him as much as Jiang Chen.

“Good brat! I didn’t expect that you have concealed so much.”

Yang Bufan sighed. What Dongfang Yu said was exactly the same as what Jiang Chen told him. Dongfang Yu was a great figure in the alchemy world and the master of Dan Prefecture. Someone like him had spent all his life in alchemy. Jiang Chen on the other hand was able to tell the grade of the pills from a distance. Yang Bufan could no longer convince himself that Jiang Chen was lying.

“Ai! It’s a real pity that Senior Brother Xuan Zhong has lost.”

“That Seventh Prince clearly has come fully prepared. Senior Brother Xuan Zhong didn’t lose in the battle of skill, but in the battle of flame.”

“What’s the use of saying so much? A loss is still a loss. It’s his capability that he possesses the Great Earth Heart Fire.”


Many disciples of Genius Prefecture felt deep pity for the match. After all, this was their home ground. Being defeated in their home ground made them lose all their faces, but it was the truth and Xuan Zhong had already done his best. There was nothing much to say about it.

“Master Dongfang is right. As far as I know, a tenth grade Holy Flame Emperor Pill has already fallen into the category of Venerable Grade Pill. Only a mighty Immortal Venerable alchemist can possibly create such a pill. Today, I have concocted the eighth grade. I still have lots of room for improvement,” the Seventh Prince spoke aloud.

Although he sounded modest, he was boundlessly arrogant as he was comparing himself with Dongfang Yu, totally not putting the others of Dan Prefecture in his eyes.

“Haha! Our Seventh Prince’s alchemy is unmatched. I’m afraid that he won’t be able to find another opponent in the young generation. That will make him quite lonely.”

“Yes. It’s a shame that there isn’t a capable alchemist in the imposing Great Qian Empire.”

“Don’t say that. Can you blame the Great Qian Empire on this? This is because our Seventh Prince is too capable.”

“The fact remains that they have lost the match and it was the big senior brother of Dan Prefecture who lost. In my opinion, this department of Great Qian Empire can be directly abolished to prevent it from further humiliating its empire.”


The young alchemists who followed the Seventh Prince immediately launched their taunts. It seemed as though they had been prepared for this and were waiting for this moment.

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