Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 148 – The Blood Devils Bane

Chapter 148 – The Blood Devils Bane

Chapter 148 – The Blood Devils Bane

Although he was slightly depressed, Jiang Chen was still excited that Big Yellow had broken through to the Heavenly Core realm at this point of time. No one knew better than Jiang Chen about Big Yellow’s combat strength. Since those Blood Devils were attacking once again, with the help of Big Yellow, killing all these Blood Devils would just become easier.

“Buddy, looks like those Blood Devils are coming with even more forces, I can sense the energy of a Late Heavenly Core Blood Devil.”

Big Yellow said.

“Hmph! No matter how many of them come, I’ll leave them no return. Big Yellow, follow me and attack, let’s kill all Blood Devils and leave no survivors.”

Jiang Chen snorted. With extremely fast speed, he arrived outside of Redsun Town in an instant, and Big Yellow followed behind closely with an excited expression. All demon beasts were fierce and wild by nature, not the mention this Dragon Horse who possessed the bloodline of a Divine Beast, he was even more brutal, and he excelled in slaughter. A battle with the Blood Devils, Big Yellow simply loved it.

“Congratulations for breaking through to the Heavenly Core realm, brother Jiang.”

Yu Zi Han said with a smile.

“Young master Jiang, those Blood Devils are here.”

Zhang Zhen held his combat weapon and seemed nervous.

“Don’t worry, I’ll make sure they all end up like the previous groups. No matter how many of them are here, I’ll kill them all. Follow my command and kill them all, don’t let a single Blood Devil step into town.”

Jiang Chen unleashed a golden glow that covered body, he looked like a peerless G.o.d of war giving out his orders.

All the people of Redsun Town were staying within the town itself, therefore they needed to fight those Blood Devils outside the town.


Jiang Chen and Big Yellow flew up into the skies immediately, blocking the way of the six Blood Devil leaders. Just as Yu Zi Han was about to follow them, Jiang Chen stopped him and said, “Zi Han, you stay together with Town Marshal and kill those Blood Devils on the ground, don’t show any mercy, kill all you can. Let me and Big Yellow handle these leaders.”

Jiang Chen made Yu Zi Han stay below. There were nearly 200 Blood Devils this time, and there were only 30 Mortal Core warriors in Redsun Town, and they were outnumbered. Zhang Zhen would have a difficult time killing all of them, and if Yu Zi Han didn’t help him, with the huge amount of Blood Devils, the warriors of Redsun Town would certainly suffer, and this was not something Jiang Chen wanted to see.


Yu Zi Han nodded his head, turned around and flew back down. Before he reached the ground, he unleashed a huge golden palm towards the main group of Blood Devils.

Bam…… Ah……

Followed by some horrified screams, Yu Zi Han’s attack had killed about 6 Mortal Core Blood Devils in an instant.

“Kill them all, leave no survivors!”

Yu Zi Han shouted out loudly as he took the lead and sprinted towards the group of Blood Devils.


The yells and screams were so loud that the sky simply shook. At dawn, outside Redsun Town, a raw and cruel slaughter had begun.

Above the skies, Jiang Chen and Big Yellow were blocking the path of 6 Blood Devil leaders standing opposite of them. The Late Heavenly Core warrior had a stern expression as he stared at the man and dog in front of him with a bloodthirsty look in his eyes.

“Kill them!”

The leader cruelly gave out his order. Just as his words left his mouth, the other five leaders immediately surrounded Jiang Chen and Big Yellow, then begun attacking.

Jiang Chen and Big Yellow looked at each other, and with a smile, they struck at the same time.

Big Yellow targeted an Early Heavenly Core leader with his head, he rammed towards him with lightning speed.

Fast, it was incredibly fast. The leader didn’t even have the time to react, and he instantly exploded into a b.l.o.o.d.y mist, he had died a horrifying death.

On the other side, Jiang Chen made the head of an Early Heavenly Core leader exploded with a powerful punch. It was so fast he didn’t even have the chance to scream.

It all happened so fast, these leaders never expected their opponents to be so strong. Due to no survivors being left from their previous two attacks, none of these Blood Devils actually knew what happened. They thought their leaders fought tough battles before they were killed, but in fact, they were actually killed by Jiang Chen and Big Yellow in an instant. The lack of information made two of their leaders die instantly.

When the other three leaders were stunned by what happened, Big Yellow rammed his head into the last Early Heavenly Core leader, making him scream out in pain and die on the spot.

Jiang Chen was even faster, a golden axe appeared in his hand, and in the next second he slashed the Mid Heavenly Core leader into half, and he even picked up his devil core. As for the other three Early Heavenly Core devil cores, Jiang Chen didn’t waste his time collecting them, as demon souls and devil cores at his own level was useless to him. The energy required when cultivating the Dragon Transformation skill was incredible, he needed to absorb demon souls and devil cores that were at a higher level than himself.


The Mid Heavenly Core leader who was just about to attack shouted out in disbelief, he was frightened by what he saw and immediately flew backwards to save his own life. Right now, even the Late Heavenly Core leader couldn’t remain calm any more. His eye widened as he stared at the scene in front of him, he couldn’t believe what he had just witnessed.

The battle hadn’t even started yet, and four of the Blood Devils who attacked with him had been killed in an instant. They were Heavenly Core Blood Devils, an incredible powerful force. Was this man and dog in front of him some monsters? They just killed 4 Heavenly Core leaders in an instant, how could he fight with them?

“Let me handle them!”

The Blood Devil leader took a step forwards, he had locked down Jiang Chen and Big Yellow with his powerful energy. Although the intrepid behavior of the duo in front of him had surprised him, but since he had a strong cultivation base, he didn’t really care. He had enough confidence in himself that he could kill them both.


Jiang Chen provoked him and swung his battle axe towards the leader at the same time.


Clap of Thunder, it was a mighty attack with a devastating force, the attack approached the leader in an instant. The ma.s.sive amount of energy was like a huge mountain pressing towards him, and it made his expression change dramatically. The attack of the young man in front of him had put him under a lot of pressure, and he was extremely shocked by the attack.

“Die now!”

The Late Heavenly Core leader shouted out loudly. At the same time, a devil blade that was formed entirely from his devil energy appeared in his hand, and it forcefully pierced towards Jiang Chen.


A loud explosion sounded out and shook the ground, the leader’s devil energy blade was shattered in an instant, and he was forced back dozens of meters by the impact. He could only feel that his qi and blood was in a mess, and it made him feel terrible.


Jiang Chen was laughing out loudly in an imposing manner. His combat strength was so powerful that even a Late Heavenly Core Blood Devil was unable to match him.

This was Jiang Chen’s current combat strength, and those ordinary Late Heavenly Core warriors were not his match at all. Perhaps only a genius like Fan Kun might be able to withstand Jiang Chen’s mighty strength, or maybe Guan Yi Yun or Liang Xiao.

“Young master Jiang is really strong!”

“Haha, these Blood Devils can’t do us any harm! Young master Jiang alone is enough to kill all of them! Also, that big yellow dog is also a terrifying being! Kill those Blood Devils!”


When the townspeople of Redsun Town saw Jiang Chen and Big Yellow’s magnificent performance, all of them were excited like they just swallowed some kind of stimulant, and their spirits had reached the maximum. This was the influence brought forth by Jiang Chen. If the battle with these Blood Devils was a war, Jiang Chen and Big Yellow would be the generals leading the army. A general could really influence the spirit of the entire army.

“This is terrifying! The one-year fight agreement, he might really be able to defeat Nan Bei Chao!”

Yu Zi Han couldn’t calm himself down. Jiang Chen was definitely the biggest genius he had ever met.


Big Yellow was laughing out in joy. He pointed his head towards the stunned Mid Heavenly Core leader and started ramming towards him. Right now, Big Yellow had broken through to the Heavenly Core realm as well, so for him, handling a Mid Heavenly Core Blood Devil was just a piece of cake.

When Big Yellow prepared to attack, Jiang Chen moved again. In an instant, he appeared in front of the Late Heavenly Core warrior, and with a stern voice he said, “One strike.”

After saying that, nine identical Jiang Chen's suddenly appeared and surrounded the Late Heavenly Core leader. Actually, if Jiang Chen wanted to kill him, there was no need for him to use the Nine Phantom Wolves, but Jiang Chen did so because he didn’t want to waste any more time on him.


The leader shouted out with a shocked expression. The appearance of nine Jiang Chen's confused him, he couldn’t tell which the real Jiang Chen was.

But Jiang Chen didn’t give him any time to guess. Under Jiang Chen’s control, the nine Jiang Chen's raised their battle axes and chopped towards the Blood Devil leader at the same time. The leader knew that only one of the attacks was real, and the other eight were fake, they couldn’t harm him at all.

But too bad, this leader couldn’t tell which Jiang Chen was the real one. Also, because of Jiang Chen’s extreme speed, he was forced to immediately defend himself. This was the horrifying part of the Nine Phantom Wolves skill.


The Blood Devil leader could only shout out loudly and leap towards one of the Jiang Chen’s. Right now, he could only depend on his luck.


The Jiang Chen he attacked shattered instantly, it was only a feeling. The leader had a bad feeling, but he just didn’t have the time to defend himself anymore. Jiang Chen’s battle axe had reached his head and chopped him into half. Jiang Chen immediately grabbed the devil core after splitting the leader.


At the same time, the last Mid Heavenly Core Blood Devil couldn’t defend himself from Big Yellow’s powerful attack. He was killed by Big Yellow’s head smash. It was a painful and miserable way of dying.

The Blood Devils had spent a few days preparing this a.s.sault, they were determined to kill every single one in Redsun Town, but they never expected that just a few minutes after their attack had begun, all their leaders would be killed. The remaining Blood Devils became panicked and clueless in an instant, they could only howl and scream right now.

“Kill them all, leave no survivor!”

Jiang Chen was a cruel man. He and Big Yellow flew down from the skies and went straight into the group of Blood Devils. These Blood Devils were like ants in front of the two of them, killing them was like cutting vegetables.

Finally, every single Blood Devil had been killed, none of them had survived the slaughter. When they picked Redsun Town as their first target, the Blood Devils had no idea that they had actually just picked their own burial grounds.

With Jiang Chen staying in Redsun Town, no matter how many Blood Devils came, they would all die. After killing so many Blood Devils, Jiang Chen really wished to meet with Lord Blood Moon.